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  1. 28 minutes ago, Breakingthewall said:

    When the US was at war with Japan, there was a time when Japan sought an honorable surrender, but the United States sought an unconditional surrender, since anything else would risk more war. The Japanese had the doctrine of 100 million dead, until a single Japanese lived, they would not surrender. The Americans, to force the surrender, bombed Tokyo with incendiary bombs, causing 100,000 deaths in a single day, and then they dropped an atomic bomb, and to clear up doubts, they dropped another. The Japanese, seeing the determination of the Americans, had to surrender.

    Then they became good friends and partner in business, same than the Germans and the British, who bombed hamburg and dresde without mercy. Same mercy than the Germans, or the Japanese, would show if they could  

    In short, if you start a war, then don't complain when you have a war, you can surrender if you want

    Somewhat true, but still faulty.
    Gaza is not a nation state with a long historic past and stable government.
    It's more like an open-air prison with an fundamentalist armed gang who took over order.

  2. 18 minutes ago, bebotalk said:

    Politics is about appealing to people and selling a vision. This is true in all systems, and not just liberal democracies. China wouldn't have become communist had Mao not convinced the masses to support him in ousting Chiang. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, etc. all came to power via means of popular support. Populism is therefore natural. 

    In a sense, democracy is populism. In our modern times, the parties are competing for the most votes.

    And what are the means trough which they do that? With charismatic candidates. 

    There are despots though, and not all parties are using drama and fear in the same unethical way.

  3. On 7.2.2024 at 8:25 PM, Yannik said:

    Hey guys,

    I recently had a couple of painful and confusing experiences that really brought chaos into my inner and outer world. If you'd ask me why I am writing this post is probably because I wish deep down in my heart that someone would tell me that it's all going to work out and that I am not irreversibely broken. And I am also asking myself what I can do in this situation because I feel blocked in my heart whenever I am trying to do something powerful or courageous towards changing the situation.

    Last year, I had a couple of panic attacks and troubles in my heart area where no doctor could say what it actually was. I accepted it and slowly and steadily came out of it but it came back later in the ayahuasca ceremony I am going to tell you about.

    In the last months, a fear of being hurt and rejected came to the surface and my ex partner really triggered it. It was a toxic relationship in a way that I totally forgot my own truth and took everything she said about me as true. I basically denied all of my own opinions because I trusted her opinion. And she told me this is wrong about me and that and this needed to change and there's this issue. We broke up and I felt a deep pain and a sense of mistrust towards people (especially women) in my chest. I had depressive periods where I didn't feel much joy and I was very cautious around people. It felt overwhelming to be with strangers. With friends, no problem.

    Then I had an ayahuasca journey where I basically had a panic attack and an even deeper pain in my chest that made no sense to me at that time. I came out of that night, everyone was shining and I was just numbed out and couldn't see any light. 

    A couple weeks later and a couple of different coachings and talks with different people, it feels like there is still this big wall in front my chest and behind it there are feelings of pain and fear and confusion. They cause thoughts like "is this a fear disorder?", "is this a psychosis?", "is my heart broken?", "am I broken?", "will I ever fix this?", "will I ever find a way/solution?".

    On top of that, I needed to move back to my parents because I have very little money at this point. I am self-employed and my insurance wouldn't pay the therapy so that I could only do about one session until I needed to find a way to earn more money first. Which is challenging with all this inner turmoil that really blocks me from being powerful and making powerful decisions. And at some point of the day I am like "okay we're just going step by step towards making the situation better", at other times I am like "I need professional help" which makes it difficult for me to really identify what is true.

    I think there is still a lot more to the story but I just wrote down what came out of my heart right now and you kind of get what is going on.

    Maybe you have a suggestion or maybe a book or someone I could turn to, that you can recommend.

    Thank you so much for taking the time!



    Oh my

    I have a very similar experience right now.
    Weird cardiovascular symptoms, like pressure in my rib cage, numbness in my left arm, unfamiliar intrusive feeling of the heart bear, vertigo.
    All in combination with anxiety and slight panic attacks.

    I was visiting a hospital three times already. ECG and blood testing reveal "perfect" results as the doctors said.
    In between I was sick with the flu which perpetuated the symptoms.

    But the symptoms came as part of heavy metal detox side effects.
    I had atlas correction therapy too almost two months back and the therapist said that corrections can have temporal worsenings.

    What did you do just before these symptoms arrived originally?
    Where you moving, did you change diet, did you take drugs, etc?

    Btw, you are not alone with this.

  4. 4 hours ago, LfcCharlie4 said:

    You were never born & will never die 

    This experience, is simply a game to be enjoyed in all its beauty 

    Do what makes you happy & do what you love. 

    Death may be non-existence, then deep sleep and unconsciousness have the same quality.

    Or a new creature gets born after the continuity of this life. After all, a new day follows the emptiness of sleep. This experience right here got born, so what is stopping a new one being born after this?

    Btw, it makes me happy to accept death :D

  5. 4 hours ago, Davino said:

    How do you come to an acceptance of death?

    You have no choice


    Good point.

