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  1. A young man interviewed by a great doctor (not anti-vax) about his severe adverse reaction. "where this is risk, there needs to be choice" he says, powerful words.
  2. A lot of energy is invested in discussing GOSSIP like what pill Joe Rogan took when he had covid. As if that threatened society. A network like CNN tells lies that are one million times worse than calling ivermectin a horse dewormer. CNN lied to you about every war (millions died and middle east is destroyed) CNN lied to you about nation building and "exporting democracy". They lied for 20 years about Afghanistan. CNN lied to you about Bernie Sanders and universal healthcare (thousands die as a result) CNN, after shaming people for not taking the vaccine, is happy to show you a mcdonalds ad and be sponsored by Pfizer These lies caused millions of deaths, but somehow nobody cares because CNN is a fact checker
  3. This is absolute nonsense because eating contaminated tuna still allows the body to have natural barriers and natural processes to, at least, try to get rid of the contaminant. Injecting it is a totally different thing
  4. @Blackhawk you take it. let others choose for themselves
  5. People have become obsessed not only with the "saving lives" argument but extrenely unwilling to consider any cost of the measures. As I am moving to Miami from europe I would argue that people in Florida will survive the pandemic much better in the long term: small businesses have not failed, children have not been destroyed psychologically, extreme isolation and depression are lower, life has continued. Survival is not just about surviving covid19. Not only that, but labels like "covid denial" or "antimask" are used in malicious and childish ways to discredit anyone who considers the consequences of the authoritarian policies. Glenn Greenwald did a great job:
  6. @Leo Gura might be worth considering that you speak with the arrogance of certainty in topics where there is no certainty at all. This has become embarassingly obvious with your covid positions. Attributing spitual labels such as "low consciousness" to someone who has a different view is stupid. It is better to state that you prefer to host only a certain type of view on your website. there is nothing wrong with that, it is your house and It would be much more honest and direct to say as it is. Let's face it.. US liberals LOVE censorship and surveillance more and more. It turns them on to shut others up ?
  7. @Blackhawk You need the NSA to spy at your stinky asshole? You need facebook and google to give free access to your emails and messages to the US government for safety? You need the expand the TSA from the airport to all public places? Sweden is truly the wrong example to bring up. Sweden has defended individual freedom and privacy over the last year to an incredible extent. More than any other country in europe.
  8. @KennedyCarter you look great and I hope you feel great too Most importantly, what is outside is just the tip of the ice berg of what you are doing inside Hydrating, energizing every cell while all the acid toxicity is efficiently taken out. Great job @Shawn Philips To all the dead animal fanatics: 1)protein deficiency is unheard of in humans provided one consumes sufficient calories. 2) 99% of deficiencies in the first world are actually the consequence of toxicity. Toxicity prevents and stops absorbtion and what Kennedy is doing is precisely remove the toxicity in the most efficient, natural way.
  9. @Preety_India When expressing opinions and engaging in discussion you may want to check your emotional involvement and desire for validation that lie below the opinion. I think Leo is MUCH harsher and aggressive with other users, he has been very careful not to hurt your feelings.
  10. While i agree that "evil elites" conspiracy theories can be foolish, it is very difficult to blame people who believe in them. Bill Gates makes it very, very hard for people not to be suspicious. Anderson was susprisingly brave ? billy boy was pissed and confused. Right now he is also aggressively protecting big pharma profits and vaccine patents. He is the reason why billions of people in poor countries cannot access the vaccine. Ironic, huh?
  11. @Carl-Richard it would be funny if it wasn't so retarded and false. No relationship between being a dictator and killing people. Someone who voted for the iraq war like joe biden has more blood on his hands than most dictators. A dictator may actually protect his own people. But the safety guaranteed by a dictator is not real safety, it comes along with a cost that is massive. Even joe rogan's bald meaty head understands it lol
  12. @Harlen Kelly No, Trump is dumb and incompetent. I have never understood why people were so worried about Trump. He seemed powerless and pathetic, he didn't even slightly touch the status quo. Not saying DeSantis would be great, in fact he'd probably be terrible on foreign policy issues like Israel and middle east wars. But at least he hasn't turned into a covid dictator. He would also definitely challenge the insane censorship by social media platforms.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states. (leo plz ban me lol) DeSantis is not a No-Vax, vaccines have been distributed and promoted well in Florida. But he is a reasonable, rational man who does his job well. Hint for the dumb: The more the left pushes for insane authoritarian absurdities like mandating masks for kids and passports to participate in society, the easier it will be for DeSantis to win the presidency.
  14. @Recursoinominado lol. You are too dumb to have slightly nuanced position, huh? Your approach of attacking and calling people stupid is unproductive and makes the situation worse. Most people don't have a problem with the vaccine itself, a tiny percentage is actually antivax. People do not trust authority, do not trust government and don't want them to invade their body and private choices. Do you have any emphaty or understanding as to why that might be? If you can't figure it out, then you are a lost case. As for @Leo Gura, that mindset is a direct insurance that you'll never solve your chronic health issues. With that kind of mindset, naturopaths could be prohibited from working, herbs should be outlawed, talking about a natural diet of fresh foods is for conspiracy theorist. You speak with the certainty of a frugivore that decides to eat a diet of just dead animals. Spitting in nature's face, spitting in god's face. You are never going to outsmart nature. Unfortunately, you will pay the price for your arrogance.
  15. @Consept Allowing the goverment to ban coca cola is a dangerous choice because it implies that the goverment can be trusted to choose what is healthy and what is not. Does the government deserve that trust? Absolutely not. Freedom of choice is dangerous but the lack of it is way more dangerous in the long term. For short term increased safety, is it worth it to allow the the goverment to divide the population in 2 categories and placing one of them under house arrest? No green pass? Can't take the train to work. Can't even get a job. Can't go shop. Very dangerous game the italian government is playing right now