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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine Turquoise*
  2. I think Vaush has def kinda adopted some yellow over the past year, but it will be hard for him to fully transition since he built his entire career around green ideology essentially and that is the stage of his base and all of his circle... Solid Yellow vaush would def be a beauty tho
  3. @Preety_India The Sopranos really helped me understand stage red much better
  4. I think you would def need to have access to the internet or books or somethin
  5. Only siths deal in absolutes...
  6. lol, just say you got a bf and that this ain't gonna work out then block
  7. yes! Healthy integration of red is also really useful in social situations.
  8. Album title: Whole Lotta Red..... sounds bout right lol
  9. @StarStruck I think that this video can help you make more sense of the quote. Basically, under the umbrella of non-duality is duality... Many "spiritual" people ironically create a dichotomy between duality and non-duality and want to reject the practical and human elements of life just because it is "not real" anyway, so why bother... I think Rumi is tryna say that this mindset is silly
  10. lol, I would not put too much stock in Bobby's perspective. Diff body types and genetics have diff needs and some can process meat or veggies better than others. Even within the categories of "meat" and "veggies", there is a shit ton of nuance regarding what is ideal for each individual. With that being said, 99.9% of people would not be able to sustainably function on a pure carnivore diet. Also, it is absolutely not ideal for the environment. Literally the opposite actually. Check out Cowspiracy on Netflix to learn more about how the meat industry is destroying our environment-- even more than the fossil fuel industry arguably.
  11. let this man rest as long as he needs.
  12. Dr. K is awesome! healthy gamer gg is a great resource
  13. fam.................. that is almost 1 entire year you spent on that game out of the past 7 since it came out. If you spent that much time on literally any skill, you would be op af. Think of real-life as an rpg and video games are mini-games within it. Yeah, the minigames may be fun, simple, and a source of quick stimulation, but the real deal is so much better once you build momentum and get in the swing of things.
  14. lol, I swear all your posts are just beating a dead horse.
  15. When green says this, they don't mean it in terms of ideology lol. they mostly mean that in terms of social identity. Yes. while stage green will not be as judgemental along the lines of race, social status, religion, etc, they will of course be judgemental of blue and orange. Green is still tier 1. to fully understand blue and orange would mean to be at yellow. lol, post modernism is a strange loop. Funny how so many greenies get triggered by modernist narratives and can be quick to call other ideologies bullshit considering that if you actually deeply apply post modernism, the ideology itself is as untenable as any other ideology... even modernist ones... it literally digests itself. I think about this in terms of ideology... Green does not recognize that depending on context, stage blue nationalistic government can be healthier than social democracy or socialism-- for example, like in Iraq. Green does not see the spiral to its fullest.
  16. Debatable. You need to work extremely hard to get to that level. That is very respectable. I am not even a fan of his, but I acknowledge this.
  17. they incorporate socialistic policies to balance unfettered capitalism though