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  1. 2 minutes ago, PataFoiFoi said:

    That might be accomplished but my real problem is trying to understand why misery, suffering and  hardships are prevailing in ones life

    Only you can become conscious of that. But my take is this, the human mind can get itself in a very twisted mode of functioning due to trauma, lack of self understand and lack of love that has taking place in your entire life. So its a difficult, humbling and very hard process to undergoe. Either you try to find your happiness and motivations in mundane things like the rest of the population or you take the journey inwards. Your choice. 

  2. 1 minute ago, PataFoiFoi said:

    @PeaceOut96 ahh man thats a really tough pill to swallow. I am aware that most things or life in general cant be controlled u just have to accept anything that comes along the way and got no choice but to accept it. Saddening but i have no choice.

    I know its super humbling to the ego. But the ego have never been in control. You need to move past that and the only reason for your diffucultity of acceptning this is probaly your desire and the sadness of the failed dream you had. Its okay, you will get the Love back, but let go of whatever dreams, desires and hopes you had in your ego. 

  3. @PataFoiFoi

    You need to examine the cause of your mental decline and burnout and on the same time take it super easy, and truly be good towards yourself. In the end you are the only one that can do it, no one can do it for you. They can help, pin point etc. But its all your Consciousness in the end. So do whatever is necessary to rise again, only this time you throw all the garbage out that you have being filling your mind. Be yourself and shine. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Breakingthewall said:


    my opinion (which may be wrong but since you ask for it I give it) what happens to you is that you have been swimming against the current. You have made the archetype of entrepreneurial success yours, and you have wanted to materialize your ideal, when you have not really looked within yourself to know what your path really is. you have played a game that is not yours and nothing has flowed. My advice is to stop, stop thinking, forget about the future. Look inside, discover who you are. do meditation retreats, whatever it takes, the time that's necessary. 


    This ^^

  5. @PataFoiFoi

    I know exactly what you mean. Think of it as this. Its all inpersonal. Your body-mind and how it functions have never been in your hands, so don't be hard on yourself. Its karma, its something wether you want it or not that you have to go trough. My best advice is Surrender. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to heal or better yourself, but just surrender to the flow of Life. And don't go down the path of suicide. 


    "Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent."

    Ramana Maharshi

  6. @OldManCorcoran

    Yeah once you come out of these High States and back to the default stuck state it seems like a distant memory. You're not even sure what happened, how Consciousness works etc. I have some points about that. Firstly off course by you being human you are limited by default, we are speaking about the mechanics of how reality works, its to much Information from the Source. Consciousness is Life. Every state is important, every experience you have and what it means to be you is part of God/Infinity, that why your ego can't will itself to a high state out of thin air, the paradox is its Your Will already, taking 5-Meo, meditating, doing yoga over severals years with no guarantes of what happens in the next moment. That the profoundity of this, and it could be no other way. Absolutly Perfect, Pure Beauty!  

    But notice you're still able to recall your experiences! You are still able to understand. Thats the beauty of this work. Thats why Leo's probably still triping. Like 300 trips and there is always place to a "higher" more clean and crystalized understanding . And there ways to trip to get the correct understanding, this work requires Intelligence, care and the ability to spot self deception. 

    After 2,5 years of integration I am able to understand my highest trips, and its always unfolding to become more clean. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Mikesinfinity said:

    Well, you came here instantly trying to educate, not just me, instead of talking about your own experience like others here. That was what I asked about. It's like I'm asking people about how they experience a certain ice cream flavour and instead of answering that you start talking about my experience of the ice cream flavour and how wrong it is.

    There seems to be hell of a lot of teachers here. Like one big afterwork gathering of enlightenment teachers. If you conceive of yourself that way, chill a bit with your approach and listen to your students more carefully. 

    If you wanna talk about how you relate to your own direct experience and identity I'd be happy to hear you out.

