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  1. Here's a thought: would karma exist if solipsism was true? I recently had a conversation with Ryok, an ET channeled by Tyler Ellison and he clarified that solipsism is not true. Careful, this forum parrots Leo and it is difficult for those who believe in solipsism to break out of this trap. It's a self-reinforcing belief. The thing is - if you only follow your direct experience you will come to the conclusion that solipsism is true. Your mind does construct other bodies and when your consciousness lvl changes appearances will change. But the souls of others will not change, only their appearance. Your consciousnes is entangles with life, but there are parts of reality which you can not chage. Be careful, its easy to convince others that it is a dream due to the nature of the ideology. It is a shared dream. Trust your gut. The experience of your love rippling out into the world was true. Others experience your kindness, your smile and your gentle touch. Have a wonderful journey brother, we are one.
  2. One experience shows me that my body sensations are made out of literally nothing and I am that nothing. Or: truth = nothingness = form Another experience shows me that my body is love/beuty. I can zoom into that sensation forever and its love and beuty. Where I now feel my shoulder, in higher states I feel love. Or: Truth = love = form But nothingness is not equal to love, because in nothingness I didnt feel any love. Love is formless, but it is not nothingness, its something - love! I don't get it. Where is my blindspot? Looking for help. Thanks.
  3. @Leo Gura I will be departing from the forum and Your teachings, not because they are less than masterful, but due to recent shifts in consciousness, which revealed that I must walk my unique path from here onwards. Yet I cannot leave without expressing deepest gratitude for my main teacher, the kind and dearest Leo Gura, who was gracious in his responses and giving in his beutiful teachings. A rare master of our times, who has enabled me to know Love. Let your days be full of Light, as you shine that Light upon others, which reflects so brightly to illuminate your own Glory. If our paths shall cross again, I shall be of your service. -Edvardas Garbenis
  4. Is the game of life pre-coded like our regular video games and we are only using our choices to shift between pre-existing outcomes, or is it being manifested on the fly? If it's pre-coded, where are the outcomes stored? Does God limit his perception to to not see the full game? I was open to the possibility that perhaps the game doesn't exist, it's being manifested on the fly with infinite intelligence. Our mind has the ability to think up a life story moment by moment, so couldn't infinite intelligence be doing the same thing with our "physical" reality? What is your understanding of this? Is life a pre-programmed game and we don't see the code, or is it being manifested on the fly? First choice makes this game "dead" in that it's just a replay, we are shiftin between frames. The second infuses some alivenesss because it is being done now. Thanks.
  5. @Leo Gura !!!! Had a trip on 400 ucg and I just wanted to truly thank you for being that perfect part of.infinity which helped me to unlock the understanding of this secret - everything that could exist already exists within the infinite potencial!!! Its actual! The potential I mean. It actually exists and it contains everything. Its amaaaaaaaaaazing.. its mindblowing, i was on the floor for hours when I accessed it. Really, your simple words helped a lot. Love ya. Cheers
  6. He has. It's on the list.
  7. That's true - when I experienced the highest bliss reality was One. The feeling of I was in the air, in the cabinets, etc.. I didn't make the connection the way you explained it. Need to trip more.. That was very helpful, thank you!
  8. @Leo Gura But what about those extremely blissful states on psychedelics? I thought that is what you truly are when you merge back into yourself fully. Those states where there is no longer a body, just pure bliss and beautiful fractals/mandalas. Isn't that God at it's fullest?
  9. Just had a 1-on-1 session with Gareth. I think I remember Green Woods saying that a 1h transmission is similar to 10h of meditation. I'd say its even more effective than that, at least for me. Just try our his free group sessions and see if it works, no harm there. Edit: @GreenWoods Thank you for the information
  10. I love being mindfucked Leo is very skilfull at showing how you are creating ideas instead of looking at pure truth. We get caught in traps of science and other sources that seem to make sense. The issue is that we can't validate them and we build our worldview on beliefs. It's much more difficult to avoid belief than I previously thought. Will go and look at his episodes on the myth of science now. Won't tag Leo to not disturb him, but feeling very grateful to have him as a teacher.
