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  1. Stage Green communities around the globe!
    Stage Green communities around the globe!
    I've been compiling a list of Stage Green (or higher) communities ranging from eco villages to spiritual ashrams. Please add any to the list and share about your experiences.
    Tamera Peace Project, Portugal 
    Mooji Ashram, Portugal 
    Findhorn, UK
    Auroville, India
    Osho Ashram, Poona, India
    Amma Ashram, Southern India
    Sadhguru Ashram, India
    Plum Village, France
    InanItah, Nicaragua 
    Momentum Collective, Central America
    Hridaya Yoga, France & Mexico
    Hridaya Family, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico
    Refugio Terraza de la Tierra, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Tribal Village, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 
    Krishna Village, Australia 
    Osho Risk, Denmark
    Karme-Choling, VT
    Monastic Academy, VT
    Possibility Alliance, Maine
    Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, Missouri 
    Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA
    The Abode of the Message, NY
    Yogaville, Virginia 
    Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas
    Angsbacka, Sweden 
    Future Thinkers Smart Village, Canada 
    Anuttara Ashram, Canada 
    Sadhguru Ashram, Tennessee 
    Arcosanti, Arizona
    Lama Foundation, New Mexico 
    Osho Afros, Greece
    Punta Mona Center, Costa Rica
    Finca Mia, Costa Rica
    PachaMama, Costa Rica
    Shunyamurti Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica

  2. Binaural sounds and supplements to deepen LSD trips
    Binaural sounds and supplements to deepen LSD trips
    To be honest I found those binaural beats on torrent sites, but after some time I was so grateful that I went to buy some of their other products.
    The Wim hof method during a trip is so amazing! The breathing during the peak makes the experience stronger while having a relaxing effect. Very efficient way to get the ego out of the way. In the middle of the come up, I always take a 5 minutes cold shower or longer until I am really shaking (and usually crying and/or laughing), then a long warm shower, to finish with 1 min of cold. It is amazing my friend ! Also a great way to break a bad trip.

  3. Binaural sounds and supplements to deepen LSD trips
    Binaural sounds and supplements to deepen LSD trips
    Hello guys,
    If you do LSD trips please try with this binaural sound! it's amazing! I had so many ego death experiences using this technology.
    There are also different plants and supplements that you can use to have a stronger/deeper experience. For instance:
    https://www.onatera.com/produit-stabilium-200-90-capsules-yalacta,129.html (10-20 pills at the peak. Especially the first time I did that was incredible) 
    https://www.cocooncenter.co.uk/naturland-organic-relaxation-complex-90-tablets/16889.html 10-15 pills at the beginning. 
    hawthorn is also great to lower physical anxiety (about 3-5 pills), but don't take too much or it sort of kills the trip. 
    Valerian is great to improve a "bad trip" without killing it, so I always have some ready just in case. If you want to try a very large dose of LSD, a large dose of valerian (5-10 pills) really takes the edge of and you can still have a deep ego death experience. However I prefer not to use it because I can't focus my consciousness on itself when I do (which is how I experience the deepest awakenings).
    Holy basil and reishi also make the experience stronger. I only took them before sleep the day before the trip up until now, but still it made the experience stronger.

  4. How to deal with feeling sad and sorry for other people?
    How to deal with feeling sad and sorry for other people?
    @BlackMaze Feel deeper into it. Embrace the sadness. The ignorance of others is something you need to embrace as part of yourself and the existential tragedy of reality.
    This sadness has deep spiritual significance. You, as God, must realize that even God cannot save a devil who refuses your help. And to love that devil in the face of that is the highest Love!
    You haven't mastered Love until you've learned to love ignorance in all its many and ugly forms.

  5. I thought I was crazy!!!!!
    I thought I was crazy!!!!!
    @Alex Jones Yeah... fools will definitely gaslight you if you take the route of wisdom. So steel yourself against that. You need to become very internally grounded in your truth, intuition, and vision. Don't let societal group-think tell you what is right.