    There is no me and you. Thats my experience. And also I am conscious of how my inner is influecing the outer and vice versa. Its constant. There is no control, but the mind always wants to control, and make the best effort to get the best result. So I am learning on a personal level just to be me and let go. Be in a flow with Life. 

  8. Just now, Yimpa said:

    I may still be thinking, but to be fair you also didn’t answer my questions.

    Lets try again. You trying to figure it out with your mind, you can't. It doesn't matter if you think you're your body-mind, but than you have to submit to the rules of this game. 

    I am God is not a belief. Its a state, a  realization and a recognition. You're aware, do you need to think you're aware? No. You're Consciousness always, do you need to put beliefs and meaningless thoughts to that Truth? No. 

  9. 21 minutes ago, Yimpa said:

    I suspect that it actually doesn’t matter if you are the ego or not. Even if you believed you were the ego, does it really help if you change your belief from “I am not the ego” to “I am God”? 

    Furthermore, what is there to let go of and why does it matter whether or not someone fools God?

    Its beyond belief. Thats the problem with langauge. You're still thinking and you are stuck at that level of consciousness. All my words are pointing backwards. Look back.

    It matters because your human mind is always serving itself, and the Universe operates at Selflessness, and God is your entire field of Consciousness. It is You, but you are stuck at a certain level, partly because you're human, but mostly because you are probably stuck at the ego-consciousness level, and you can go much higher while still being in this human. Don't hold my words in too high regards I am just making assumptions about your level of consciousness.  

  10. 3 minutes ago, Mikesinfinity said:


    I didn’t mean it that way. You’re the one placing emphasis on the people/folks wording.

    I feel like this is a recurring theme on this forum where meaning or a conclusion is being projected onto what I write or ask and then there is a response in relation to that conclusion. It’s like asking someone a question but it gets interpreted so far from my original intention that when I get the answer it’s like watching the other having a monologue with himself.

    I don’t really care about how things are said. I mean, we’re using language here and I gotta direct my question somehow. What I’m asking about is how experience is related to and also about identity from what we call an awakened state, no matter ”who” seem to have it. Maybe you’re playing games yourself.

    My bad, was too quick. Yeah off course you can discuss relativly how it feels like. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Yimpa said:

    Apparently the ego is imaginary. If that’s the case, then how do I remove myself?


    You are not it. You are not the "ego" its your body-minds operating system. A tool for survival. You are God. You are Consciousness. You stop identifiying with it. But it is a deep and long process, and everyone is different. You need to let go of everything, there is no way you can fool God, every emotion, desire, trauma everything needs to come to the surface. 

  12. 23 hours ago, CARDOZZO said:


    I personally don't know if people really know what they are pursuing aka Truth.

    Maybe they'll become sad that Truth, Enlightenment and Awakening will not get you laid or rich.


    Its all a big joke. The ego thinks that by reaching a spiritual state it would get all that it desires, only for it to realize that it needs to remove itself to get all it ever wanted. It can't be putted to words directly but the ego is part of the game, what kind of ego you have and all that you desire to get are almost in way programmed, through childhood and early teenages years. If you get what you desire or if you do not get it, the Truth is it will not fufill you, it will not complete you. The wisest thing is to get out of this game, but its up for each person to realize.

  13. Absolute Solipsism is the case all others are You in that state it becomes clear, and you don't need to leave your body to the highest levels to realize it. It can be realized to many degrees while still being in your human form. Solopsism is clearly false, and again just an idea from the ego-mind who can't fathom the Absolute. Its a limited understanding even though it contains some truth in it. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Jowblob said:

    It's true, i pierced my heart to experience that. You're in your own mind absolutely alone, dreaming up everything

    Dude we got it you pierced your heart you're all alone. Its so good to be Alone, I don't get all the negativity of being Alone. Its super good. Its a paradox do you understand? For my journey its the realization that being Alone is actually the best thing. Like Leo said each of our journeys is for God to understand itself. At the highest Godhead level which I have also reached 2,5 years ago with LSD my whole life got revealed, why I was here and also what you are crying about constantly of the suffering God has because its all Alone. Its the sharing of Love between itself. It wants to get the illussion of sharing Love. This is also why! The best dream for God is this realization you and I both had and than being Awake while in form. Being selfless, "liberation" (which is also a dream still), end of karma etc. All give good meaning when you integrate your trip. Its the best of both worlds. Its my purpose, my reason for being here and maybe yours because you already have got this realization. 

