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  1. 5 minutes ago, Matt23 said:

    I've actually been combining Byron Katie's "The Work" technique with parts work and found this to be really beneficial.  Like, if I encounter a part that has a particular belief, I can ask it Byron Katie's questions and do some stuff that feels it being a release and healing sometimes.  Even if subtly. 

     Nice!  Sounds interesting. Definitly need to check out Katies book 

  2. @Matt23 Im on the first half and my impression is that it has a good amount of practical stuff, I think it is a good balance between practical and theoretical. It has some really good content and exercises and it is psychology mixed with spirituality (what I consider as positive). I think the book is it worth it but I think this book doesnt cover everything and you need to ad some other exersices, books and consepts to your shadow work and you also need to go deeper with some subjects (for example, subpersonalities) 

  3. I think its for everyone different, its also for everyone different how much social interaction he/she needs. 

    In my opinion it is something else when you meet someone in person. There is more connection and it is much more intime. Because interaction is not only words, it is also facial or bodly expression and you look each other in the eyes and can feel the presens of the other person. I would have at least 1-2 friends who you meet regular in person and have a deeper relationship. 

    But I think it really depends and is different from person to person. Meaby regulary menas to you once a Month but for me once a week, etc. 

  4. Havent seen it yet, but it looks very interesting but also very disturbing to me.


    The "devil" becomes a little conssious of his unconissous behaivour. Karma in a nutshell. He dont get tortured like his victims, but he gets torturet with the consioussnes of the suffering he has created, now he becomes aware of that suffering but he knows, he cant make his actions undone.