  11. The sounds of heaven So sweet Calling me home Come stay, dear Love Sleep in my depths Become One With Me
  12. @RMQualtrough I believe it's the same question. Thank you for sharing. Leo was kind enough to respond, I will try my luck to completely clarify this conundrum. @Leo Gura Thank you for taking the time. I don't want to be selfish but I can't resist asking a follow-up question to make sure that I understood what you said 100%. Could you clarify which view of the two below is correct according to you? You could reply only 1 or 2 and that would be enough. Thank you. 1st view: This moment is literally all there is. Life is a constant stream of God's imagination with there being nothing outside of it. Meaning, when you don't look at your body, it not only doesn't exist in your POV, it doesn't exist AT ALL. Your body isn't left out outside of your perception, it's just zero body in the whole universe, because nothing can hide from God's POV. Also, since God is omnipotent, he could imagine anything it wants. Due to this, some people say that there exists infinite possibilities. It does NOT mean that anything that could exist already exists. 2nd view: An opposing view thought by teachers like Abraham and Bashar is that anything you can imagine already EXISTS. It's not a possibility, it is already manifest. Since God is omnipotent, he created everything in an instant and now he is simply shifting through reality frames rapidly. I guess to confirm this we would have to zoom out of our current frame enough to see other frames, at which point we would only see billions of static snapshots of reality or something like that.
  13. Okay I think it would be clearer if Leo explicitly said that other Gods he connected with did not experience it. It got very confusing when he said that there is an unknowable possibility that there exists sovereign Gods. Isn't that the same as saying that there could be existences outside of his existence? An experience outside of what is here and now?
  14. They sent me on vacation with our relatives, but did not go themselves. They only had enough money for one person to go. At the time I felt love in the form of joy and adventure. I didnt understand the sacrifice they made until later. I think the hard part of being a parent is you sacrifice without getting any appreciation, or very little compared to the sacrifice. Yet, you still do it out of love. It's other-serving.
  15. I've done two week long meditation retreats and haven't gotten even close to that state. I'm not even talking about 5-meo trips where you dissolve into infinite love. Just decent shroom or lsd trip where you feel like you woke up in heaven, but you still have a body and can operte in the world. You actually operate at your optimal capacity, it becomes a joyful play. Each moment is magical. Also, it's like you have all the answers. You even laugh at some questions you had before. Even talking about spirituality becomes laughable, because that state is beyond words, its intuitive knowing. Anyway, I wonder what it takes to reach that state naturally and lock it in. Im not interested in doing anything else to be honest. Would love to hear from people who actually did it. Thank you in advance.
  16. Is infinite love the final home? When you completly surrender and merge into yourself is there something beyond that? Is there anything else to do? Does the evolution of self-understanding continue or is it a full "stop"?
  17. @BlueOak So hugs is the answer! Jk. Happy to hear your journey is going well
  18. I decided to take 3.5g of shrooms eith lemon and got my answer. Both of you are right. Love is the end. And love is a new era of wisdom and play.
  19. Hi, I am kindly asking for guidance regarding free will contemplation because I don't feel confident in my understanding of the matter. My thinking is as follows: When I am conscious I have free will in the human domain, when I am unconscious - my body/mind is acting out however it was programmed. I remember a trip during which I was amazed at how I can will my finger to move. It definitely felt like my will. I chose to move that finger. I listened to another teacher and he suggests that that choice was made seconds before it even came into my awareness. How can I confirm that is true? Moving on - I recently had a dream within which I died quite consciously. I saw death approaching and decided to step into it. I was literally eaten by a whale within which I found a feeling of peace and beauty. Perhaps that's related to the fact that I am in the "belly of the whale" phase of the hero's journey. Anyway.. After that peace and beauty, I simply respawned within another dream. I opened my eyes and it was just like waking up from a dream, but in a more conscious state than I was before dying. Now in this new dream, I had quite a lot of manifesting ability. One of my fingers was not fully grown in this dream. I simply thought - finger, finger, finger - and it grew into a normal one. I could also reshape parts of my face by simply intending it. I couldn't fully explore the extent of that manifesting ability because I woke up quite quickly (or should I say fell asleep since I have less power to manifest here?) Also, regarding how life is unfolding - I believe that it is somewhat pre-destined, although in a very specific sense. It's like there is a theme - you have been given the knowledge of what is going on in a general sense, but you can also make choices within the game that will affect the outcome. You can't completely fly off the map - but there is a wide range of possibilities. In my favorite trilogy - Conversations with God, it is explained that reality is like a game within a CD ROM- all the responses of the game have been pre-programmed, but your choices determine which responses you will experience. From my point of understanding - this is how it works. Finally, when Leo in his video Does Free Will Exist? What is will? says that you can surf the wave of intelligence or God's will, does he mean that you can play the game from the True perspective instead of False? Is that what it means to align your will with God's? For example, living with intelligence means cutting of your attachments to the dream and delving deep within yourself to find out who you are. This would be my understanding of surfing the wave. Or does he mean that the feeling of choice that I have is just an illusion and all of my struggles are in thinking that I am choosing, but I am actually not? Thank you for your time. P.S. Adding a song that has a smooth flavor to it, perhaps the kind of flavor that could help you surrender yourself to Love during trips.
