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  1. Pretty sure that if you'd experience being Obama, you'd be Obama, not Javfly33. Javfly33 ain't Obama. The question sounds like a conflation of the relative with the absolute (not bashing against the question at all).
  2. I can't tell you what it is in particular, but it sounds like you're opening up, and become sensitive, to energy. Awareness and energy go hand in hand. These energetic phenomena come and go, I had lots of them too. Never fully figured out 'what' they were exactly, but it seemed like they always had a purpose.
  3. Transcending materialism means that it doesn't matter whether you're a billionaire or broke. Why would you care about that stuff? Obviously because you're attached to materialism. People fantasize a lot of BS about detachment. Detachment is being free of distinctions; towards unity. Detachment is non dual.
  4. Isn't it okay to feel sadness, as an expression of love? Must it be biased if it isn't 'love, as love' that you're feeling? @Natasha
  5. @Nahm πŸ’‘πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
  6. I suppose, in order to get the insights/answers we seek, we set the intention, then let the intention go, and then silence the mind to let the insights arise?
  7. Is it coming or anything planned yet? That'd be like a Marvel/DC Crossover. Epic.
  8. Dealing with emotions and aligning with the truth that you are. Inspired action, instead of acting out of belief and fear. Walking the planet with the intention of feeling good.
  9. I get your point. But also, Oprah invited teachers with profound teachings, such as Adyashanti or Esther Hicks. Many people, including me, are grateful to stumble upon such teachings. Be it mainstream or not.
  10. Based af.
  11. Thank god! Otherwise we wouldn't get the teachings and messages, that each and every emotion delivers all the time. Ain't no better guidance than our emotions. πŸ™πŸΌ
  12. You. If psychoanalysis were a fancy sports car, and your psychoanalyst a shitty driver, then it doesn't matter how good the car is. If the driver sucks, you won't have a good ride. I wouldn't blame psychoanalysis, but I sure understand why you would. + I'd recommend fully expressing your thoughts and emotions about one topic at a time. That means you are free to blame everything and everyone - with the purpose of fully expressing the emotions which are connected to blame, in order to climb up the emotional scale. Don't blame only to stay with the blame. After you've fully expressed your blame, move to the next emotion which you are feeling. Moving to the next emotion means that you, again, fully express whatever you feel. Just expressing the blame will already make you feel better. But don't stop there. Go further, express more, and always reach for whatever is feeling better to you. Give it a try. It helped me a lot.
  13. Yeah dude, it's amazing!! Been listening to it all the time lately.
  14. Here is my perspective on that: The success story is occurring right now, not after I've escaped wage slavery. No need to stay motivated if you're inspired. If you understand that the success story is taking place right now, the whole journey will be joyful. Not just the outcome (=escaping wage slavery). The outcome is just the cherry on top. An example: I have to do an internship for about 5 months, unpaid. This is a shitty motivator. I will have no money for that time span, that's true. And it's also true that I will need a certain sum to realize my LP. Yet, I'm inspired and excited about it. I'm excited about the growth that will occur and the experience that I will be gaining during the internship. That growth, in return, further helps me with actualizing my LP. I'm not trying to break out. I am breaking out. Same. Depending on how the dice fall, I "will be there" in 9-12 years. Still, happiness and being free do not depend on that LP goal. It's living this moment which makes me happy. No LP ever could give me the joy, which this present experience already gives me abundantly. If you don't know her, check out Esther Hicks.