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  1. @Egzoset Could you submit an example of your own definition?
  2. @Kushu2000 In the mind of God there exists the blue prints for infinite universes. You set but one into motion.
  3. Questioner: Do you think this special meaning (you are experiencing on LSD) has a message to the onlookers here? A: Yes there is a spiraling arrow going to it's mark. And everyone is conscious of it" @ 13:50
  4. It can be done with enough discipline. But the question is are you disciplined enough? Say you set a time. Maybe one hour for starters. If you move one muscle you start over. And no cheating. Even your breath must remain shallow.
  5. @fridjonk Today I had an MRI and it was quite grueling not moving a muscle for 2- 1/2 hrs. Try emulating that sometime. No adjustments. No movement of any kind.
  6. @Serotoninluv I just pinched myself just as a reminder.
  7. @seeking_brilliance The brain is product of the dream. (that must have been already mentioned)
  8. Just pinch yourself. If it hurts it's a dream.
  9. @liquid If you feel you are deriving benefit from using a mantra by all means continue. A repetitive mantra can induce a transcendent state of consciousness by bringing full awareness to a point of singularity.
  10. @Urgency What changes is not real. What is real does not change. -Nisargadatta
  11. Be mindful of low conscious contributions to the forum.
  12. @electroBeam Good to know.. I heard the good stuff is contained mostly in the outer green region of the "star" when you look at a cross cut. Maybe next time try using only that part of the cactus and less of the inner pulp.
  13. @electroBeam Do you think you could strain it again and extract more? Or is it too late now? Just wondering.