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  1. The psychological growth is much more important than whatever success or position you’d have or reach !! No matter how successful you are ( or how high your IQ is ) you wouldn’t reach real happiness , satisfaction and peace of mind if you’re not truly grown ! The more suffering you have undergone, the more Psychological growth you would reach because through hardships we would be able to see how strong we are internally (and how conscious we are !! ) . It’s through how much effort we put to actualize that we grow ourselves truthfully and we develop self-love and love for other people .
  2. Such an eye-opening video !!! Thoughts generate the emotions and the emotions influence the thoughts ; (LOOP) which can be opened through meditation!! The power of the thought can be underestimated because we are living in the state of daydreaming and thinking all the time . Our thoughts affect our well being !! We gotta be more aware of the thoughts we’re thinking everyday to be able to be the creator of our world and our future 🙃
  3. What’s going to be left from the mistakes we usually do are the memories which are a part of the past ; we can’t change them or correct them but we can learn from them in order to raise our consciousness and to get connected more to our authentic self . Raising above the limitations of the past is what we mean by forgiving ourselves and starting a new chapter in our life’s book . Nobody is perfect and we as humans tend to make mistakes for learning the actual meaning of THE HEALING FORGIVENESS . But repeating the same mistakes will lead to acting foolishly. So we got to be careful for avoiding the mistakes repetition and learning from the mistakes memories !!!
  4. Thinking can make you go crazy and be called “crazy “ but the fear of being called crazy is much more difficult than the calling . Craziness can sometimes mean going deeper than the ordinary depth of philosophy and can other times mean thinking outside the box and being different and unique . But if we want to talk about psychology there’s nothing called “CRAZY“ !!!
  5. Everything happens for a reason It means that no matter how bad the situation may seem there’s a divine reason/order behind it which is good for the human being (good for the spiritual growth of the human brain per saying ) So nothing in life happens by a coincidence; everything is interconnected in a mysterious way ( and that’s the beauty of life ) Note: This realization transformed my way of looking at things and interconnecting the dots of the past with the present
  6. Being authentic isn’t an easy thing but it means being true in a courageous way and at the same time being corageous in a true way . With authenticity the hard work will seem effortless , the impossible will seem possible and the miracles will seem real . It means to look with hopeful eyes at the world to create more and more for manifesting every aspect and perspective of God . And for sure being authentic means being God !!!
  7. Hello! I’m an overthinking person and I usually contemplate and analyze my thoughts philosophically .So this journal is made for sharing some of my deep thoughts and insights . I hope you’ll enjoy reading my journal🙂
  8. The road less traveled by M. Scott Peck. It's amazingly deep. I highly recommend it !!