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  1. Just now, vibv said:

    You can experience all of them, but they remain a mystery. They are all part of the greater mystery... that is you.

    But you can explore and understand all of those phenomena in arbitrary great detail. You're in fact eternally exploring yourself.

    Sure but ultimately as you said it‘s a mistery you can’t truly know it, it’s unknowable 

  2. 5 minutes ago, vibv said:

    Wrong. Do you know your body? You may not know how it works exactly on a conceptual level, but you can become directly aware of it.

    Do you know the color red? Do you know what a rose smells like? Do you know what a piano sounds like? Do you know how it feels when you're in love? Do you know what sadness feels like? Different kinds of sadness? Different kinds of love? A joyful summer day? A gloomy winter night?

    There are a lot of things to become aware of ;) 

    I know what you mean by those things, but today i still feel those „things“ are unknowable

  3. You know what‘s sad i don‘t only freeze before approaching

    one time there was this woman, beautiful girl. And she was kind of into me, at least she didn‘t mind me. One of my friends tried approaching her one time and she just asked „where‘s pupletree?“ 


    anyways so a few weeks later i saw her with her friends and she was smiling at me, and i just froze then and there, even if it wasn‘t the approaching phase. 

    i couldn‘t even smile back 🦆


  4. It’s funny you know at the night of the day i had my encounter with the fortune teller he visited me at night in my half sleep. It was a bit scary. He looked a bit like Osho too and also had those big eyes. He tried to stare me down so we had a staring contest. And you guys would have been proud. I think i did well in the staring contest so he left. But the next day i went to the market and bought a hand of fatima ear ring as protection just to be safer. 🦆