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  1. So 30minutes ago i‘m just strutting around, minding my business

    A guy on the street stops me and says in English „you are a lucky man“

    so i listen for a few minutes, he asks me about meditation, god and he says two women are thinking about me, the shorter woman is bad luck and with her i would have a shorter life.

    he gives me a paper and asks me about numbers.

    then he says „put the paper here and also money“ i just had the equivalent of one dollar/euro in coins. He said put paper money also. I said i don‘t have.

    He said you are stingy and you won‘t be lucky 🥲 I just said „i‘m sorry bro and touched his shoulder and walked away“

     i hope he didn‘t curse me.

  2. 1 hour ago, Buck Edwards said:

    If you aren't comfortable with something, always be man enough to ssay that to your girlfriend. If  she cannot respect what you want, she cannot be your girlfriend. 

    Assert your boundaries. It's not about wrong or right, you're not writing a thesis on morality. It's about what you personally like or don't.

    How can you get comfortable with something if you don’t try and practice it though? Or should you just get comfortable with the idea before you try it?

  3. 19 hours ago, kamwalker said:

    Yeah shrooms basically make you feel like shit for the first 1-2 hours and you're asking yourself why you even did them, and then once you've worked through the tough part the euphoria and bliss kicks in. Not every time though. But when it does I'm like why the hell do I bother with MDMA?! This shit works and feels better and I can grow it in my house 

    Hehe yea it’s wild. In the bad phase i regret it so much that i took them. Nooo not again the shrooms have tricked me into taking them and now i’m trapped forever. But then the blissful part is amazing

  4. 29 minutes ago, strika said:

    I don't get what you mean when you say "mess" with your sleep, do you mean you sleep less or the sleep itself is bad? Because i sleep 4 hours a day because of all the energy but it's quality sleep, it feels natural, of course this is because of Brahmacharya, before it i used to sleep 7-8 hours and i assume with years i will naturally get to 2-3 hours of sleep, but even 4 is great for me cause i have like 20 hours a day which is great for me, more time for daily life

    Yea i feel like i can‘t get to deep sleep with these things. Just mostly toss and turn and mind going like a caroussel

  5. 39 minutes ago, strika said:

    I get what you mean but no, diet is much more subjective and depends more on an individual than Brahmacharya, Brahmacharya is an universal tool that's objectively the best tool every human can access for getting the most possible bliss/happiness/pleasure out of life, diet depends more on the genetics, saving sexual energy absolutely doesn't

    I‘ve tried a bit sr years ago for chronic fatigue, anxiety etc. It does help a bit but it also messes with my sleep a lot. Many things mess with my sleep like keto, taking zinc, microdosing. And if i don‘t get my sleep i‘m useless