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  1. 19 hours ago, Michael569 said:

    you should be able to find electrolyte powders. Something with as few excipients as possible and no need to go fancy. I would go for powder preferably to capsules. Start light so that you don't give yourself diarrhoea. 

    I began taking an electrolyte powder with potassium/magnesium/calcium/sodium today. Hopefully it helps! I'll be back in the thread later with an update ^_^

  2. From my past few months researching MBTI it seems to me Te is also about productivty, time efficiency, systematic thinking, productivity hacks like task managment systems, post it note to-do lists etc, as well as using external feedback and brainstorming to come up with ideas and make better progress. an ESTJ for example seems to have a tendency to rush things, sometimes too quickly. Because they want to get things done fast, they're not likely to eat slowly or dwell on what they should do for long periods of time unlike someone with high Fi like an INFP can do. 

    I get that Te and Fi are on an axis and valuing Te highly means devaluing Fi. Because Fi is more about carefully considering each decision, taking things at ones own pace and making sure what's done feels like the right thing to do to oneself. Someone like an ESTJ will want to make things happen, they want to see progress and are very productive, but they risk not being true to themselves or chasing some goal that is not really worth it for them in the end because they're not valuing their Fi as highly(is what they're chasing after with their Te really worth it in the end). While an INFP on the other hand might get stuck in a rut more easily because they can forget they also need to make things happen and make progress or their life will decay. But an INFP doesn't necessarily always like the feeling of progress because progress can create some turbulence in life, They can instead prefer the feeling of things being rather stagnant for awhile until they know what they want to do because then they can feel like they're in control/can predict the future.

    Can anyone here explain why Te seems to be so closely tied to the things I stated in this post? Productivity, time efficiency etc..? It's interesting to me that Te seems to be such a broad function.

    Also I think the 8th(demon) function is actually pretty strong for all types. So I'm curious as to how Ti plays into the self deception of an INFP. Who uses Ti more to self decept, an INTP, ENTP, INFP or ENFP? Given that an ENFP seems to have pretty weak Ti, and INTP very strong and an ENTP and INFP strong Ti?

  3. 9 hours ago, OBEler said:

    @Asayake you need more Magnesium, I think

    I'm getting 100% RDI of magnesium bur I will try supplementing it. Any idea of which form to take? I see there are many different kinds.

    9 hours ago, StormLight said:

    I think it's normal, i can get quite jittery after a workout, even after briefly lifting some heavy bags

    Does it happen to you everytime/did it go away at some point?

    1 hour ago, Michael569 said:

    you might be overloading your body with more than it can handle. I've had that sort of shakiness before especially when going very heavy on legs. 

    Electrolytes as suggested above might help. Potassium isn't particularly rich in any of the foods you mentioned. You could try a short-term electrolyte dosing and see if it helps. 

    I just googled high potassium foods and picked a few of the ones that popped up and tried eating more of them. 

    As far as electrolyte dosing, do you have any recommendations of good ones? Should I take potassium/magnesium separately or is there some good electrolyte blend/drink/pill that has it all?

  4. 38 minutes ago, Jannes said:

    Yeah you do too much. As a beginner you will get optimal results if you do just enough. If you do much more effort you won’t get more gains, you will actually get less. The first two years of me working out (I was 15) I did like 30 sets of chest and back per week always beyond fatigue and a bit of biceps and triceps. I made some gains but really nothing significant. Then I asked a personal trainer for advice. He put me on 3 times per week full body training where I always rotated between training A and training B. Day A: 3x squats, 3x bench press, 3x rows and Day B: 3x deadlift, 3x Overhead press, 3x, 3x pull ups. And he said that I should up my calories and protein. Idk how much of an effect increased calories but I blew up in size in a few months. It was way more significant then what I archieved in the last two years of working my ass off. 

    Can highly recommended this YouTube channel if you look for quality information around training and diet. 


    Thanks, I will try a 3X/week whole body compound movement only style program like the one you posted and see if things improves! I'm going to check the channel out as well, looks like useful information.

  5. 29 minutes ago, Jannes said:

    For how long have you been working out? If you just start your whole body will be wrecked like crazy after a bit of work. Haha I miss that feeling. You might overtrain. You could reduce the load which would reduce fatigue and stimulus (still enough if you are a beginner) and you could still improve your technique. 

