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  1. a question for people who experienced high states of awareness
    a question for people who experienced high states of awareness
    There are thousands of different kinds of mystical states and experiences. You will not be able to predict or easily categorize them.
    Trying to imagine them or worry about them is a mistake and a distraction. Focus on becoming conscious of what's true in your experience.
    Do not use the experiences of others as a reference for yourself. You are not them.

  2. Why do some people find it hard to trip on psychedelics?
    Why do some people find it hard to trip on psychedelics?
    I think it's because people live shitty lives on a daily bases so they have bad trips.
    As soon as I started meditating, eating clean, working out on a daily basis, having some kind of purpose and living great my trips went really good. And as soon as I went back to unconscious behavior via ego-backlash I had such bad trips that it felt like going back all over again. Also I think it depends on the moon cycle as well. Is it near full moon, or is it full moon or not. I can only speculate on this, I have no direct knowledge how this happens, but I noticed this in my self.

  3. Meditation Tip: Be the Passenger
    Meditation Tip: Be the Passenger
    I want to share a nice meditation tip I heard from Adyashanti.
    Imagine that you are in the passenger's seat in a car.  How would you behave?  You wouldn't be steering the vehicle, you wouldn't be doing anything at all.  You would just be sitting back and going along for the ride, right?  Well, you can approach your meditation in exactly the same way.  Let go of control, let go of the meditator.  Be the passenger of your meditation.
    This is the experience of allowing everything to be as it is, and the simple path to peace.

  4. List of Role Models for Every Spiral Dynamics Stage
    List of Role Models for Every Spiral Dynamics Stage
    This is what I have till now. You can add yours.
    Stage Orange Role Models
    Gary Vaynerchuk RSD Max RSD Tyler RSD Jeffy Todd Valentine Robert Greene Tai Lopez Ray Dalio Jack Canfield Bob Proctor Christian Guzman Thomas Frank  Shawn Thomas Patrick Bet-David Evan Carmichael David Goggins Jordan Peterson Tim Feriss Aaron Marino Arnold Schwarzenegger Kinobody Stephen Covey Napolean Hill Cal Newport Seth Godin Robert Kiyosaki Neil Strauss Coach Corey Wayne Dale Carnegie Brian Rose Will Smith Stage Green Role Models
    Vishuddha Das Krystal Aranyani RSD Tyler RSD Julien Bob Marley Psyched Substance   Bill Gates Neil Strauss Richard Branson Stage Yellow Role Models
    Joe Rogan Geoffrey Miller Leo Gura Jonathan Haidt Marting Seligman Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Abraham Maslow Joseph Campbell Peter Ouspensky David Bohm Einstein Douglas Hofstadter Steven Pinker Noam Chomsky Don Beck Richard Feynman Jacque Derrida Michel Foucault Leonardo da Vinci Stage Turquoise Role Models
    Sadhguru Leo Gura Mooji Shinzen Young Om Swami Adyashanti Stan Grof Ram Dass Wayne Dyer  Osho Don Miguel Ruiz Ken Wilber  David Deida Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie Marcus Aurelius Plato Epictetus Seneca Socrates Dr. David R. Hawkins Carlos Castaneda Peter Ralston Jed McKenna Alan Watts Martin Ball Gandhi Matt Kahn

  5. Why Is Ego Death So Frightening?
    Why Is Ego Death So Frightening?
    Because we have been so distracted from our true/inner self our whole lives by the world we grew up to live in when we do finally let go of everything we been taught and connect with ourselves, our authenticity, our unconditioned state once again it in many cases can be a frightening experience until the body/mind complex gets used to it again. Surrender to all that is and become all that is
    Remember its this Ego/Character we have grown to know as ourselves that doubts, fears ect.. Our true authenticity is unconditional love and connectiveness thus no fear, illusion or darkness can be present.
    We must reconnect and rewire with our Inner-Child and the more we do so the more fear and illusion dissolves.

