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  1. Apeiron
    My energetic fear-core is situated in the solar plexus. Sometimes moving up to the throat area. Just laying here, I can feel it churning.
    At times I’m full of energy. But when I’m tired, I’m so tired, it’s hard to even find the words.
    An old soul, existentially exhausted.

  2. Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    I have seen a few of his videos before. The video he did on Jay Shetty comes to my mind. He has a few points but he is mostly ignorant. He doesn't know what he is talking about.

  3. Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    I watched the video (lost 10 minutes of my day) and don't see how or why it matters. It's a kid making a video with a few jokes that aren't funny.

  4. Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    Ignorant Youtuber thinks is a cult
    It takes every ounce of self control in me to NOT write a wall of text in his comment section.
    Ignorance isn't bliss 

  5. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    A concept is a lifeless label. A concept cannot do anything yet in the personal stage there is the belief that there is a separate person able to do things. And therefore because of that misperception there is a lot of effort, friction and conflict in the personal stage. It's a necessary delusion for the purpose of developing unique individuals.
    In the transpersonal stage it's recognized that individual action is an illusion and therefore the friction and conflicts are removed while the actions become more efficient than in the personal stage.  Here is another example of the transpersonal stage:

  6. Finding the Holy Grail : Beauty
    Finding the Holy Grail : Beauty
    Painful emotions coming up. 
    There is tension in the chest area, breathing is faster. 
    There is anxiety about the body and its shape, petty worries about muscular imbalances but they bring stress. 
    The emotions can be looked at without any story attributed to them. They are only feelings to be felt. 
    If been through this so many times before, blah, blah, blah (I put If instead of I've, you can see for yourself my brain is melting lol). 
    Same old shit, the pain is lessened, lol I know I will never commit suicide, thats only some BS story fueled with self pity that I enjoyed. 
    There is a tendency to create a reason for these emotions, why not just emotion?

  7. A moving identity: Warm up
    A moving identity: Warm up
    As a small kid, my father used to laugh at my anger and tears.
    He'd say : "Keep on crying. You'll sleep better".
    Bursting in laughter at my tantrums
    I remember throwing him my toys. 
    Hoping he'd get hurt just like I was at his atittude
    He liked to call me "the terrible child".
    Always with that laughter.
    What a shitty nickname.
    Kept on calling me that for years.
    For no reasons, like it was funny

  8. Galyna’s adams and eves
    Galyna’s adams and eves
    @DrewNows sure, I will have to go too. No worries.
    @Natasha I know how to keep guys preoccupied LMAO, I will be giving them a lengthy text to read, LOL  
    we wont hear from Milos for a while ( @zeroISinfinity) for a while, he is reading now 

  9. What do you mean by the “raw data” of direct experience?
    What do you mean by the “raw data” of direct experience?
    It is the senses without any additional interpretations.
    Pain is a warm sensation, or a sharp sensation, pleasure is a tingly sensation, etc. You are stripping away all of the additional interpretations to sensory data and focusing on the raw feel of it.

  10. If You Were Put In Prison For 20 Years Would You Continue Down The Self Actualization Path?
    If You Were Put In Prison For 20 Years Would You Continue Down The Self Actualization Path?
    I have been inspired by Victor Frankl.
    Extract from Wikipedia: 'Frankl wrote his world-famous book entitled, Trotzdem Ja Zum Leben Sagen: Ein Psychologe Erlebt das Konzentrationslager ("Saying Yes to Life in Spite of Everything: A Psychologist Experiences the Concentration Camp"), known in English by the title Man's Search for Meaning (1959 title: "From Death-Camp to Existentialism")'

  11. Reality Journal
    Reality Journal
    Lol, in the transpersonal psychology interview they called the personal stage being a disembodied intellect, and they said that in society we are conditioned to not even feel our bodies and only live in the head and in the intellect. In contrast, they said that in the transpersonal stage the body is a spiritual manifestation. That reminded me of Leo's excellent video about body awareness. Tensions in the body and mind are traits of the personal stage, where the personal self literally is held.

