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  1. 32 minutes ago, itsadistraction said:

    @PurpleTree @PurpleTree

    Seriously though you are severely limiting yourself. Humans relay on words to build connections. Don't you enjoy talking with your friends?

    If you don't like small talk go straight for the deep stuff. They will appreciate the novelty of it. Or find people who don't like talking so much. 

    Talking and enjoying it is a skill like any other. 

    Sometimes. But only if i‘m really in the mood and find the converstation somewhat interesting. I know a guy who stopped talking altogether. Hasn’t said a word in years.

  2. 14 hours ago, WonderSeeker said:

    Ya typical rejections mean nothing to me anymore. In fact some of them make me genuinely lol

    The only times it hurts is when chode guy friends jump in and talk shit or if I realize I said/did something super cringe even tho I knew it was wrong. 95% of people just go out with the same social circle so when they see a guy with balls approach their female friend, they shit talk him; what's really going on there is they're triggered cuz they would never have the balls to do it and so they feel that hurling insults will make them superior. Anyway...


    ok that's great. i mean it could also have been that you get traumatised or re-traumatised from certain situations and end up worse than before

  3. Just now, deamordeamar said:

    @OBEler @PurpleTree

    I have no excuses. It was my mistake due to my foolishness and lack of patience to study more about this substance. Only yesterday, I realized what I had done. In the YouTube video I watched, it said 150mg, and I understood 1.5g. Effectively, I confused the measurement. 

    Noooooo 😵

    well good luck you got this

    maybe take some 5htp ( not for a long time though) and vitamins to replenish your system

  4. 27 minutes ago, deamordeamar said:

    @Razard86 @Vincent S @Breakingthewall @Verg0

    This discussion has helped me enormously!

    I took MDMA cristals for the first time in my life 5 days ago (1g) and 4 days ago (1.5g), and it's incredible that you @Verg0 wrote about it because I'm currently in the biggest crisis of my life.

    The first time I took it was blissful. The second time was good in the beginning, but then it got pretty worse for several hours (Physically, I felt like I had no breath. I had to drink some water every 1 minute for an hour maybe. I had to keep my jaw with my hands because I felt that the lower one would go away, and my brain felt very hot. Oh, I know it was foolish what I've done. It doesn’ even matter how the trip was from other points of view. But I’m currently learning some powerful leassons as @Razard86 said.)

    Now I feel my brain and heart are terribly ill. My main concern is to not damage something permanently about my physical health.

    You won't believe how much this discussion means to me. It gives me a lot of hope. I didn't know that the effects could last so many days. I'm not near my baseline. Last night I experienced something very strange. Nearly 10 times I slept and then woke up and had very powerful and vivid dreams, which I could almost control pretty well. I have never dreamt that way.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar and fully recovered? It's like a current goes through my brain from time to time, and I have some kind of pulsation and tension in my brain. In the dark, I still don't see clearly, and I feel the need to take deep breaths regularly. But I’m starting to feel better every day. 

    Thank you! I hope you are doing well.

    Why did you take so much? 1 and 1.5g?

    130 mg should be enough

  5. 48 minutes ago, Someone here said:

    @PurpleTree expose yourself to new experiences.  Can you travel to a different country? 

    I just came back from 6 months travelling to new countries

    i mean what feels mostly dumb and useless ( also annoying) is all these concepts, ideas etc


    2 hours ago, Sugarcoat said:

    I like how you included exact threads that’s funny to me 😂