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  1. A bit late to the party. I didn't get to it because I was travelling. So I slapped a lil something together today. Not too happy with how it sounds, and I wouldn't listen to it myself, but it was a fun process. So I might as well share it. @ivankiss Yeah.. sorry, didn't quite make the best out of your sample. Whatevs. ItWasFun.mp3
  2. In my experience, one way to go about it is through thinking - trying to "reach" the answer to your contemplation, by thinking about it. It can be useful, but imo it's not the best way to go about contemplation. The other way is to set an intention, let the intention go, empty your mind, have fun, and let the insight arise naturally. Suddenly, a thought will pop up, which will lead to an "aha-moment". Feels great and shows the magic of the receiving mode. The universe always communicates with you, you just gotta listen. You can listen while you're meditating, but listening is not exclusive to meditation. In a sense, everything is meditation. Put feeling first, choose perspectives which feel better to you, and focus on feeling good. One thought/perspective at a time. The rest takes care of itself.
  3. My fucking god, yes. "I" is fear of love.
  4. It's so beautiful It's all so beautiful. Only the ego wants to stay alive, die before you die, and spread the love. I don't get it. I can't grasp it. Love, so good that it literally kills you. Yet, here you are, wanting to stay alive. Might as well make the best of it!
  5. Welcome! In this self-actualization journal, I want to share some of my insights, thoughts and experiences along the journey. It will cover both self-actualization and self-transcendence. Building an awesome life; Discovering the awesomeness of Life. Let's see how things will pan out. Have fun while reading it!
  6. @Someone here I second that. I laughed for 40 minutes straight when I didn't know the answer to the question "What is an ego?". In that space, the question itself was so ridiculous that I absolutely couldn't hold it. My stomach hurt from laughing. That space is highly recommended.
  7. @PurpleTree I wouldn't expect the answer to your question to be a black or white one. It depends. Sometimes pushing yourself, as in letting the comfort zone go, is the way. Sometimes it isn't. Trial and error + feeling + introspecting is always the way; foolproof, when done with care and mindfulness. No one can answer the question, but you. This question is not about pushing yourself, but what you authentically want. Are you connected to the things you want? Do you know what you want? Do you know how you want to feel? And why is there a wanting in the first place? Is anything missing? This question cannot be answered in thought, as your ego will only distort it. Only actual, direct experience can truly tell you the secret. The secret is a secret because it is SO obvious. It hides in the obviousness. "Fucking forest! I can't see the goddamn trees! Where are they?!?"
  8. 😂 Yeah, that's an insanely bad recommendation if it's not coming from that place. If the feeling's right, you gotta pull through, though. No looking back, eyes wide open, and heart in flames. ❣️
  9. Nice citing from the bible. That's, like, really good.
  10. @Rubywoo Imo, relatively speaking, aligning with the love you are is the way to go. Align by listening to your emotional guidance system. What does truly feel good to you? By listening and following that guidance, we align with our true nature. I recommend listening to Abraham Hicks for that topic. Create your best dream life!
  11. Pretty sure that if you'd experience being Obama, you'd be Obama, not Javfly33. Javfly33 ain't Obama. The question sounds like a conflation of the relative with the absolute (not bashing against the question at all).
  12. I can't tell you what it is in particular, but it sounds like you're opening up, and become sensitive, to energy. Awareness and energy go hand in hand. These energetic phenomena come and go, I had lots of them too. Never fully figured out 'what' they were exactly, but it seemed like they always had a purpose.
  13. Transcending materialism means that it doesn't matter whether you're a billionaire or broke. Why would you care about that stuff? Obviously because you're attached to materialism. People fantasize a lot of BS about detachment. Detachment is being free of distinctions; towards unity. Detachment is non dual.
  14. Isn't it okay to feel sadness, as an expression of love? Must it be biased if it isn't 'love, as love' that you're feeling? @Natasha
  15. I suppose, in order to get the insights/answers we seek, we set the intention, then let the intention go, and then silence the mind to let the insights arise?
  16. Is it coming or anything planned yet? That'd be like a Marvel/DC Crossover. Epic.
  17. Dealing with emotions and aligning with the truth that you are. Inspired action, instead of acting out of belief and fear. Walking the planet with the intention of feeling good.
  18. I get your point. But also, Oprah invited teachers with profound teachings, such as Adyashanti or Esther Hicks. Many people, including me, are grateful to stumble upon such teachings. Be it mainstream or not.
  19. Hey y’all! Lately I’ve been getting inspired a lot. Subsequently, the idea of a mastery mega-thread came to mind. This could be a place full of inspiration, watching masters do what they can best. Quick recap on how to recognize mastery: Mastery resists definition, yet can be instantly recognized Brings rich rewards, yet is not really a goal or a destination but rather a process, a journey Achieves a special poignancy, where muscle, mind and spirit come together in graceful and purposive movements through time and space Mastery’s true face is relaxed and serene, sometimes faintly smiling Difficult tasks are managed somehow to create harmony where chaos might otherwise prevail Practice, the path of mastery, exists only in the present How to achieve mastery in any activity: Approach in a state of full awareness Conscious of everything happening around and within you Let this awareness extend to your own mental, physical, and emotional condition Perform all series of actions as ritual Feel the whole situation Attend carefully to all feelings and sensations surrounding your five senses This way of being will afford you many opportunities for practicing mastery Don’t downgrade things simply because they are common Everything can be high art Instead of focusing on getting behind things as quickly as possible, do them as a meditation If you choose this option, take a moment to compose yourself before beginning Maintain full awareness of each of your movements Avoid hasty shortcuts – above all, don’t hurry Rather than thinking about getting the job finished and going on to something else, stay wholly focused on the moment, on the task at hand This should give you a first idea on what mastery is and how it can be recognized. And even if you don’t know anything about mastery, there’s still something about it, that can be felt. So, feel free to share anything, where you can see mastery! This could be really exciting.
  20. Based af.
  21. Thank god! Otherwise we wouldn't get the teachings and messages, that each and every emotion delivers all the time. Ain't no better guidance than our emotions. 🙏🏼
  22. You. If psychoanalysis were a fancy sports car, and your psychoanalyst a shitty driver, then it doesn't matter how good the car is. If the driver sucks, you won't have a good ride. I wouldn't blame psychoanalysis, but I sure understand why you would. + I'd recommend fully expressing your thoughts and emotions about one topic at a time. That means you are free to blame everything and everyone - with the purpose of fully expressing the emotions which are connected to blame, in order to climb up the emotional scale. Don't blame only to stay with the blame. After you've fully expressed your blame, move to the next emotion which you are feeling. Moving to the next emotion means that you, again, fully express whatever you feel. Just expressing the blame will already make you feel better. But don't stop there. Go further, express more, and always reach for whatever is feeling better to you. Give it a try. It helped me a lot.