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  1. How wonderful is it to rave in the ecstasy of the fact that you know what you know and also the fact that you know how much more to know there is. And all there is to know is love. Unimaginable, Love. Just moving along, trying to figure out this incredible design of Love. Don't mind me.. Metaphysical love comes with the understanding of Love which is so magnificent and amplified with every inch more when you know that someone else also knows this. Someone else experienced this and they also know this. And I rave in the enjoyment of knowing that you to experienced this. And I wish for us many more never-ending such trips into an eternity of Love. How unimaginable, how unexplainable it is, yet how much do I want to share it. What is this curse?! I want to put into simple syllables of a screen the whole meaning of the universe which God created. How silly of me to do that. But I try nonetheless.. Just because it is fun and I want to express it. And perhaps it will bring you to remembering the joy and ecstasy to one of your previous memories, which, I am sure, was filled with love ๐Ÿ˜Š For me, I am amazed to see how much enjoyment I get out of the fact that I know, that you too have experienced this! So rondeaus the journey into the endless labyrinth of love. Oh God, where is the key that unlocks all the secrets? Wait, donโ€™t tell me the answer โ€“ I know โ€“ the fact that I donโ€™t know all the secrets at the present moment is all part of your wonderful design. Yep. Just wanted to remind that for myself. And to you ๐Ÿ˜Š So, my dear soul which reads these words, lets bask in the enjoyment of the fact of where we are, what we already experienced, and what a wonderful journey is yet ahead! Set sail! The only cost on this journey is your ego, which I hope you donโ€™t mind losing if you are coming to love ๐Ÿ˜Š But where you will be mourning the loss of your ego, we will greet you in our welcoming of Love. So as it always was until now and it will be till the end of time, and even after that โ€“ all love.
  2. Yeh, also stuck on this one. Is my perspective the only one, exactly like in a night dream, or does this waking dream have multiple me's from different perspectives? If I simply look at my own experience, then no, there is no way to confirm that others have their own experiences. Yet, isn't it possible that I just limit my perception to one perspective at a time? I am making a little jump with this possibility because I haven't experienced multiple perspectives at a single time. But this little jump changes the whole thing. I guess I need a DMT breakthrough to infinite consciousness (if I understand that term correctly before experiencing it, which is a big IF) or something of that sort.
  3. @Moksha Thank you for clarifying such points. I had a realization a week ago and a few of your posts really guided me in the right direction. Cheers!
  4. @Soulbass That is nostalgic!
  5. I was planning to watch a few minutes of this documentary but watched the whole thing. One of the best movies on awakening.
  6. What a lovely guy!
  7. ^^This. Many people noticed something fishy when watching her videos, a sort of negative energy hidden. Now we know why.
  8. Watch her ex-boyfriend's point of view. Teal Swan told him to kill himself. She is a liar and a manipulator. Please do not share her content on this forum.
  9. Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of people want to be attractive, but deep inside they do not feel like they are, so they compensate by putting others down. Your post is helpful because it sheds light on the fact that what is most attractive is not your physical body, but the way you make others feel. We will always remember people who made us feel uplifted, confident, and helped us enjoy the present moment.
  10. Love the vision boards here. Wishing everyone the discipline needed to reach your goals! Don't forget that diet and exercise are extremely important so that you have a lot of energy throughout the day to work on your vision. Meditation is a wonderful tool to train your mind to not get distracted and keep your goal the main focus. Here is mine : (I will work on making it more pleasant to the eye)
  11. Great topic, @Mvrs Question: How am I not my body? I know I am not my thoughts or feeling because they are always changing, but the body is always there and it is the center through which all experience travels.
  12. Consciousness (pianist) and Ego. https://imgur.com/gallery/P0fuFdR Notice how the pianist is not bothered, does not flinch, simply allows whatever is to be. Remember - you are peace, don't seek it in a relationship, don't wait for a vacation, don't wait for the next moment, just breathe in, and become it.