    4 hours ago, Davino said:

    This could help, if you watch till the end and go through the process


    If you liked his style this book may help you:

    adi da death.jpg


    It is not merely to pose the question but to make the effort to answer it and transcend it, what will mark your failure or success in realizing what death is. Effort meaning time, energy, money, desire and life style.

    These videos of Leo may also shine light on your quest: the topic of DeathFear and Survival

    Thanks for sharing

  6. 4 hours ago, thierry said:

    I would say by facing your death a little bit everyday so you don’t have to freak out all at once. 
    By being balanced, live as much as you die everyday. 
    For every joy of Life you receive, face your death a little bit. Try to make Life and Death One as much as you can everyday. 
    This is a very long and difficult process. Don’t expect to face your death all at once or you’ll end up like this trauma stage blue people who talk about how they entered Hell and got out of it and that you should follow their religion if you don’t wanna be in Hell forever.

    Sounds like good advice, thank you 

  7. 10 hours ago, cetus said:

    This was me about mid November. It was like shock and awe to the system (the ego self) when I ask the Dr. "how much time would I have if I did nothing"? And he tells me -about a month or so. And I'm thinking O.K. so I would have till about Christmas or New Year if I choose to do nothing. And I'm thinking how I liquidate the house and all its contents so it's not too much of a burden on my daughter and son. I totally wasn't prepared for this short notice. At the time I did make my final wishes known to a certain person here on the forum and asked them if they would be willing to step in for me in the event that I could no longer fulfill my Mod duties (they know who they are. And as a side note I asked them to keep it on the hush as a favor to me). Hopefully Leo gives them his final stamp of approval when the time comes. Or even before. @Leo Gura Sorry, didn't mean to put you on the spot. I know this is news to you.

    So, to answer your question: Life always hangs in the balance. It's a lesson in impermanence that each will learn to accept in their own way, in their own time.

    Sorry to hear that. How are you know? Is your condition stable?

    Impermanence is ruthless. Life is ruthless.

  8. 11 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:

    More and more I see life's events as deliberate, necessary and unavoidable. This causes relaxation, absence of anxiety, acceptance and immersion in the now. It's impossible to know what your reaction will be when you know you're going to die, maybe a panic attack, but I think I'd deal with it well. we will see. 


    Depending on your age and fitness.

    If your old and dead tired, you could even feel relieved. Who knows.

  9. 12 hours ago, Princess Arabia said:

    You don't have to waste time trying to accept something that will apparently happen anyway. Focus on life instead. What is there to accept or not accept. "Ok, I won't accept death". It's not like we have a choice. Who you think you are is not who you are. Accept that.

    I may need a lot more insights to see what I am.

    But the things to be accepted are precisely the ones that you are conscious of to happen anyway.

  10. 13 hours ago, Theplay said:

    When you are faced with death the fear and anxiety are natural responses of the body.

    Its what you do after that matters.

    If you accept death fully the responses will subside and you might feel unimaginably free.

    I know a story about a kamikaze pilot who survived his mission and reported that the moments just before the crush were the most free and beautiful in his life. When he knew he was about to die and there is nothing he can do about it. He accepted it fully and was free.

    That which is afraid of death is not just the ego its a built in instinct.

    I think that even an enlightened master if experiencing a plane crush will have this responses at first.

    It's natural. 

    Interesting story. I can intuit that after seeing a situation will doubtlessly end in death (of the body) resistance vanishes.

  11. Recently, I had a health related issue in which I had waves of anxiety and slight panic, coupled with what seemed like symptoms of an heart muscle inflammation roughly six hours in a row.

    Medical testing refuted the inflammation concern.
    But what I struggled with the most, was the acceptance of death. My mind opened the question. if I could now, if it so be, accept an sudden death by heart stop.

    This was, not too surprisingly, a tough question. Especially because I was in the emotion of anxiety too.
    There was the somehow irrational fear, that I could tip the balance in favor of death by accepting it.

    How do you come to an acceptance of death, even in severe situations?
    Is it only a question of courage?
    Are insights necessary?
    Is the ego in the way?

  12. 14 hours ago, Bazooka Jesus said:

    Oh gosh, I have way too many stories to tell at this point... here, let me give you the reader's digest version:

    I got stoned and slept on the beach in Goa, got ambushed by three trans dudes, chased from my seat and smoked pot on a overcrowded night train, went to a Hare Krishna party at a glitzy temple in Bangalore, climbed a hill and saw monkeys in Mysore, stayed at a children's home and saw a dead sea turtle near Pondicherry, spent new year's eve in Auroville and went to a Cacao ceremony / ecstatic dance party there, ate food from the floor of my Indian host's living room in Trichy, went to the biggest South Indian temple in Madurai, had diarrhea, tripped on shrooms and was attacked by bison in Kodaikanal, roamed through the magical fields of Munnar, took a bumpy bus ride through the beautiful hills of Kerala and arrived yesterday to Kochi, completely exhausted but happy. 9_9

    Wow, sound like a crazy time down there :D

    Are traveling alone or with friends, a guide, ...