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  1. These are some of the names you need to study and integrate to create a good healthy model of islam, in my opinion. And the names are Avicenna, Al Farabi, Averroes, Razi, Ravendi, Ibn Arabi, Suhrawardi, Rumi, Gilani, Bistami, Baghdadi, Ibn Tufayl, Mulla Sadra, Iqbal, Fazlurrahman, Soroush, to name a few. Or just let go of religion altogether, you know.
  2. Saying that "i am god" does not explain anything, because we still don't have a clear concept of what god even is, and beyond that, god itself is a concept in your mind. God is one of the stories, or self perceptions, that is passing through me, the consciousness, you might say, and even calling it consciousness is some sort of a problem. And even calling it "i" is some sort of a problem, so maybe the only thing we can truly know is that there is some experience, no matter what it actually is. I mean, there is the experience that i am feeling certain feelings, and the awareness that those feelings, somehow, are being reflected by reality. Now, whether that reality is reality outer, or what we even mean by outer or inner etc, these are all whole other questions, for now, actually. So, a thought occurs, and there is a feeling response to the thought, and also a reflection of the thought from the experience. For instance, when i feel stress within me, usually it is being reflected by something like an ambulance occuring and passing by in that moment, and things like that. It is like reality, in a sense, whatever it is, molds itself into a symbolic representation that represents your "inner" mode, kinda like what happens in a dream. And, however, this mode of experience, whether it is a dream or not, or whatever else it is, has some sort of a more structured "orderliness" that manifests itself as some form of a continuum.
  3. I think we are psychedelic, for we are all that is. But there is such a thing as relative truth in this dimension, i mean, like, there are many stories within stories within stories that have been created in such an interwoven way that we cannot instantly jump to those states of infinite awareness. I mean existence seems to have a certain way, or mode, of being, and you need to align with it, so to speak, even though at the ultimate level you are existence itself.
  4. I agree with you, but there also is the feeling that when you yourself wake up, you see that everyone but you has always been awake, ahaha, if you know what i mean. I mean, i confess that i'm not awakened at all, not at all. Probably i might even be more awake than most people who claim they are totally awake etc, but come on, this is not like a frickin contest. I mean, who cares if i'm the least awake being on earth, or whatever, who cares really, i mean, what matters is reaching for the next level of awakening always, so to speak, if we call it that.
  5. Good videos, and i hope focusing simply on inner vibrational transformation and seeing the action part, or nonaction part, irrelevant is applicable, or the same, so to speak, for each manifested being.
  6. God is like "consider it done", but we screw it up with our doubt and impatience, and shit like that.
  7. Law of attraction is not about fake positivity, you need to accept where you are and let yourself feel your fears and worries. Relief is what you are looking for, it is the indication that tells you that your vibration is raising, but true relief comes when you accept and surrender to where you are. You should just let go of the effort for thinking positively etc, because it never gives you the true relief that you're looking for, because it is just you attempting to bypass where you actually are, trying to ignore where you actually are, and doing that just creates more tension within you. You need to find the balance between embracing, or accepting, where you are, physically and vibrationally, and not getting too stuck with that. But, actually, you don't even need to try to be the creator of your reality, because there is already a powerful momentum of wellbeing going on, which you might call source or god. You need to try to meditate daily, as much as you can, or you can take walks, focus on the sound of a ticking clock, count your breath, and so on. Doing that helps you, more and more, and gradually, free yourself from the shackles of your resistance and stress. But don't force yourself into meditating in certain ways also, any method that helps you relax a little bit is good. See the universe as an indicator of your state of being in the moment, even things like a dog barking outside is universe trying to tell you something about you, nothing is a coincidence. If you can wake up fully, you will see that there is only the one in existence, and it is you, and therefore the entire universe, or even, maybe, multiverseseses are all about you talking with you. See that you are the meaning of being, and that universe responds to your worries and anxieties etc also, because it is all reflections of you, like a hologram, so to speak. People, animals, even the weather conditions, all of it, all of it is about you, for you are all that is, for you are the infinite being in your very essence. But you, as the one, has individuated yourself as me and you, and so forth, as an infinitely complex tapestry, and here you are talking to yourself, appearing to yourself as someone called vibroverse on a site called, and this is all you trying to wake you up in this space and time modality of being. When it comes to the shadow work and all of that, do your shadow work, but don't get lost in it also. You have been given, so to speak, the inner feeling, the inner resonance, that tells you when you are in the mode of aligning with your true essence and when you are not. And, therefore, there is no fixed formula to say do that much shadow work and do that much of this and do that much of that and so on. There is a formula, but it is a formula that you are feeling within you as the feeling of relief, and peace, and so forth.
