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  1. This is an issue everywhere in the developed workd but here the example of china.

    young people can’t afford children. From housing/property prices to education etc. 


    one guy in the vid said

    ”back in the day chinese were desperate to have children but the govt didn’t allow them, now the govt is trying everything to get people to have children but people not having them they’re not even getting married. They say in the animal world when animals living conditions deteriorate, animals stop reproducing “


  2. walked by a pro palestine protest few days ago by accident

    i don‘t know how i feel about the chants

    “free free palestine“ ok yea that one is kind of lame

    “from the river to the sea palestine will be free“

    not sure how i feel about that one

    “viva viva palestina“

    ^this one is a bit catchy

    but it’s kind of lame that even in my non english speaking country they use these copy pasted english woke slogans

    not impressed