  15. @Holykael

    Look firstly you contemplating this from your limited human mind, which is probably hurted and traumatized. That in itself is filled with fear, and you ask yourself how can God allow so much evil? The Love that is holding this reality is so big that if you became conscious of it and you came out of your limited mind, than you would realize that its all You. Its a game that God is playing with itself. I hear you, suffering seems evil, but it is only to make every form realize its true nature. Do you understand? Or would you like to stay in an illussion. The mind is a tricky beast, it can spin you in an infinite amount of illussions. The only one here suffering is the ego character that you are playing, and again as I said its only for you to realize your true nature. Love is light, its healing, its peace, its oneness, its divine. It is completeness. 

    The suffering will not stop until you realize who you are @Holykael, and its a process. Your ego mind would not learn otherwise. So your intention and your wisdom to look inwards towards yourself will determine "your" life. 

  16. 6 hours ago, r0ckyreed said:

    Post-Modernism is wrong because they deny the Objective/Absolute domain. They forget that Reality is Objective and not merely subjective.

    The Earth is a particular shape right now regardless of our feelings and beliefs about it. There are true and false answers relative to our state of consciousness. That is what the Post-Modernists and subjectivists get wrong.

    There is no subjectivity or objectivity. We are inside the Mind of God. In the end all human explaination is incomplete and cannot grasp Reality in its totality, including what I wrote above here. So don't take your beliefs to seriously. 

  17. @Holykael

    If your mind is attacking you, and you're in deep suffering. Than there is nothing "you" can do about it. Don't listen to anyone saying to go build your life etc. I know exactly what you are going trough. First of all I know you want to express your hurts and pain, but its counterproductive. The suffering doesn't go away when you're feeding the negativity more than necessary. So stop adding to your suffering and this is in your hands! Its probably for your own best that you couldn't get your hands on LSD, maybe the Universe is telling you that you need to go trough this fase in your life sober. Surrender your entire Life. What do you have to lose? Take it easy, meditate sometime without the intention of getting some where. If you can't meditate its no big deal, just go trough the motions of your life with CONSCIOUSNESS not like a robot. Act as if you're dead already. Holykeal is your character, its a role that you're playing, its not who you are in your core. Don't listen to your mind, its telling you lies constantly. Surrender to life with the intention of freedom, peace and love. Don't hurt anyone or yourself. Be kind to yourself, and when you experience uncomfortable states and strong negative emotions just realize it will pass. You're going through a purification process its okay. I have a lot more to say, but if you want more advice just write to me. 

  18. On 02/04/2023 at 4:44 AM, Vlad_ said:

    1. Am I capable to re-create myself into the same body only because the body wasn't damaged? (after ego death). 

    2. Is it possible for me to get to the point of no-return ?(will I ever loose my ability to imagine life?)

    3. What is going to happen after (if) my body dies? I'm ageing. 


    1. Everything is happening and is Your Will as God. The rules of this Game are set. What it means is that there is no special treatment for the ego that you are playing right now. 

    2. No. Being God is realizing that you are infinite creativity. Going on forever. With form or no form. At the highest level it seems as nothing is going on, and its clear that its all made of Consciousness. Its an ocean of Love. What I also understand from your question , is that if you merge in the Godhead would you be able to dream again? Yes off course, thats the journey. 

    3. Its a matter of perspective. The aging etc. has nothing to do You. Its just the movie playing out. If you're still in ego consciousness and you're still projecting deep inside the mind, than it feels like that its happening to you, but like I said "it has nothing to do with You! And you already know all of this @Vlad_ you have had awakenings. Like Leo said its all just fantasies.