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  1. Infinite Knowledge And Discussion
    Infinite Knowledge And Discussion
    Turquoise/Coral Technology. 

  2. What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    I didn't know anything about spiral dynamics. Love this picture

  3. What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    No, that's not what I say.
    It's way more complicated than that.
    And infinity/nothingness doesn't map to anything, because it is everything.

  4. What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    I can say what the spiral stages of turquoise and coral looks like from stage yellow, turquoise and coral but not explain how to understand them.
    Turquoise from yellow: looks like unrealistically accurate visionaries, like they have destiny on their sides, master storytellers
    coral from yellow: looks like genius-level in everything they do, unreal impact on their surroundings
    turquiose from turquoise: life is a rollercoaster you just gotta ride it
    coral from turquoise: that’s one hell of a ride
    coral from coral: it is what it is

  5. Gurdjieff and Spiral Dynamics
    Gurdjieff and Spiral Dynamics
    It’s difficult to correlate the two. Gurdjieff’s division speaks of man as what is dominant in him - instinct, emotion, intellect but he remains with many I’s - each pulling him in a different direction. It is difficult to valuate oneself. The spiral theory is self-defined as a theory. Gurdjieff and other great spiritual teachers don’t postulate - then go about trying to prove. They investigate fact. That is why they say ‘observe yourself’, go inside yourself etc... what in me can I recognize as fact? If we are really honest we realize we don’t know what we are. And the search begins- but from the inside out - not by postulating.
    If you’re interested in the Gurdjieff work go to one of the Foundations near you like the NY Foundation and related groups. I also recommend Robert Rose for a more empirical study of oneself. 

  6. George Gurdjieff
    George Gurdjieff
    If this thread went ahead to include everything that has to do with Self Inquiry as it falls under the Gurdjieff umbrella, I think  that would be great. @LeoGura and Moderators I welcome guidance,,,,,
    This is one of my favorites that I've posted before.
    I'm not in 100 % in agreement with Martin about everything but he has helped me a lot.

  7. Infinite Knowledge And Discussion
    Infinite Knowledge And Discussion
    Era Two:
    Why do people listen to conspiracy?
    -proving other people are evil/wrong and they’re right/better 
    -they want a radical shift in their life, but they’re going at it in a Low-Love or a Low-Conscious way
    -trying to get a truth that is not pure
    -they’re friends, family, or other people listen to the conspiracy theory 
    -they are escaping from their own life
    -self deception 

  8. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    Reality has infinite intelligence, yet since there is progress and evolution, the past appears less intelligent than present times. And so will (and does) our situation appear less intelligent than the future.
    For example a lion killing an antelope is not natural, it's just stupid and cruel. Or to use another perspective, everything is natural, even an iPhone. Similarly today humanity is just cruel and stupid compared to the future. That's why it says in the Bible that the lamb and the wolf will live together and that there will be no more death and suffering. That's intelligence.

  9. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    The complexity of reality is always increasing. This means that the latest moment in time is the most intelligent. In the personal stage we use old plans and strategies from the past which have less intelligence in them and try to manage the present moment through that crystallized conceptual cognition. This always leads to a struggle against life and a buildup of subconscious hatred and fear.
    In the transpersonal stage it is recognized that the future is already determined so not only is the use of past strategies and knowledge inadequate and leads to struggle and conflict, it's also redundant! So the transpersonal stage instead makes use of fluid cognition as a part of life instead of crystallized cognition against life as in the personal stage.

  10. Why can’t rape be objectively wrong?
    Why can’t rape be objectively wrong?
    That isn't rape, that's normal sex.
    Every girlfriend will basically ask me to rape her. But that is not true rape. Rape is when they ask you not to do it and you do it anyway.

  11. Apeiron
    Off to forage for mushrooms ?

  12. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    Ah! I got in insight. The reason for why evil and hatred become real experiences is because in the personal stage our conceptual cognition becomes so heavy and solidified, crystallized, reified so that the conflicts become very real.
    The transpersonal stage transcends conflict by recognizing the concepts for what they are, empty labels and therefore the crystallized cognition is replaced by fluid cognition, even for the personal sense of self and of others. 

  13. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    I think that the world today is sufficiently complex and interconnected to withstand even a prolonged coronovirus crisis. But yes, there will be some kind of big shift in society as a result of the crisis probably.
    And the spiritual capital that Shunyamurti talked about is the same as the transpersonal stage it seems. And even if as I believe that society will return more or less to normal soon (or at least in 2021) moving into spiritual capital seems like a good strategy because that's a robust state even in shaky situations.

  14. I miss the old Leo
    I miss the old Leo
    I have a more deep connection with the new Leo, but IMO there's no big difference btw the "new" and the "old".

