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  1. @Consept Allowing the goverment to ban coca cola is a dangerous choice because it implies that the goverment can be trusted to choose what is healthy and what is not. Does the government deserve that trust? Absolutely not. Freedom of choice is dangerous but the lack of it is way more dangerous in the long term. For short term increased safety, is it worth it to allow the the goverment to divide the population in 2 categories and placing one of them under house arrest? No green pass? Can't take the train to work. Can't even get a job. Can't go shop. Very dangerous game the italian government is playing right now
  2. The insanity and corruption of a society that attacks and labels someone as anti-vax after they have taken the vaccine and suffered worrying complications from it. Big pharma billionaires (9 new ones from the vaccine) are squirting in their pants.
  3. @_Archangel_ absolute BS. The green pass will probably be extended to public transport, school and supermarkets which makes the vaccine practically mandatory. It is a cowardly way to mandate it indirectly without taking full responsibility for the decision. Not only responsibility for the people who are damaged by the drug but also for the violent reaction of the 10-15million italians who will opposite it strongly. Any authoritarian, violent decision can be justified with "safety" and "the public is too dumb to choose for itself". For public safety, let's prohibit mosques and muslims to enter supermarkets. Let's ban from voting all people who are not brainwashed by a university and have a degree. Anything is justifiable. Open a history book and learn something. No generation of italians has thrown freedom in the toilet so naively, so foolishly as ours.
  4. @Leo Gura What makes Ron De Santis so bad? He kept Florida open, didn't get tempted by authoritarian lockdowns, did not destroy the economy, protected freedom and small businesses. Result? Covid cases and deaths comparable to others states while the people have stayed free and maintained their livelihood. What else? Homelessness is low, thousands of businesses moving to Florida from new york and california. Lots of wealth and opportunity is flooding to his state, Florida is thriving. That said, will he bend over to the military industrial complex? Yeah probably. Do the democrats do the same? Yeah partially, war&guns freaks are bi-partisan. Are the democrats more in bed with big pharma and media corporations? Yes. So it balances out, what are your pooping your pants about?
  5. This how a stage yellow journalist speaks. This is how a man of integrity speaks. And no, it is not about the drama of the specific case. It is a very interesting and broad discussion of the lies and baseless accusations that liberals use and accept as normal. For those who believed in Russiagate and all the idiotic lies, please listen to this
  6. Owen explains well how the new "safety" hysteria will come to fuck us all in the ass over and over. Also, listen closely to what a true billionaire villain is obsessed with. it's not more money, it's not more women, it's not more yachts. It's CONTROL. That is what bill gates is obsessed with, a creepy snake. Owen is spot on, except for his comments on Jesus & hell which he clearly misinterprets minute 14:
  7. @Actualizer777 to be very direct: pussy is all the same. Human beings are all essentially the same, except for superficial aspects which they glorify and identify with. There is not much to be gained from others, most humans struggle to accept that aloness cannot possibly be escaped. Don't be conditioned by some other dude's opinion (Leo included) who says you must do this and that. Who cares what others do.. most people are idiots anyway. What is it that you think you are missing? Is it something to be found in having sex with many other humans? If i were you, rather than focusing on what to do practically I would instead first take a closer look at why our minds our filled with fear of missing out. What is the mind looking for, and why?
  8. @Peter Miklis imagine giving importance and judgement to some silly orgy. You are doing it. Osho wasn't, he was living spontaneously and freely.
  9. @Leo Gura You judged him. You compare yourself to him. He was naive, in terms of the commune. People took advantage of him and his welcoming heart. The rolls royce... cmon man. He has said many times that the rolls royces were just to attract the attention of foolish people and introduce them to meditation. Wanting to compare? He didn't have an artificial awakening created by chemicals combined with the ambition to achieve the "next level". None of that in him. His blissfulness, his beauty, his love were completely natural, embodied and fully expressed in every second of his life.
  10. Cruelty originates within each of us, me and you, each time we divide the world, each time we judge, each time we reject and push away, each time we identify with our little family, religion, country and so on. Those divisions create conflict which always comes with cruelty, in many forms. As for justice, does such thing even exist? Lets say that you are born in a wealthy family in Sweden, loving parents, you are intelligent and beautiful, your life is full of opportunities and loving friends. I, on the other hand, am born in a slum in Nigeria, can barely eat, my father is an alcoholic and beats my mother in front of me every day, I have a brain retardation, I have an ugly and scary face, nobody wants me and i eventually end up in prison. Where is justice? Does it even exist? Compassion can be found. Love can be found. Justice cannot.
  11. Reading this thread is shocking. A human being like you just died and left his family behind. His family members are literally reading this discussion. And what do people do here? Bicker like children about meaningless philosophies and who is to blame, who is right and wrong, me me me, my opinion... who cares? No respect, no sensitivity, no compassion, no gentleness, no sense of consideration for his family reading this mess. Wow.
  12. @Leo Gura why would they talk about it? It seems rather silly and unimportant. It is actually counterproductive because it appeals to people's ambition, achievement, desire for power, status, desire to gain something. It is the self that gives importance to those "miracles" but ironically they only come into being when the self is not. Also, a miracle is only exciting when it hasn't been uncovered. Truth isn't a miracle, it goes beyond any childish concept of miracle. To be distracted by such powers, is to miss the whole thing.
  13. @Zeroguy why so childish? I don't even need to respond. You insulted yourself so beautifully Yes go cuddle, it may help you heal your infantile brain
  14. @DocWatts I agree, americans should consider this something that affects them directly. Your own tax dollars, your own elected government directly provide weapons to Israel. It is so ironic but i think that an american citizen's vote may impact this issue more than an israeli citizen's vote. Israel is nobody without their big daddy USA, a Bernie Sanders in the White House would hit Israel's arrongance very hard.
  15. @TheSomeBody @Hulia Learn the reason why palestinians end up doing those things out of desperation. Learn what has been happening in East Jerusalem, for example. If someone kicks you out of your house, would you be nice to them? Is someone enters your church while you pray and beats you, would you be nice to them?