  6. A Race for Love
    A Race for Love
    here is what osho says 

  7. A Race for Love
    A Race for Love
    Ever since I've glimpsed Love, it's the most amazing thing I've ever come across. I feel like I have more Love in my heart, but still not enough. Why is that? 
    Is that what was meant by saying that life is a race for love? 
    Because look, if I feel like there's not enough Love, whether I'm not loving myself or others enough, I'm (at least seemingly) in discord with Love, because I don't love my lack of Love. Ok, so the answer to overcoming that is obviously "that's okay too, loving your lack of Love is the solution".
    So if it's a race, isn't that an "infinite lack" of Love that must be resolved with "more" Love?
    How then can there be such a race in the first place? And why is everything else silliness? Aren't collecting shoelaces and fear part of that race as well?
    @Leo Gura Thank you for that video, it's my absolute favorite. Keep making videos on Love, you're amazing❤

  8. Leo's videos are having an impact and not sure what to make of it
    Leo's videos are having an impact and not sure what to make of it
    Of course it's normal. You're just a baby and you're just starting to learn how deceptive and illusory reality is.
    Existential crises are an acquired taste.
    Try to enjoy the process of inquiring into reality. It's not supposed to be a negative thing. Reality is a wondrous thing to contemplate and explore. Frame it as exploration. When I was your age I was doing philosophy and I loved it. Stop trying to reach some ultimate destination and enjoy the journey. This shouldn't be too hard since you're an INTP so you should love this stuff.

  9. How to remember what you read in a book?
    How to remember what you read in a book?
    You don't need to remember the details.
    Underline every book as you read it, then you can quickly re-read a book within 20 mins just by reading the underlined parts -- if you need to refresh your memory. Underlining is crucial and it takes way less time than taking notes.

  10. [Course/Program] Integral Life Practice Kit - Ken Wilber, Integral
    [Course/Program] Integral Life Practice Kit - Ken Wilber, Integral
    For those of you who are interested in Ken Wilber's Integral Theory - most of his books/body of work is highly theoretical and descriptive. This program is supposed to offer a practical component to his integral theory. 
    It was originally released in 2006 (5 DVDs, 2 CDs, 3 booklets) but is available online (details below). 
    In 2008 they turned the program into book format with: Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening
    Here is an excerpt from the book that also applies to the Integral Life Practice Kit:
    There are 4 main components/modules to the program:
    The Body Module - which has 3 components - gross body (developed through physical exercise), subtle body (developed through "energetic" exercise - yoga/breath work, etc) and causal body (developed through awareness/meditation practices) The Spirit Module - the spiritual/consciousness work component The Mind Module - the practice of increasing the capacity to take more nuanced, complex, and accurate perspectives and organizing them through the AQAL Integral Framework - you could call it the cognitive/mental component The Shadow Module - psychotherapy, shadow work, and practices that address emotional mastery. Now these aren't techniques or practices, they could be described more like actionable areas of human growth and development. They teach that there are many different practices/techniques/stuff that you can do that address one or more of these four large areas (I will attach a picture where you can see some examples), but they claim that each of these four main areas have to be worked at in order for individuals to develop integrally.

    I cannot offer a rating yet as I'm still in the middle of integrating the modules myself, but I find the whole concept very interesting and intuitive. 
    The course itself can be accessed on the internet by following this link I found on Google while looking up details regarding the course: https://s3.amazonaws.com/integral-life-landing-pages/ILPpromo/ILPpromo_download.html
    I am not sure why or how this is free. I am not sure if this is "piracy". If that is the case, let me know and I will remove it. Again, I found it on the first page of Google results while looking up the course itself. I tried looking up the main site and it seems to be some sort of Amazon storage site? The course itself is a bit dated (I know that Ken Wilber has a new one called Superhuman OS), so maybe they gave up on it or forgot to make it inaccessible? That would be pretty funny. Maybe someone can look into it and let me know. Whichever the case, it's worth checking out. 

  11. The ekaH Yoga Course by Sri Ramana Devi [10/10]
    The ekaH Yoga Course by Sri Ramana Devi [10/10]
    The ekaH Yoga Course by Sri Ramana Devi
    "Sri Ramana’s ekah Yoga provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the major concepts and practices contained within Advaita Vedanta. The concepts and practices are introduced in a way that is simple and clear and are made accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject."
    This online course provides you with the teachings of Yoga created by Sri Ramana Devi. Sri Ramana Devi is a guru of the Hindu Advaita Vedanta tradition. The course teaches the basics of Advaita Vedant philosophy as well as the practices witch lead an individual to Self-Realization.
    The course is free. It starts of with a conversation with a trained teacher of ekaH Yoga, who will guide the individual through the course. The requirements to finishing the course are returning written answers and returning recordings of practices being implemented.
    I personally have benefited very much from this course. The ekaH Yoga is a very comprehensive system, including the four Yogas: Raja Yoga (develops concentration), Jnana Yoga (purifies the mind), Bhakti Yoga (purifies the heart) and Karma Yoga (purifies the actions).
    The big change it had on my life was the introduction of a heart-based (bhakti) practice, which really filled a hole in me, that I was unsuccessfully trying to stuff with all kinds of hedonism before.
    I cannot recommend this teaching enough!