  6. Benefits of Enligthenment?
    Benefits of Enligthenment?
    These questions of 'why' someone would want to be enlightened, are completely normal in a way. Everyone on there journey has those (I think). Your brain and beliefsystem need to integrate the idea of enlightenment. Further ahead the journey you will discover that enlightenment is not depressing at all, it is just fully participating in life. Enlightenment becomes something fun. To some extend you will always have an idea you experience it in a body, only you are not the body. 
    Personally I am more interested in self-expression than truth. Truth is not ultimately the most valuable thing in the journey, but (as Matt Kahn says) it is love (what as by-product causes the realization of truth).
    If you want all the fears to go away, I recommend the teaching on self-love; Teal Swan and Matt Kahn have videos on that topic. 

  7. Benefits of Enligthenment?
    Benefits of Enligthenment?
    Confusion and frustration is just par for the course. That IS the course basically. So just accept it, don't try to resist it or change it, and keep plowing ahead.

  8. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Yes, this is normal. Happens to me frequently. It means the practice is working.
    Expect a lot of weird shit to happen while doing Kriya. If you haven't seen Leo's video on the dark side of meditation I would highly recommend you watch it. He covers all the weird shit that could happen while doing these type of practices. 
    The key with these type of experiences is just to surrender to it and allow it to happen, without making a big deal of it in your mind. It will pass. Definitely don't try to fight or resist it. Accept it.

  9. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    40mins Kriya.
    1 hour mindfulness with labeling.
    A session with 20 minutes of concentration, then 15 minutes of mindfulness, and then I finish it off with 10 minutes of metta meditation.

  10. Am I Awakened?
    Am I Awakened?
    @Stoica Doru just enjoy 
    Dont be fooled by your ego. There is no fight to be had. You ego disagrees do. It is your choice to give it attention or not. Regardless of what it says or wants. 
    Or in other words stop giving a fuck .

  11. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    @Thinh Yes that sounds like depersonalization. I have gone through a year long period where i had those constantly. Thankfully grounding yoga (Youtube: Yoga with adriene wink wink shes a gem) cured me of those completely.

  12. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    I have had a lot of crazy experiences like this. I don't know what would have happened; you should have just stuck with it. Try not to label or categorize these experiences. They are just phenomena.
    Think of these experiences like checkpoints you have to go through in order to reach deeper levels of awareness. Your mind will throw all sorts of crazy things at you to see if you will react. The trick is to remain equanimous and unaffected during these types of experiences. Fully open yourself up and surrender to these experiences. Don't try to fight or resist them. They will pass.

  13. List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    Science and Nonduality

  14. List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    Howard Vernon
    Ram Dass
    David Hawkins
    Multiple channels, just search his name
    Byron Katie (a female master)
    Jeff Foster
    Lisa Cairns (a female master)
    Ira Schepetin
    Multiple channels
    Matt Kahn
    Paul Hedderman
    Tony Parsons
    Jim Newman

  15. List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    List of HC YouTube Channels - Enlightend People
    I'd thought I'd go through my list and share YouTube channels with very very enlightend people that I would attest for if I could emperically. Most of them are known some maybe not. The channels are all the offfical channels of the "operator".


    Alan Watts


    Dalai Lama

    Eckhart Tolle

    Integral Zen

    Jiddu Krishnamurti


    Peter Ralston

    Thich nhat hanh


    Shunyamurti (not sure about him, I did not watch to many videos of him)

    Shinzen Young

    Shinzen Young (2 - Channel)

    Could the readers add a couple of their own channels, it would be cool to see some different channels of enlightend people from time to time, especially also female masters. Would be very interested in that. As well as other channels.

  16. I am enlightened, ask me some, but definitely not any, thing
    I am enlightened, ask me some, but definitely not any, thing
    @cena655 The dark night of the soul is a gift! Not something you want out of. Just listen when it happens, if it happens. It's you yourself being tired of being fake. Just be you. It's easier than pretending to not be you !!

  17. Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    Hey Rilles, I too have been experiencing that. Its like im casually engaging in a normal activity or going about my day and WHAM out of no where you become Hyper Awake, Hyper Focused into the present moment to where its almost overwhelming to be completely aware of existence! Your just like Holy Fuck! lol. Then like you said 2 seconds later you come down. Usually occurs during random contemplations about reality. I dont think its Samadhi because ive experienced Samadhi before and Samadhi is way more vibrant and energetic where as this is just pure clear Wakefulness not too different from how you were already perceiving just amplified by 10. Does that sound like your experience too? I dont think theres a specific name for it, i think its simply the raising or rising of Consciousness. Its like a peak to establish a new baseline. 