  15. I miss the old Leo
    I miss the old Leo
    I think it has something to do with constant pshychadelic usage. Even if he wasn't as wise and profound as now, his eyes were more filled with sincerity and longing to grow. Now just dead and empty eyes. It seems to me that those pshychadelics give him big insights but takes his Life away in return. Į don't know if that makes any sense

  16. I miss the old Leo
    I miss the old Leo
    One of the best reasons to follow Leo’s work is that you can start watching and applying the lessons from any level, to solve a multitude of problems. Different people are looking for different sorts of advice, and different approaches work better for different situations. Some people just need a practical solution to their problems, or a tweaking of perspective to nudge them back on that yellow brick road, and that’ll be enough… for the time being. There comes a time though – after you’ve maybe been to Emerald City, or seen the man behind the curtain, or hell even woken up once or twice and you find yourself back on that road in the dream again – when you need a new kind of mentor that will show you the red gravel path or the blue cobblestone alley, or whisk you off paths altogether, or perhaps give you the tools to make your own kind of path…
    Because Leo himself has evolved so much over the years and all his old material is preserved, we can tap into this minefield from any point and get results. (A quick aside – it proves that his old stuff works. The fact that he got from Point A to Point Q shows us that all these steps along the way have helped him get to where he is now. And I think most of us can agree that regardless of whether you resonate more with the newer or older videos, they have certainly become deeper.)
    Personally, I find Leo’s newer videos more insightful, with better delivery, sharper eloquence, and yes, I believe they are even more authentic. But there is still great value to be found in the old classics. Leo’s work is like the great glass elevator of personal development. And I’m on board.

  17. I miss the old Leo
    I miss the old Leo
    I miss the old Leo, straight from the Go Leo
    Chop up the soul Leo, set on his goals Leo
    I hate the new Leo, the "you dont exist" Leo
    The always woke Leo, f* the science Leo
    I miss the younger Leo, go to the gym Leo
    I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Leo
    See, He invented Leo, it wasn't any Leo
    And now I look and look around this forum and there's so many Leos
    I used to love Leo, I used to watch Leo
    I even had the black t shirt, I thought I was Leo
    What if Leo made a video about Leo
    Called "you are the old and new Leo"? Man, that'd be so Leo
    That's all it was Leo, we still love Leo
    And I love you like Leo loves Leo

  18. Happy Birthday, Leo!
    Happy Birthday, Leo!
    Hi everyone!
    I'm starting this thread to wish Leo Gura Happy Birthday, which is coming up April 24th.
    Happy Birthday, Leo! And thank you so much for all you do! Your hard work, dedication, and contribution to humanity all over the world are greatly appreciated! You rock!  

  19. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    Is it possible to speed up the development into the transpersonal stage? No, because first there is the prepersonal stage, then it's necessary to go through the personal stage in order to develop conceptual cognition and an individual personal sense of self. And only after that does the transpersonal stage become available.
    However it seems to me that with the coronavirus crisis, the material personal stage collectively for our civilization is coming to an end, and I speculate that an increasing number of people will enter the transpersonal stage in the coming years. And even though things like psychedelics only give temporary and often chaotic it seems, experiences, psychedelics can probably act as catalysts and speed up personal development, especially into the transpersonal stage.
    Personally I don't use the psychedelics approach but it's interesting to learn about it such as in Leo's video:

  20. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    As an example, let's say that a woman named Alice was whacked by a stick on the butt in the past. Now that event is a memory in her mind. It's also a mild form of trauma stored as tensions in her body. And the event did actually happen, it's a historical fact. Then how can it be that sticks can't hurt a person in the transpersonal stage?
    It's about a shift of perspective. When is Alice's memory of the incident remembered? The answer is that Alice remembers the past event in the present moment. What more to the past event is there other than what exists now? Nothing! The past event is real, yet it's only information in the now. Even when someone for example has a scar from having been stabbed by a knife, all the past is still only information in the now.
    And information in the form of appearances in consciousness in the present moment is all there is. Time existing outside of the now is a projection by the mind in the form of concepts. Remembering a past event, that's the mind turning memories into a concept which then is experienced. And thinking about the future is a similar conceptualization where memories are used to come up with future scenarios.

  21. Yoda integrates his shadow
    Yoda integrates his shadow

  22. Reading Books Effectively
    Reading Books Effectively
    I have no strategy to read books. I just read them for more than 30 minutes. But I would like to learn more about how to read books effectively. Is there a book that talks about it? Lol.

  23. Non Dual Catholicism - Amazing
    Non Dual Catholicism - Amazing

  24. How to practically apply the kaizen concept?
    How to practically apply the kaizen concept?
    Leo has this concept on his blueprint 
    It says you should do small things every day that are supposed to cause success long term.
    What kind of things though? It gives an example of reading a book every week, or removing one unhealthy item from your diet every 2 months. 
    Let's contemplate this, what are some other kaizen things you can do?

  25. A question for Leo on his recent duality video.
    A question for Leo on his recent duality video.
    Because without a self, nothing is bad.
    When you realize you are immortal and infinite (the Absolute), you will be in literal heaven, where nothing bad exists. Heaven is an Absolute!
    Once your perspective of life becomes absolutely holistic, you will literally not be able to see bad any more. You will realize that "bad" is a fictitious concept. You will realize there was only absolute Good.
    It's a life-transforming realization. This is how you transcend suffering.