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  1. @AlwaysBeNiceIt was never a belief and still isn't but yet it's something that reviled itself during a deep meditation.
  2. Yea we each signed up for it. Have you seen the house of souls? Pre-birth planning.
  3. When death is experienced, what happens to awareness. Life is the duration of witnessing.
  4. "V'Ger must evolve. It's knowledge has reached the limits of this universe and it must evolve".
  5. Leo, can you elaborate on the idea that I “imagine” that I had a past? What makes you so sure your not imagining a now that is imagining a past?
  6. Reality could never be anything but holistic. It's the mind that fragments the whole.
  7. That's what a true master does- awaken the sleeper.
  8. Have you checked your warning points lately?
  9. Well said brother. Well said.
  10. Happy Anniversary! Wow has it really been a year since your first warning points were issued for hijacking ppl's threads?
  11. It's not so much about how wisdom is earned as how it is spent.
  12. This too is the nature of awareness. Awareness is all inclusive.
  13. Not just suffering. The thinker of thoughts has a tool box full of various emotions to be employed when a perceived situation calls for it. All the while the perceived and the thinker are one in the same.
  14. @ivankiss Maybe you placed a cup on a table and the room moved.
  15. The best satsangs are the satsangs you hold with yourself. "Be your own savior" -Buddha's last words
  16. Your work is paying off and so close to a breakthrough but what your missing now is the total surrender or cessation of the self. Surrender is key.
  17. @Marten Truthfully nothing has really changed at the hub of it all..
  18. @Marten You look so familiar but not sure where I recognize you from. Oh I remember now. The mirror 40 years ago.
  19. It's more like the Love one has for the harmless town drunk who keeps wondering out into traffic on Main street.
  20. Very nice. I cut you a break b-c your upset and "I" get called a douche bag? A friendly verbal warning not good enough for you?