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  1. @Egzoset Could you submit an example of your own definition?
  2. @Kushu2000 In the mind of God there exists the blue prints for infinite universes. You set but one into motion.
  3. Questioner: Do you think this special meaning (you are experiencing on LSD) has a message to the onlookers here? A: Yes there is a spiraling arrow going to it's mark. And everyone is conscious of it" @ 13:50
  4. It can be done with enough discipline. But the question is are you disciplined enough? Say you set a time. Maybe one hour for starters. If you move one muscle you start over. And no cheating. Even your breath must remain shallow.
  5. @fridjonk Today I had an MRI and it was quite grueling not moving a muscle for 2- 1/2 hrs. Try emulating that sometime. No adjustments. No movement of any kind.
  6. @Serotoninluv I just pinched myself just as a reminder.
  7. @seeking_brilliance The brain is product of the dream. (that must have been already mentioned)
  8. Just pinch yourself. If it hurts it's a dream.
  9. @liquid If you feel you are deriving benefit from using a mantra by all means continue. A repetitive mantra can induce a transcendent state of consciousness by bringing full awareness to a point of singularity.
  10. @Urgency What changes is not real. What is real does not change. -Nisargadatta
  11. Be mindful of low conscious contributions to the forum.
  12. @electroBeam Good to know.. I heard the good stuff is contained mostly in the outer green region of the "star" when you look at a cross cut. Maybe next time try using only that part of the cactus and less of the inner pulp.
  13. @electroBeam Do you think you could strain it again and extract more? Or is it too late now? Just wondering.
  14. @electroBeam Could you expand a bit on this? How was it prepared and how much did you consume?
  15. Would you agree with this statement? "Within the hallucination there are clues that reveal itself to be a hallucination" (referring to the double slit experiment for example).
  16. @outlandish I'm totally psyched about San Pedro and what the medicine can bring. Total respect. Question if you don't mind me asking: I'm rooting top cuts each in a jar in a partially sunny window and it's cold outside and the window is cool inside. Do think I should take them out of the window at night or leave them be. Or something totally different then what I'm doing now?
  17. @electroBeam They pickle cucumber slices in a brine solution then jar them. Why not do the same with San Pedro? Just slice the ribs off and remove the waxy skin. Or perhaps leave the waxy outer skin on while in the brine solution so the alkaloids don't leach into the brine. Then of course remove it for consumption. Who doesn't like a good pickle?
  18. @SerotoninluvIn addition to the mescaline I've head a few ppl mention the alkaloids in the San Pedro but I'm not sure what role they play.
  19. @Mikael89 That's a great start. It could be that your chemistry is off for some reason such as thyroid problems for example.
  20. @outlandish Aren't they though. Especially in their natural environment. btw I did order the hybrid San Pedro/Peruvian torch seeds. I guess I can't go too wrong. I'll find out in a few years.