  12. Emotional regulation journal
    Emotional regulation journal
    ? This is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen.?
    This song came out today and it is a cover of Savage Garden's: To the Moon and Back.  I was just listening to the original last night.  This one is very pretty w/ the female vocals.  A lot of ? synchronicities lately.

    The most beautiful dog breed, imo.
    Salukis are one of the most ancient breeds of dog, dating back 5000-7000 years and were used as hunting dogs.??
    I love how elegant they look when they run.  To me, salukis represent the beauty of life as we all move closer towards our death.?☠️ Dodging in one direction or the other, it makes no difference - however, the mere act of existing so small and brief in this grand and impossibly complex game of life, with each piece perfectly in place, is nothing short of a miracle. ?️?️?
    ?️ Although God has no meaning, strangely enough when you line up your meanings just right - consciousness itself aligns ? - and it can create a statement in your environment revealing its true nature.❄️ The more complex your understanding of yourself and how the world around you works, the more complex your understanding of God will be.?️?
    "For me", I feel as though, over a period of years, that I am starting to develop a taste for the beauty of the meaning of life, lined up in a perfect action. ??
    (I could never hunt, though I understand its appeal if it is done in a sophisticated way.)
    Maybe with a lure... ?
    ?〰️Notes: Organize advice received on executive functioning and anxiety - don't forget to reply back!?️?
    ?〰️Finish notes
    ?〰️6 month goal entry
    ?〰️Make a list/set timers for 6 month challenge
    Full ? - Sept 2nd. Almost full moon a few nights ago - it was so beautiful, absolutely entranced.
    The Heart Of Man 
    Stormy seas - oil in the ocean - the dark side of the human heart - a white whale and a brown boat - hunting for something you may never find - the thrill of the chase brings you back to life, into flow, into yourself - the waves rising up all around you - we seek the impossible in a vast and untamed existence - a chance if the white whale is driven in between the oil and the boat - harpoon in hand - you only have one opportunity to make the shot
    TL;DR - Men like running around harpooning things; why am I not surprised? Kidding. 

    My dream for a few years has been to have a pack of salukis and to train them to run after an off road vehicle down scenic roads and take shots of them from the front with a camera and other angles via drone.
    Could do, sunset beach, misty mountain meadow, fresh forest snow sunrise, Sonoran desert sunset, wildflower meadows, sand dunes.

    I would get a white or light cream male and name him Roman and a black one named Prince Daniel, and the third - not sure - still up in the air.

    I could do videos for YouTube and add some music like this:

    This song sounds like running through an atmosphere that is smooth and scenic, almost a gallop, but softer.

  13. What’s your favorite Quote?
    What’s your favorite Quote?

  14. What do you mean by the “raw data” of direct experience?
    What do you mean by the “raw data” of direct experience?
    All colors, sounds, sensations, feelings, tastes, smells = raw data
    It's the most fundamental stuff of which reality is made of. These are the true "atoms". You can't boil down the color red any further than itself. You can't boil down the taste of salt any further than itself.

  15. How to meet girls during COVID times?
    How to meet girls during COVID times?
    Find your own feminine side. 
    Life is about the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine sides of the whole. 
    You are everything you need. 

  16. Anybody dealing with gastritis and GERD?
    Anybody dealing with gastritis and GERD?
    Try drinking Slippery Elm bark every day for a few months.
    There are other natural supplements along those lines you should try out. Search online to find em.
    Also try juicing. Juicing seems to be power for healing gut issues. A huge glass of celery juice every morning. And you can try other juices too. Try that for a month at least.
    Also get tested for candida and other bacteria/parasites.
    Comprehensive stool testing can be important in this case. You can order test kits like this:

  17. All kinds of realities exist, so there are some nasty worlds out there?
    All kinds of realities exist, so there are some nasty worlds out there?
    God's Mind is an infinite dream machine. It can dream up anything it wants. God can explore hell and enjoy it.