  8. I think sadness might be the result of you not being in vibrational alignment with who you really are, but i don't know if it is how to truly explain it, or if it is applicable in every situation.
  9. Sat, chit, ananda. Existence, awareness, bliss. It is said that one who finds the highest observer and fully surrenders to "it" becomes joy itself.
  10. Whatever, but these ideas might be possible ideas, where absolute nondoership really might exist with infinite ideas that contain and are connected to itself as infinite possible worldly structures where words also contain themselves as possible intelligence points that deconstruct themselves, as layers of self inclusivity that discloses itself to itself to no end, in a sense, so to speak.
  11. I'm more and more coming to accept that feeling is the most important thing, the anchor, in letting you be aligned with the story of the heart that also is the essence, so to speak, of reason and intellect.
  12. LastThursday might continue as an idea or not, it is a part of an everchanging process anyways, as you said. But you the awareness, or the awareness of awareness, or or or or, will continue. You are like the idea of turtles all the way down, in that sense. You, as existence, are the ground of being, so to speak, but the manifested form, both on the spiritual and physical levels, are ever changing and dynamic self attuning processes.
  13. Ahaaaa, that's the billion dollar question. Realize what it is, and that's it.
  14. Just think about this very weird thing called language which is what each of us are here for each other.
  15. I think of god as some sort of a radio station that is vibrating at a very high frequency, and as you are less resistant vibrationally, you are more receptive to the frequency of god, and then you may begin to translate that frequency into thoughts and some form of a communication from god, so to speak. It is like guide is some sort of a navigational system, guiding you to your true essence, and the more you relax, often by stilling your mind, the more you resonate with it and with that frequency, or resonance level, or mode, so to speak. And for god is the inclusivity of all possible realities and worlds in the form of ideas that might resonate with you depending on what is relevant and understandable for you, so to speak, in the moment, it becomes some form of a linguistic and understandable understanding for you.
  16. Death is imaginary means you will continue after the death of your body. You come up with valid arguments, but your premises are not true, really. Death is real, meaning you will experience the idea of being dead at some point, but you will not experience the end of being you, the end of being awareness. Remember that you can create any form of valid arguments, but if the premises are not referring to actuality, then your conclusion will also not. I can create an argument saying that, for instance, all humans have wings, and socrates is a human, therefore socrates has wings. Now, the conclusion is true if you take the argument within itself, but it is another question if it refers to reality. And so, in this awakening or increasing awareness work, you need to bring yourself to higher levels of awareness, and then let yourself, so to speak, to create and produce your argumentational forms, otherwise you get lost in a thought loop like that, you see.
  17. Thinking that i am this guy in the now, and literally imagining this guy and this talk into being, as also imagining myself and me watching this right now, is frickin crazy. What he is referring to as "i" is me, that dimension of awareness, i mean so to speak, is just frickin crazy. Imagining all this, this phone,, language, me myself, and perceiving it as a story in time. And creating a story of how there are photons vibrating at different frequencies and being emitted to my senses through the electromagnetic field, and so on, it all being a frickin self generating story, man.
  18. I think intellectual understanding that comes from alignment might be useful, because we are still in the relative level of reality, in some sense. I think source is not just the highest mystic of all, so to speak, but it also is the highest philosopher, the highest intellect. Because we are thinkers by our nature as humans also, so to speak, we cannot stop thinking and creating models of reality, so it is best to do that from a place of alignment. Because what is rationality other than thinking in line with reality, and who knows reality more than the source within. The trouble is when we give our essential focus to thinking, instead of to our inner love and resonance, so to speak, that is the source and womb.