    I've been working out since february but it was mostly getting technique down, I was not pushing it or making a lot of progress. It's just recently that I'm feeling confident in e.g. the deadlift and adding on some weight. I also came back recently from a 2 month break because first I injured my hand and then I suffered chest pains that were from heartburn but it freaked me out so I didnt excercise for a while. So I lost some significant gains.

    Maybe it's the fact that my body is not used to it and I'm pushing it too hard. I will reduce my workload and see if things improve. Atm I'm doing a push pull legs split and working out 5-6 times per week + 2 days running and yoga in the mornings. Maybe I'm just overdoing it lmao.. Maybe I should swap to full body and do it 2 times per week or something til my body adapts.

    A weird things though is I'm not getting much DOMS/soreness. It's just the spasming & twitching. And occasional fatigue.. weird.

  6. So I've been upping my workout intensity and consistency, and I'm making progress. However, as often seems to happen in life, I've encountered an unexpected obstacle. 

    When I'm resting, sitting down, but especially when I'm lying down to sleep at night I can feel my muscles having tiny spasms/twitching. In my thighs, calves, lats, back,  and sometimes in my abs and even my feet too. Which area is spasming/twitching varies from day to day, yesterday and today it's been mostly in the thighs and calves when sitting & lying down, sometimes when sitting down my thighs are shaking slightly and sometimes occasional muscle twitches in my calves too. The twitching seems to come on in the evening on deadlift or squat day or the day after and lasts a few days before subsiding. It comes back again everytime I hit deadlift or squats which is pretty annoying because I deadlift 1 time/week and squat 2 times/week. It makes sleeping very annoying. I'm loving my workouts, I'm pretty careful with technique and I'm not progressively overloading too fast. I'm never 1 rep maxing, I'm in a 4-8 rep range on squats and a 4-6 rep range on deadlifts per set, 3-4 sets of each.

    Things I've tried so far: drinking more water, supplementing 1 mg b12(methylcobalamine) daily, eating more potassium(bananas, kiwis, potatoes, hitting 100-200% DRI daily), eating more salt(pink himalayan), apple cider vinegar before sleep, doing yoga for stress relief. Each solution seems to help somewhat, but they only make the twitching/spasming less frequent and intense, it doesn't go away completely until a few days of rest have passed. This sucks a bit because I want to go back to the gym, it makes me feel good and I want to keep making progress. But having twitching/spasms every night is impacting my ability to fall asleep so I'm falling asleep late and fking up my sleep schedule.


    Has anyone encountered something similar when working out? Did you find any way to fix this or do you just have to live with this until it eventually goes away..?

  7. I was playing electric bass, teaching myself to play slap bass. I wanted to become the next Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or be the next bass player in Jamiroquai lol. I had just discovered my love for funk music and was mindblown about the difference of listening to music with eyes open vs eyes closed. I realized I could watch a concert on YouTube, close my eyes and feel like I was there. I watched a lot of concerts like this and it was like being high on a drug to me.

    I was playing RuneScape a lot as well. I had a lvl 3 skiller account and was hanging out with some 30+ year old danish people in-game who had a clan and they were kind enough to help me out with quests and stuff that was difficult because of my level. One of them who helped me the most was called 'Bukkebruse' and if you ever see this please contact me u absolute legend! He would come to my location and supply me with items I needed when I was stuck on a quest, he was a good guy. His girlfriend Lotte65 also helped me out, they were the minority of honest people on RuneScape, there were many scammers there. I got scammed many times and learned to not trust anyone.

    I would also voice chat a lot with some of my childhood friends.

    I was also hosting a small RuneScape private server and I met a guy I'm still friends with today on that server. I learned some basic java coding there.

    I was making videos on how to improve and fix your computer and had a YouTube channel. I was also watching A LOT of YouTube. I was also playing a bunch of random flash games online alone and with friends.

    I also had gaming sessions with my friends 1 on 1 where we would meet at one of our houses and play some game for hours, like Rayman, Ratchet & Clank, Sitting Ducks, Age of Mythology and more.

    Man those were some good times.

  8. 8 hours ago, Osaid said:

    Pomegranates are great, but not in my top 5. I did think about them while writing my list though. Maybe they can be an honorable mention. They're like sour candies, but fruit.

    You just brought out a memory from my subconscious, I remember seeing them at the store and thinking "wtf is this", but I never got to trying them.

    How do they taste compared to normal kiwi?

    8 hours ago, Carl-Richard said:

    I had the exact same reaction, and I bought them and was not impressed ? They're mushy and lack the sour touch.

