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  1. Have you read Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes? It's so shocking how marvelous and magical this plant is actually. Even smoking it daily is so beneficial for the body.
  2. What I meant was that I don't think there's extra complicated programming necessary to enable this feature for users but I'm not sure. I hope Leo do it really, it'd be really nice.
  3. I searched my profile and everywhere in the forum couldn't find this feature, I think it'd be something a lot of users would appreciate to be able to do this. @Leo Gura
  4. That's just what I wanted to know, thank you! ❤️ I think it's just matter of willing to easily enable it in the forum settings by @Leo Gura
  5. @GreenLight Nope, nobody cares bro. Really disappointing.
  6. Everyone wants to go beyond all this, only the preferred tools is different, also the way to use the tools in a wise way. I don't sit and meditate to only have my job done. BTW, the beauty of creation is that every flower is beautiful and unique on it's own way My brain is designed for meditation, I wouldn't possibly know this if I wasn't trying the practises with hope and passion. psychedelics is also working on me, so I'm using both tools to first have glimpses on what's possible beyond with psychedelics and also help open my energetic pathways, and beside it increase my baseline level of consciousness with yogic practises and meditation, to the point which I no longer need any psychedelics. IMO both tools is necessary for this work. You know meditation and yoga practises is also very necessary in this work, but I don't know why you constantly only advertise psychedelics alone to everyone and presenting meditation and yoga as only time waster and nothing else. Even to go for psychedelics-only route, Isn't it wiser to first teach people meditation and yoga and to get rid of so much of garbages from their mind so then they can have a well prepared mind with so much clarity for an amazing insightful trip? They can also have easier time staying relaxed and let go since they learned the art of relaxation. Haha c'mon man..
  7. How does Leo know that? Don't take everyone's words for granted, did Leo spent 40 years on a non stop meditation session to come back and tell us about his experience? He can only assume that. In one of his vlogs he even said that he basically never enjoyed meditation and hardy can sit and pleasantly meditate.the practise is too boring for him. from my own experience the reason somebody can't possibly enjoy meditation is being stuck on surface levels and not going deep enough due to massive ego-mind. So Leo is not an expert in meditation at all, so of course he wouldn't know what is possible and not possible in meditation.
  8. I can second this from my personal experience, self-enquiry was and is the most effective spiritual tool for me to quite my mind and quickly get rid of egoic thoughts.
  9. People go for self-actualization without first asking themselves what they are and what is this "self" which they wanna improve. Yes IMO that's very stupid.
  10. If you are not the ego then what are you? If you are that which improves your ego then you must be in a higher sate compared to your ego in order to first see how fucked up your ego is then go for improving it, then why even you need an ego in the first place?
  11. Only a fool which is very unconscious would interpret what I said the way you did. A state free from thoughts doesn't make you an animal, its actually your true nature. It's peace, it's pure awareness. It's state of saints. Free from identification with thoughts. Unfortunately you don't understand a single word from me at your current state of consciousness, so i don't waste my time anymore. Peace!
  12. Thanks for your advice, and my humble advice to you is, free yourself from your shoulds and should nots, and of course your mind by turning inward and clearly see how your mind works. Definitely I shouldn't answer anyone in any specific way right? "Touchy question" is also only a thought! Also become conscious that "word play", "philosophical dancing" is something your mind interpreted from my answers, and has nothing to do with reality. There can only be God, the self, Being, one being which pervades all other beings. I can fool myself, imagine myself to be finite, limited, to forget who I am, but it's just imaginary, pure imagination. It's impossible for God to do something to be less than God, to actually become something other than himself, the Absolute.
  13. Of course. Am I supposed to incarnate into a finite form and still have infinite power and have no limits? So no, God is infinite, and that is including all finite and limited.
  14. Read all the posts please, I think I answered QUITE CLEARLY what would I do.
  15. I think I answered quite clearly, did you read the later posts?
  16. Because you still cannot understand how God is everything. Also I did clarify more in the above posts.
  17. No, no one's heart tell to rape another being and cause so much suffering. It's obvious for me when i decide to do something it comes from my heart or my ego. Heart is about love, unity, selflessness, freedom, wisdom, truth etc.
  18. So see this all as play of God and free yourself from any morality, shoulds and should nots, but think with your heart, so I'd definitely listen to my heart's call to intervene and I'd do so if i could, and see this as God's love, will.
  19. If you see a bear running towards you to tear your body to pieces, do you still think how that bear is also consciousness is also you and there's no reason to stop him from doing so and just sit and watch your body being eaten? Of course not. So of course I'd also stop God from raping and help if i could, because this very desire to help is also God's desire and God's will. If I choose to help, it's God's love, God's will. If I choose to not help it's also God's love, and God's will.
  20. This "you" is also God, God can imagine God stop God from raping or not, both scenario is love, God, and God experiences both.
  21. I'd appreciate if Mods let us know if hiding a post does actually delete it forever.
  22. In this post, @Leo Gura said that you can make your post private by hiding it But why there's no way to see your private posts!?
  23. I hope hiding a post is not same as deleting it forever.