  18. Experience is never direct
    Experience is never direct
    It's mostly rhetorical confusion.
    The word experience is used for lack of a better word. Technically experience is dualiatic because it implies an experiencer. When the expeirence and expeirencer merge into one, what remains is Being, which is Absolute Truth. But it looks just like experience.
    The way Ralston frames it is needlessly confusing.
    What is really being pointed to is experience minus the experiencer.
    Teachers use the same words in different ways.

  19. Reality Journal
    Reality Journal
    Another idea that now came to me is that it's possible to integrate integral and nondual teachings. For example Shunyamurti talked about how the entire ego needs to be recognized as a lousy film and gotten rid of, while Ken Wilber talks about how to include the ego in an integral way.
    So how to resolve that kind of tricky situation where one expert says get rid of your ego and another expert says integrate your ego? One solution is to use what Shunyamurti called trans-conceptual awareness and recognize that the ego is a concept related to a bunch of other concepts.
    In the personal stage we are identified with the ego and all the concepts it is connected to. The transpersonal stage includes trans-conceptual awareness which the self is grounded in instead of being trapped in concepts. So I will shift my practice towards trans-conceptual awareness yet with the conceptual keys in my previous post still in mind.

  20. Envy good looks
    Envy good looks
    @arlin do you notice how all these thoughts about what other people think of you are a projection of what you think of yourself? 
    You say it bothers you that people judge the value of a person based on looks. That is exactly what you're doing with yourself so of course you will think other people do it too. 
    And to a certain degree they may be doing it, I agree with you. But most of it is your own internal dialogue being projected outwards and you believing it comes from other people.
    How would your life look if you didn't believe these thoughts about your nose and so on? What would you do? How would you feel? 
    You can even go deeper than this and inspect who you really are. Are you a guy with an ugly nose? Or is that also just a thought? What is left when you put everything you think about the world and yourself aside for a moment? What remains?

  21. Reality Journal
    Reality Journal
    Darn! It will be tough to beat Leo's simplest explanation of reality: mysticism.  Direct manifestation of reality. Talk about Occam's razor. Leo explained it in his video about brains from about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It may sound funny that mysticism can be used in relation to Occam's razor but I think it's valid. Only direct experience of reality actually explains reality. All other explanations are models which attempt to explain reality indirectly, while themselves being a part of reality.
    One might argue that mysticism as direct experience isn't a hypothesis, but mysticism is actually a concept that can be seen as a hypothesis, so then it's valid to apply it to Occam's razor.

  22. Why trust our direct experience?
    Why trust our direct experience?
    Since Love is absolute, everything that happens is already in the service of Love. So you have no choice in the matter. Whatever you do will increase Love in the world. The more evil you become the more Love your evilness with spawn in response.
    Have you noticed yet? The evolution of society cannot be stopped. Politics is a force of nature no different than the moon orbiting the Earth.

  23. Metaphysics of Loneliness
    Metaphysics of Loneliness
    The metaphysics of loneliness is that you are ONE.
    One is the loneliest number... something, something...

    If what you seek is Ultimate Truth, then naturally you will end up alone. You will be so alone you will become together and whole, completing one revolution in the mind of God.

  24. Reality Journal
    Reality Journal
    Reaching the transpersonal stage of development isn't necessarily only about individuals achieving a higher personal level. It may also be a necessary foundation for a collective development of humanity, as a consequence of something Dr. Bruce Lipton calls fractal evolution. Lipton uses an analogy of humanity today as a "caterpillar" stage that will transform into a butterfly stage.
    And here is a newer video where the book of Zohar (Kabbalah) is described as including the same idea of a transition for humanity from a caterpillar to a butterfly stage:

  25. How to deal with intense shame about past self
    How to deal with intense shame about past self
    If you need more in-depth information, he has written whole chapters on the topic of Shame. I highly recommend his writings.