    I think I would describe the taste like old lab grown blueberries, 6/10 rating. But they look very cool, they have that kiwi flair going on on the inside.

  9. 3 minutes ago, The0Self said:

    It can’t be. Otherwise I would have indicated as much. It’s not that it merely causes b12 deficiency, it deactivates ALL of the cofactor in your body so that even supplemental b12 is useless for 4 days post nitrous use. Demyelination will occur for 4 days, but it will heal if the damage was only for 4 days. If you use nitrous every 3 days for a year, that’s 365 days of 24/7 demyelination — 99% chance of being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life with painful pseudo MS.

    Interesting, I didn't know that. Luckily I've never used it for long periods of time in a row or regularly at all. I wonder how Steve-O is doing considering that he did copious amounts of nitrous for extended periods of time.. hopefully he is alright. Thanks for the info!

  10. 57 minutes ago, OBEler said:

    @Vynce you mean nitrous oxide alone?? Or just in combination with lsd it works for awakening? 


    For someone who never experienced ego death and want a smooth one, Do you recommend to do his first ego death experience with nitrous oxide? Because it doesnt last so long, could be not so terrifying

    Nitrous Oxide alone won't be very useful in my experience, but you could try it just a couple of times just to get a feeling for what it does by itself, You could get a very short ego death but to get it consistently you'd really have to push it dose-wise to go deep and that would potentially be very dangerous(asphyxiation). 

    But when you combine it with any psychedelic, even weed, it potentiates it to an extreme degree. To this day nitrous oxide + weed is one of the deepest trip experiences I've had.

    If you want a taste of it you could do 1 balloon of nitrous oxide while being mildly high on weed or on a very low dose of LSD. If you want to go really deep you could do it on a normal LSD dose or do 1-2 balloons while being really high on weed. I think it's worth mentioning it can be very intense, but it comes on very fast, like getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson.


    As for breathing technique I've seen some different people using some different techniques. At first I did breathe in & out of balloon repeatedly like many people seem to do but after some research it seems like that isn't actually the safest way to do it. The safest I've found so far seems to be to breathe in and out a couple of deep breaths of air fiirst and then to inhale the entire balloon in one big breath and hold it in for about 30 seconds or so and then release and let breathing return to normal. If you want to go deeper you can breath in another balloon after having a couple of breaths of air inbetween. Breathing in and out of the balloon repeatedly appearently doesn't make you higher on nitrous oxide like a lot of people seem to think but rather it just gets you more oxygen deprivated. Too many balloons could be dangerous. And there seems to be risks associated with inhaling it directly from dispenser, like freezing the lips or throat/lungs.

    Another thing worth mentioning is it depletes vitamin B12 so taking vitamin B12 the following days could be a good idea.

  11. 22 hours ago, Ulax said:

    @Asayake I'd recommend Grayrocking in your situation. Here's a vid. I think Dr Ramani is a useful source in general.

    If you're feeling up for going non-contact, I'd recommend that.

    Also, I think there may be a chance that he will try to persuade other people to persuade you to still be friends with him or revert your behaviour back from grayrocking. Its a phenomena known as 'Flying Monkeys', Ramani has videos on that too.

    In my experience, once you understand how folks with narcissistic personal disorders behave they are rather predictable. However, I have found that it can still be emotionally stressful and confusing even if you know why they are acting in the way they are. I think it will be important for you to be in somewhat consistent contact with a trustworthy person who gets the situation you are in and the behaviour of NPD folks. I think that could help you maintain your sense of reality and perspective.

    Really appreciated this video, helpful stuff!

  12. @Tyler Robinson @The Mystical Man @UpperMaster

    Thank you all for your responses it was just the perspectives I needed. For now I'm going to avoid meeting up with him and I'm going to cut any online conversations with him as short as I can. I'm going to ignore his calls. He has already wronged me too many times for me to tolerate him if he doesn't straight up apologize. I don't want to block him just yet, because I believe people can change.

    However, I recently found out he's been getting on the bad side of my childhood friend as of lately as well. So it seems the universe might be taking care of my childhood friend situation since it seems like they're not hanging out so much anymore. It seems it's not only me having trouble with this guy.

