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  1. @SamC 

    56 minutes ago, SamC said:

    Which group of people ( on the spiral or egodevelopment level) do you think have the biggest stage blue shadow ? ( or what person)


    I think this is indipendent of wicht stage you are, after blue of course. But at the moment for me it seems like a lot of stage green people are missing positive aspects of blue that are relateive important (including me in some areas) 


    56 minutes ago, SamC said:

    Is being blue ( on some level ) a sign that you have a shadow of something else? If that's the case what's that shadow? 

    I dont think so, blue is like any other a nessecary step of consiousness, of course only if you want to go beyond blue. You can be in blue and have the previous stages integrated healthy, thats not a contratiction. It is not a sign for a shadow of the previous stages. (This conclusion is the consequence of my interpretation of shadow in spyral dynamics)

    56 minutes ago, SamC said:

    Also what is the difference of being blue and having a blue shadow?

    You are Blue when you are mostly stuck and limited in blue. You are blue when you are incapable of going further than your limitations that are in blue (thats the same on any other stage). A blue shadow has someone whose gravity point is beyond blue and also his identification but he hasnt integrated yet everything in blue and misses some important aspects of blue like for example discipline ( think meaby of a lazy hippie that smokes everyday pot and chills everyday. I know, its of course a stereotype) 


    That are of course my interpretations, if someone has a different view, please let us know

  2. 47 minutes ago, Rilles said:

    Its usually the traits you feel you dont have that are hiding in the shadow. 

    For example, maybe you fancy yourself very smart and so when someone calls you dumb you feel triggered because you have not allowed your ego to be dumb, you feel its not you, everyone can be dumb, its just human nature, were not perfect. The traits we DO accept in ourselves (usually the good ones) we are conscious of so they are not in the shadow, they are in the light so to speak.

    I didnt work on any traits more than one day, but I contemplated the trait in myself throughout the day (I did the exercises in the morning) so I have never felt the need to go back to them. But if you feel yourself getting triggered you can for sure go back to them, up to you, no strict rules.

    Although now I have discovered new Shadow Traits in myself recently so I will do some more traits soon.

    Yes, I highly recommend the book, its one of my top 5 books, life-changing.

    Thank you for your answer:)

    the book is bought :D

  3. 8 hours ago, Rilles said:

    This is my Shadow routine I did 2 years ago.


    1.Write a list of personal traits.

    2.Go down the list and find the ones that

    •You feel you are not and/or...
    •Have a tension about them and/or...
    •Would trigger you if someone called you out on

    For example "Why are you so angry?" If that triggers you then thats a part of your shadow.

    3.Go through memories of moments in your life where you have been angry (Be radically honest!)

    4.Write atleast 5 positive things about being angry

    5.Let yourself fully be angry and be okay with it, if you have to scream then do it, if you feel angry while doing the exercise thats good!

    6.Do this with all the traits you have found, there will be atleast 10-15 traits you have repressed. 

    7.Do one trait a day so it settles in your psyche, dont do more than one a day! Important! This is emotionally taxing, you dont want to burn yourself out. 

    8.Love yourself and accept this trait, see and feel how it makes you a more complete person.  


    I learned this from Dark Side Of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford and put my own spin on it. 

    Thank you very much for your input, definetly gonna try out this routine  :) 


    8 hours ago, Rilles said:

    Go down the list and find the ones that

    •You feel you are not and/or...

     Also these who I feel I am?


    When you did this process with one trait, is it finnished? Or do you recommend doing it until I have the feeling, that I have integated the trait fully?     ( for example, do this process with the angry part of me. is it enough once, or should I do it meaby once a month (for example), until I have the feeling that it is fully integrated?) 


    Can you recommend Dark Side Of The Light Chasers ?

  4. 30 minutes ago, EddieEddie1995 said:

    @eliasvelez Emma is amazing! 

    You have everything you need on her channel. 

    If you want to integrate your shadow, buy her course :)

    Thanks for the tip, definetly need to take a closer look on her channel, only saw a few videos of her:)  Unfortunately she only does coaching and has a program, but has no course (besides her 1 hour course). 

    Did/do you do shadow work? When yes, with her videos?

  5. 2 hours ago, Husseinisdoingfine said:

    There's an interesting conspiracy theory I read about that China might invade Taiwan and Russia might invade Ukraine at the same time in order to overwhelm the Western response.

    I dont think that it is in the interest or the plane of russia, to invade whole ukraine, And if, I think that the russian government is smart eought to see that it would be pointless and not sustainable, but who really knows with russia...

  6. https://www.republik.ch/

    A Swiss newspaper. The newspaper is independent and only financed by the reader (it is a cooperative). The newspaper writes reports that are very objecitve. It writes a maximum of 3 reports per day, but these are profound and large. The newspaper has made it its task to counteract the superficial news and the concentration of the media. The content is often illuminated from a larger perspective and often has yellow elements in it. 

    At first it was still uncertain, but more and more it seems to be successful and sustainable


  7. I recommend Couchsurfing. You can find places to sleep with locals, but you can also meet other travelers or locals, who are in the same place like you and also wanna meet new people. Sometimes there are little events in some citys with other couchsurfers, like going out to eat together. 

  8. At the moment my intentions arent awakenings, any mystical experiences or enlightement but I wanna raise my consioussnes and my general level of awareness. Can one consider Metta Meditation in the morning (I do Metta to be in general a more loving person) and Kriya Yoga before sleeping (ca. 35 min) as a useful and appropriate Meditation/Technique for this intention (raising level of consioussnes and awareness)? Or is meaby an other Meditation-technique more appropriate, in which I can focus on myself or ground me in my sorroundings ? 



    My Moning Routine at the Moment is :

    -Contempalting Death 5 Min,

    -Metta Meditation 15-20 Min,

    -Visulisation 5 Min


    My night Routine is:

    -Journaling ca 10 Min

    -3-2-1 Integral Shadow process 5-10 Min,

    -Kriya ca. 30 Min, 

    -ca.3 Min pause/do nothing

    -and then ca. 5 Min self-love technique where I love and accept my "negative" Sides. 


    Let me know your perspective :)