  18. Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    Yeah but think of it this way.
    The first time you had the balls to ask a girl out The first time you had to pass an important exam The first time you had to go to school and be separate from your parents The first time you drove a car The first time you had sex The first time you've gone on a roller coaster The first time you didn't had enough money for your rent The first time you got fired The first time you entered a fight The first time you got dumped etc ... It's always scary, now the degree is maybe higher, but you're gonna be fine

  19. Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    Is There A Name For This Mystical Experience?
    No no, it's time to wake up
    Wake up with me pal, no time to be little scared pussies anymore

  20. Am I going to stop being here
    Am I going to stop being here
    The bald guy came years later he found me when I had an insight looked it up and the first video I see is reality is a strange loop. Then I binge his videos and realize he knows it too! He’s seen what can’t be unseen. It blew my mind!!! I looove the mindfucks I’m not gonna stop till I’m gone. Even though it is crazy I love it it’s beautiful if you would have told me as a kid this is what reality was gonna be dude omg I’m soooo in love this is the greatest thing ever!!! I want to go all the way !  that’s where we are rn though so I guess I want to go un all the way because that’s awesome that I can 

  21. Am I going to stop being here
    Am I going to stop being here
    Hehe... well, yes. We did tell you reality was Nothing
    Sounds like a bit of the ol Dark Night of the Soul.
    Look, take it easy. Deconstructing reality is the most challenging work in the universe. Sometimes you gotta take a short break and just enjoy life. Then get back to deconstructing. If you want. Don't do this work if you don't love it at some level.
    Why you doing all this? Cause some bald guy told you you should?

  22. Am I alone? Enlightenment experience led to Solipsism, and it made me Depressed
    Am I alone? Enlightenment experience led to Solipsism, and it made me Depressed
    the only truth is in feeling good
    if something makes you feel bad, worse then before it is automatically a false perspective
    you have a truth detector right inside your heart, in the self love you have for yourself
    its that simple, the truth feels good, really good

  23. Am I alone? Enlightenment experience led to Solipsism, and it made me Depressed
    Am I alone? Enlightenment experience led to Solipsism, and it made me Depressed
    @Betterself Yes, you are alone. As God.
    Nonduality means there cannot be any "other" who is not you. The deepest levels of nonduality can make you start to feel lonely, as you realize that you created this entire dream all by yourself and the illusion of "otherness" gets shattered. It can feel very solipsistic, but also, as the mind adjusts to your new understanding, the loneliness should dissipate.
    I do not exist. You created this forum to entertain yourself. And here you are reading all these posts that you yourself wrote to yourself. Seeking advice from "others" who are really just yourself.
    Try to see the beauty of that.
    Aloneness and connection are ONE. You can look at it like the glass is half empty, or the glass is half full. By being everyone, you are infinitely connected to everyone.
    You still haven't surrendered fully to nonduality. Yes, it's very radical and scary to surrender fully to it. The truth is radical beyond words. Your fear of being totally alone is precisely what you must explore and ultimately surrender. The ego-mind hates it of course and will be resistant, trying to anchor itself into something, anything to avoid Absolute Nothingness and Total ONENESS.

  24. Awakening GIFs - What Awakening Feels Like
    Awakening GIFs - What Awakening Feels Like
    When you realize this enlightenment stuff is 100x more serious than you imagined, and now you're wondering, "What the hell did I get myself into? Is it possible to go back?"

  25. Personal development
    Personal Development With Enlightenment
    The reality is you need it.
    Enlightenment without personal development work produces enlightened assholes and rubes.
    Personal development without enlightenment produces polished egos who can never find fulfillment no matter what they achieve. This would be like the Tony Robbins effect (sorry, Tony, my projection )
    After enlightenment you still need to master the following things:
    Relationships Socializing Science Business/career Family Health Bad habits & addictions Bad cultural conditioning like sexism or racism Embodiment of unconditional love Old childhood traumas Ethical behavior