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  1. How about a five-star rating system instead of just likes? Or it could be something more creative than stars, you guys can deffinitely come up with something :D Maybe then the troll posts would get both high and low ratings and would be just avarage. And the valuable ones could really shine. After a sufficient number of recieved ratings (let's say 100) the average amount of stars? would appear at the user's name as a sign of credibility. But I think the total number of recieved ratings should not be visible, maybe not even for the actual user.

    This system could be much more flexible than just neverending adding up of upvotes. To keep it even more up-to-date, the total rating could count only votes for the latest year for example, so it would't get stuck after recieveing more and more ratings. If working well it would motivate people enough to post valuable posts but also not get them too hyped-up. And it would also allow them to get a second chance (like for trolls who actually start to self-actualized...rare cases though :D).

    I would deffinitely get rid of the chimp and ape titles.

    The total number of user's posts should remain accessible, but maybe only on the profile pages.

  2. Hi guys,

    I’ve been thinking about this lately and it got me really confused. Could senses exist outside of awareness?

    What do I mean by that? Let’s take the example of seeing. When you see something, an image is generated in your brain of that object. You can see its shape, color etc. And in reaction to that image there is a response, you judge it, name it, whatever. But you only feel you judge it, in reality your brain does the judging on its own, it’s the illusion of control, the illusion of the Self. So in theory, the image generated in our brain is not necessary, it’s an extra step. The judging process could simply do its thing without us actually “see” the object. How would that manifest? For example, someone would throw you a ball and you would still catch it without actually getting the imagery of the ball flying towards you. Confusing, right? How would we call that, intuition?

    I think it’s not that crazy as it sounds, for example when you catch a virus, there is also a response from your body. The immune system does its thing and you don’t even know about that, you don't feel that.

    Many other questions arise from that: is it possible that we have senses that we don’t know about? Are senses just mechanisms of our mind to make the illusion of the Self more vivid? And if we weren’t aware of all our senses, what would we be left with? Thoughts maybe? What do you think?

  3. A really nice piece of art showing direct experience of enlightenment is the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. However, the author hardly knew anything about enlightenment so his execution is rather metaphorical.


    I suggest you search something about St. Teresa and her experience. I am pretty sure that she was enlightened, according to her writings. It is actually really interesting how she would describe something as ungraspable as enlightenment in that allegorical language of her era.