  12. I awakened today and I don't want to go deeper
    I awakened today and I don't want to go deeper
    @Gabith Give it time, you'll get over it.

  13. How The Hell Do I Do Shadow Work?
    How The Hell Do I Do Shadow Work?
    I recall a 3-2-1 Shadow Process from Ken Wilber's book on Integral Life Practice.
    It goes like this.
    Step 1 : Think of something that triggers you emotionally negatively or something you see as an ideal that makes you too controlling or overpassionate about something. It could be a literal person in your life or it could be a part of yourself. It could be a person who keeps showing up in your dreams or someone you anxiously imagine like strangers laughing at you.
    Step 2 : Use third person words to describe your shadow. He, she, it and they. Make it as long as you need to.
    Ex. They are controlling. They are angry. Etc.
    Step 3 : Use second person words to describe your shadow. Ask it questions as if you are directly speaking to them and imagine what it would say. Make it as long as you need to. Who are you? What are you? Where do you come from? What do you want me to do? What is your gift to me? Or any other question you might want to.
    Ex. "Who are you?" "I'm the part of you that wants you to stand up for yourself." Etc.
    Step 4 : Use first person words to describe your view on this Shadow. Not only as a separate person, but as someone that's a part of you. Make it as long as you need to.
    Ex. "I'm angry! I want to control! I want to stop the bullshit people work on me all this time!" Etc.
    It could also be a regular everyday practice as well if you want to work on this in the long term.

