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  1. True surrender feels like you have completly lost authorship over your body and mind and you are controlled by the Divine. In other words, surrender is the letting go of personal will. It's difficult to remain in that state at first, because you have no idea what will happen next, but when bliss and Divine intelligence flow through your veins you know that all will be well.
  2. Karma system? +points for helpful advice and posts, -points for nonsense. It would help newcommers to get a grip on who to listen to. People here tend to speak with confidence about things they should not yet speak about.
  3. Wow, a profound shift. Was this a result of a particular spiritual practice?
  4. It seems to me like it's all a plan within the Divine Mind to awaken the One to his glory.
  5. @Vladimir sorry for being rude to you before. Even if I disagree, it's no reason to be impolite.
  6. Osho was not meditating when he ran his org, he has already arived, meditation was his base state. Yes, DMT will skyrocket you for a moment, but if you want to lock in the enlightened state, to liberate out of samsara, you will have to sit for those 6 months in 10hr+ meditation. Buckle up, it's not easy.
  7. Either me, or all of you guys are off the rails completly.
  8. Not true. If there was not free will, there wouldn't be karma.
  9. Which element of this reality proves to you that it is more real than you dreams at night?
  10. Do you really hurt other people in your dream? What if you realized you were dreaming now?