  20. Good day seekers, When you fully God-realize, when you fully awaken to omnipotence and omnipresence, does the body remain. Can you continue emagining and experiencing it from the human body, or are you pure nothingness, because having a body is kind of a trade-off. The physical body reduces your vibrations, densifies your body of nothingness into form, which cuts you off from your power. I think you can continue having a body, you can manipulate it, you have at your disposal whatever you can imagine off. You can also be in a scenario, whilst creating (imagining it) it at the same moment and the delay is close to 0. You can think up some stories now, can you not? You might dream something that you thought during the day. Can you not? It's just that when you are all-powerful, you can do it with the reality in front of you, not only in thought/imagination form in your current state of consciousness. The thing I am stuck on - when I become one with everything that is, my body was everything that is, not only the human body. There was no difference between the feeling of "I" between my arm, the air, the ceiling, the kitchen cabinet. Only I. So do I have to be in that ALLNESS POV, or can I cut myself off from that and still have full-blown power? I feel like Trump - only concerned with power. Or to be more precise, I don't want that fear-based fake power, I want the real deal baby! Jkjk. But not really. I realize that being all-powerful, some of the situations lose their meaning since there is no challenge. Yet, isn't there like a million things you would first experience before getting bored of that? Also, not sure how much Death reveals. How much does it raise my consciuosness? (Not thinking of suicide, don't worry guys :D) Anyway, perhaps someone figured this out? Would love to hear different perspectives to improve my understanding and contemplation. Thanks, non-existent at the time of writing guys.
  21. How wonderful is it to rave in the ecstasy of the fact that you know what you know and also the fact that you know how much more to know there is. And all there is to know is love. Unimaginable, Love. Just moving along, trying to figure out this incredible design of Love. Don't mind me.. Metaphysical love comes with the understanding of Love which is so magnificent and amplified with every inch more when you know that someone else also knows this. Someone else experienced this and they also know this. And I rave in the enjoyment of knowing that you to experienced this. And I wish for us many more never-ending such trips into an eternity of Love. How unimaginable, how unexplainable it is, yet how much do I want to share it. What is this curse?! I want to put into simple syllables of a screen the whole meaning of the universe which God created. How silly of me to do that. But I try nonetheless.. Just because it is fun and I want to express it. And perhaps it will bring you to remembering the joy and ecstasy to one of your previous memories, which, I am sure, was filled with love ? For me, I am amazed to see how much enjoyment I get out of the fact that I know, that you too have experienced this! So rondeaus the journey into the endless labyrinth of love. Oh God, where is the key that unlocks all the secrets? Wait, don’t tell me the answer – I know – the fact that I don’t know all the secrets at the present moment is all part of your wonderful design. Yep. Just wanted to remind that for myself. And to you ? So, my dear soul which reads these words, lets bask in the enjoyment of the fact of where we are, what we already experienced, and what a wonderful journey is yet ahead! Set sail! The only cost on this journey is your ego, which I hope you don’t mind losing if you are coming to love ? But where you will be mourning the loss of your ego, we will greet you in our welcoming of Love. So as it always was until now and it will be till the end of time, and even after that – all love.
  22. Yeh, also stuck on this one. Is my perspective the only one, exactly like in a night dream, or does this waking dream have multiple me's from different perspectives? If I simply look at my own experience, then no, there is no way to confirm that others have their own experiences. Yet, isn't it possible that I just limit my perception to one perspective at a time? I am making a little jump with this possibility because I haven't experienced multiple perspectives at a single time. But this little jump changes the whole thing. I guess I need a DMT breakthrough to infinite consciousness (if I understand that term correctly before experiencing it, which is a big IF) or something of that sort.
  23. @Moksha Thank you for clarifying such points. I had a realization a week ago and a few of your posts really guided me in the right direction. Cheers!