  13. A year ago I worked on the audio for an indie film project directed by a friend of one of my childhood friends. We met through a party and he was very socially skilled irl and managed to convince me to work on his project for free(they had a very low budget and didn't make any money, the project was pretty much just for experience). At the end of the work period he became very intrusive and stressed me out big time. He was calling me 10-20 times and wanting to meet up irl all the time while I was trying to isolate myself to get into creative mode and do my job which was to do the audio for the film. In the middle of me pouring my soul out to do the job well he threatened to end our collaberation, after me having put down 100+ hours into the movie and saving the movie from being absolute trash, as the audio was poorly recorded and I had to do a lot of audio recovery and tiresome editing to save its face. I also made a lot of creative impact on the movie which practically pieced the movie together from being an absolute mess. 

    A month after the project was finally over I swore to myself I will not work with this guy again but one day I had to meet with him again because I was going to meet up with my childhood friend and eat dinner and he brought the director guy along. The guy got me into a situation where I was 1 on 1 with him and he tried to pursue me to work for him again and make a soundtrack for his movie for free because he had music that was copyrighted in his movie and now he wanted to release his movie which he could not do and he did not have the budget to pay for copyrights to the music he had used. I refused because I recalled that I had sworn to myself not to work with him again, he had caused me a lot of anxiety, stress, and even made me self concious is a bad way and a bit paranoid. For example one time he and his friends turned up to my place at 3 Am in the middle of the night without messaging me or calling me or anything and they basically invited themselves over to my place. I was lying half asleep when my door bell was ringing and not only once, but literally spam ringing. I almost panicked because I thought it was the police or something because I was a heavy weed user at the time and it's not legal in my country. But no, it was the director guy and his friends wanting to hang out. Spontaneous things like this stressed me out when working with him and made me feel like I didn't have a safe space or privacy to be with myself. He constantly wanted to hangout and we hung out almost everyday of the week while I was doing the hard labour and carrying him on my back. Anyways, I refused to do the soundtrack for hte movie and he insulted me and called me lazy. I told him that's bullshit and reminded him I did a lot of work for him for free and I also have other obligations to meet in my life. We didn't talk since then, until this week.

    Now he has contacted me again. Calling me 10-15 times and typing "hahaha have u blocked me?". I got a bit paranoid because I don't feel comfortable with this guy. He uses others for his own gain and he has little to contribute with himself. In my mind he is downright abusive. I called him back once so far and told him I didn't block him. He wanted my feedback on a job application he had made for a game studio. I gave him some quick feedback and now he wants to meet for dinner. Frankly I really don't want to meet him for dinner but at the same time I'm stuck in an annoying position because he's friends with my childhood friend and his other friends and I like those people and want to remain in contact with them.

    Do you have any tips on how I can deal with this situation properly? It is giving me a lot of anxiety and stressing me out for no reason, while I'm otherwise in a good place in my life and loving almost every day.

  14. I'm not sure where to place this topic but I was wondering if there's any possibility of implementing a spoiler tag function on the forums. This could be useful in several situations. Now that the Off-Topic subforum is added more threads are being created about movies, games, books, music and other media. I think it would be useful to have a spoiler tag function to be able to reference and discuss specific things in said mediums without spoiling them for people who don't want to be spoiled. This would be very useful for movie reviews, book reviews, etc. so that the content in movies & books can be discussed properly.

    If you don't want this function to be available on the entire forum maybe it could be possible to make the function exist only in the Off-Topic and Book Review subforums.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  15. Thought I'd put up a quick book review here. I wish there were spoiler tags on the forums because there are some specific things in the book I'd like to share my thoughts about but I can't do so without risking spoiling the book for people who haven't read it.

    This book was, in my opinion, amazing. It was a very sad and beautiful read. I was tearing up on multiple occasions while reading it. There's one part in particular that I can't mention without spoiling that was incredibly beautiful and made me burst out crying. I had to cry for a few minutes before I could go on and finish the book. It is incredibly creative and dynamic. It touches on subjects like philosophy, spirituality, religion, science, poetry, relationships and trauma. It's just an incredible book that makes you reflect on a lot of things. On top of this this book really gets you in touch with your emotions and empathy, invites you to reflect on your own life in many ways.

    The book is about Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded guy who works at a bakery. Gordon undergoes a new science experiment in an attempt to make him into an intelligent human being. The rest you'll have to find out for yourself.

    I discovered the book by seeing user @peanutspathtotruth and others talking about the book in another thread somwhere here on the forums. Thank you for shining light on this book, because of you I've had the luck to get to read this book, and for me it was a very beautiful, emotional, reflective and therapeutic reading experience.


    5/5 - I highly recommend it, if you're ready to shed a tear.