  14. Leo meme
    Leo meme
    leo meme contest for the lulz

  15. Leo meme
    Leo meme

  16. Leo... Holy F*ck!
    Leo... Holy F*ck!
    Okay so this is basically a trip report of my first breakthrough trip but also to clear some confusion I have now that I'm back to being a human lol. I'm skipping lots of the usual technical details and getting more to the point.
    Took a 2,5g dosage of shrooms last Saturday. Consumed them raw. Preparation, set and settings were all more than by the book, like always when I trip. Walk in the nature and extra meditation was added in the preparation set. I tripped home alone on my bed.
    So I go to this trip with a contemplation of ''What is reality and existence really?''. I was really well prepared myself for letting go of everything and anything even  when my life is threatened. I had no expectations.
    First of all. I now know that there really is no point posting this because I know I'm writing this to myself. But because I'm still a human being and for the sake of
    playing this human game here, let's do it.
    So the come up was really euphoric. The most euphoria I'v ever felt in my life. But that's not the highlight of this trip. The highlight is the experience I started
    to merge into after maybe 1-1,5h after consuming the shrooms. There was lots of paradoxical shit going on I can't describe or even remember well enough, even though I can kind of feel some of that profundity even now when thinking back to the experience. But what I can descripe is that I forgot myself totally and became kind of a particle or an atom dancing in some sort of emptiness... There seemed to be like infinity amount of those particles and I was one of them. Soon those particles started to merge and they formed a strange loopy circle that kept circling. I saw that circle to be ME. That circle soon started to shoot probes. It shot all kinds of probes and I just watched it doing it (seeing it as me) until I took a perspective of one of those probes. The probe was shot I don't know where and how fast but the end of the travel for that probe was the moment I opened my eyes. Then I realized how I created my human self to be right where it was. There was lots of other stuff going on at the same time but can't really understand it enough to put it in words, but while I was having that experience I understood EVERYTHING I needed to understand. Absolutely everything made sense... There was nothing else to do but be what I was. I also realized I had shot every other probe as well. Everyone and everything that could possible be. Everything we can conceptually think of. I knew I did that for the sake of doing something because there was nothing else to do. Otherwise I would've been dancing with the atoms for eternity. During the trip I just kept laughing and yelling something like ''OF COURSE... IT'S SO FUCKING OBVIOUS!!'' and ''WOOOOW... WOOOOW...WOOOOW'' and ''HOOOOLY FUUUCK''. When I realized that oneness it felt sooo strange because I've always kept that possibility conceptually possible and thought that I kind of get it what it means but when it hit me it was so much different but also so true.
    There were two funny things that happened while having this amazing realization. The first is after coming back from the first phase I was exited to go tell about this to everyone until I realized that there is no point in doing that. Others are me. Only difference between me and others is that they are currently playing like they don't know who or what they are, because I have wanted them to do that. The second thing is that I had my blindfold and earbuds right next to me, because prior the trip I decided I would like to trip with those things on at some point. After coming back from one of the phases I turned my head to see those things on my bed table and started laughing like hell, because I realized that it wouldn't have any difference whatsoever whether I used those or not. My human body was secondary. I anyway took those and put them on for the sake of fun and I just kept laughing and laughing because it felt so stupid and useless and the act of putting those things on that human body felt weird and it amused me A LOT! After having that exact same experience for some time with those things on I just laughed and threw them away lol.
    I realized that there is nothing that SHOULD be done as a human being. It makes absolutely zero difference what I do or who I am as a human being. Everything is perfect no matter what happens. That all from the ultimate point of view of course.
    I also didn't feel any need to write this experience down. It felt useless after the trip and even today to some point. Everything about keeping a journal and writing things down felt useless and stupid. Language is nothing compared to that experience. But then I thought that it might be wise because I'm still still a human being on his spiritual journey on earth even after that experience.
    One thing I'm a bit confused of is that I realized that there is no point for me to do psychedelics anymore, at least higher doses or stronger substances. I felt I really got the message and there is no more truth I need. I thought that if I wanted more, it would be for my ego, and because ego is an illusion, that might probably end up being a bad trip. But now that I'm down and back from the high my interest towards psychedelics has arrived again. I feel I want to go deeper to that experience, even the wisdom back then said different. I certainly did not experience all the phenomenon that I've read and heard of, so that way my rational ego mind thinks that maybe I should still go deeper with them. I don't know. I'm anyway really confident that there is MUUUUCH more because those substances already showed me something I couldn't rationally expect, but still I don't have the same curiosity towards that than I had before.
    I'm also not sure if I experienced ego death at all or if that's even necessary. I forgot my human body totally during the trip but I didn't go through a phase where I really gave my life away and died. But according to that experience there is no need for even that anymore. That got me thinking that now maybe it all boils down to my ego's curiosity and how much my ego wants to understand these deep phenomenon. Anyway I remember having a feeling that I if did any more or go any deeper I could lose myself totally.
    After that trip I've been pretty much the same but more calm and loose. Haven't been so serious. I really didn't have much urge to write this or post this but decided to do it just for the sake of doing it and for the sake of maybe getting some interesting answers, even I really don't care whether this is even noticed, because deep down I know the answers all ALL within me. 
    I'm actually quite surprised how little I took from that experience to my being. I mean I feel kind of more at ease but after coming down from the trip I was sure my life is gonna change radically because that message was so strong. Now I'm pretty much the same human with all the same personal data than before.
    Well, one thing in my awareness I notice is slightly changed. Being feels more like a dream. In dreams I feel this kind of a fabric structure. Now I feel that in my awake time too to a certain point.
    One last thing I'm a bit confused of is that I've lost my motivation to meditate. I've been doing clean and simple meditation daily for the last 2 years (with one 2 month break caused by a romantic relationship) and now I really don't have motivation to do that anymore. The reason I started meditating in the first place -- when I still did it only here an there -- was because nobody in my circles did that and I felt that  there is something valuable paradoxical good stuff that could come from that. Then soon the motivation morphed into wanting to really understand existence and life deeply and then I decided to commit to it. I think that now that I've grasped the truth I really got what I was looking for even from meditation. Now I've skipped days first time in a year and don't even feel bad about it like I did before.
    It's been a week now from the experience and I can't grasp the profundity of it rationally. I'm fine with not grasping it because I do understand paradoxes. but here and there I still try to grasp it anyway. Maybe to get something tangible from it to my human life.
    One advice I would probably give to someone who's into spirituality and is interested in psychedelics but haven't tried them yer; do the necessary psychological clearing work on yourself first! One reason I think it was possible for me to have this strong experience on such a low dose is that I've done lot's of work on myself and my life. I've cut through lots of false beliefs and released myself from being a slave to any paradigm or one perspective. I've made my life pretty clean and that has given me a chance to approach psychedelic experiences with minimum self-bias. Of course I have my own flaws and biases but I think I'm relatively conscious of them enough to let go of them when needed to.
    That's it. Love you all!

  17. How do I cultivate a healthy stage red
    How do I cultivate a healthy stage red
    Demanding Respect
    Free from shame
    Boundary setting
    Healthy anger
    a list i made of what i consider healthy Red traits

  18. Help with Metta (Loving-kindness) meditation
    Help with Metta (Loving-kindness) meditation
    Been doing daily loving-kindness meditation towards 4 different individuals since October 2019. Now having difficulty with finding individuals I have conflict/distress with since they are not in my life anymore or I do not have "negative" emotions towards those individuals any longer. What to do about this?
    To solve this issue, I have just targeted my loving-kindness to 2 individuals I do not know well, but meet occasionally - "neutral" individuals.
    I picture the individual extremely happy and try to feel their happiness in my heart as I do metta meditation. Would it be better to picture their faces in my mind as I repeat the loving-kindness phrases towards them and try to feel their happiness in my heart?
    I use Insight Timer with an unguided timer of 25 minutes. Usually standing, eyes closed.
    My daily metta practice:
    First I select a close individual and repeat the following phrases in my head:
    "May (name) be safe."
    "May (name) be well."
    "May (name) be free of suffering."
    I picture the individual extremely happy and feel the meaning of the phrases in my heart. I meditate for about 5 minutes repeating these phrases (ofc NOT looking at the timer) for each individual.
    Next, I continue on myself. I repeat the same phrases towards myself for about 5 minutes.
    Then I continue on a neutral individual, which is usually an individual I meet perhaps once a month or once a year. Again 5 minutes.
    Lastly, I try to find an individual I have conflict with. I find this extremely difficult now, since I feel I have let go of all the pain I have felt towards those individuals I used to have "negative" emotions towards. Any tips? Another 5 minutes for this individual.
    Yes, as calculated, this is a total of 20 minutes, but usually as I don't open my eyes and look at the timer, I usually meditate longer for each individual and eventually the metta meditation session lasts for 25 minutes.

  19. How to dig for childhood trauma?
    How to dig for childhood trauma?
    Multiple approaches is adviced:
    Start with schematherapy.
    Then CBT.
    Then EMDR to finish off.

  20. Most Unconventional Advice You’ve Ever Got?
    Most Unconventional Advice You’ve Ever Got?
    To radically ignore what everyone else is doing and saying and extremely focus on doing one thing that is the most beneficial and effective for you

  21. A Powerful Shadow Work Technique
    A Powerful Shadow Work Technique
    Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott is a powerful shadow work technique that can help you quickly shift the challenging situations of your life.
    I have written a detailed post under Self-Help Product & Book Reviews. I hope this doesn't violate forum rules. I just don't want anyone to miss this amazing work.
    Here it is:

  22. Fapping even while no urges
    Fapping even while no urges
    Today I realised that I fap once or twice a day even when I have urge or craving. I think I feel mild urges, but I am not sure of that.
    Anyways, I do fap even If I don't feel a strong craving. What's happening? Am I just doing it bcoz I am in the same environment? Or the need to fap is triggered because of boredom or stress?
    And I also have a feeling that If I don't fap or stay nofap for a longer time I lose my memory, that I would forget things I've done during the period of nofap.
    Please clarify my doubts. Thanks!
    I was into holotropic breathing and once I felt that doing it reduced my degree of craving(less stronger than usual) but I'm not sure whether the breathing process solved my problem to some extent. Doing it will surely help in the long run?

  23. How The Hell Do I Do Shadow Work?
    How The Hell Do I Do Shadow Work?
    When Leo did his contemplation video, I actually started contemplating my own Shadow. It was, and still is, very helpful.
    The general rule of thumb I have is: if I don't like it, it's in my Shadow. 
    And, really, just becoming aware of what's in my Shadow was enough. I didn't even have to try to start liking these things. 

  24. Realized I am God, consciousnesses and I am FREAKING OUT. Where is LOVE? help?
    Realized I am God, consciousnesses and I am FREAKING OUT. Where is LOVE? help?
    The key is recognizing this is still the activity of the mind, or, ‘the thinker thinking’ facade, and being so transparent in feeling, as to recognize you actually love this entire experience, this metadventure of reality discovery you’re having, just as it is. Here’s some meditations that can help in letting go and reorienting to the source of feeling...
    Seeing Yourself With Love
    Emotional Awareness Meditation
    Self Inquiry
    And don’t forget the most fundamental obvious ‘practice’ of all...loving. Today. Like, now. 

  25. How To Realize Infinite Love??
    How To Realize Infinite Love??
    @r0ckyreed Have you tried having a certain attitude towards life?
    Such as developing humility for yourself, developing genuine love for other beings, developing gratitude for what you have? Compassion and desire to help others? Awe for nature? Compassion and love for insects and animals? Joy for a creative art like playing a musical instrument?