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  1. You've only tried 2-kinds of psychedelics, which are LSD and mushrooms. Why the hell are you mentioning DMT? You haven't even tried it. Then, you also have to consider genetics and that it's 'simply not for you.' Take DMT for 30 days straight and then come back. If that hasn't changed you, stick to meditating and crossing your legs.
  2. @TheGod This post is not arrogant, you are on the right track. I've had awakenings so powerful, explaining it would make me 10x more arrogant. This is nothing compared to what you are fully capable of - good luck.
  3. As someone who deeply loves ayahuasca-- yes, it's deeply introspective. For me specifically, it's deep, highly visual, and paranormal. At this point, every time I take Ayahuasca - I become a demi-god.
  4. @KatiesKarma Yes, THC is underrated and undervalued as a pschedelic. I got pushed into chaotic consciousness with it.
  5. So, you are telling me that they are able to enter into our atmosphere, in some cases deep into the ocean and back into outer space. There are possibly 100,000s of them traveling across the Universe with who knows what kind of technology they have. With that kind of forum signature, you'd think you'd be more open-minded.
  6. Well, if you are traveling beyond the speed of light and multi-dimensionally, I would assume it requires a particular body load. This wouldn't be technology, as it would require science. This would be beyond science but still limited in that it can still make mistakes or requires some landing (at a very low percentage). But, not as limited as a helicopter or airplane landing/crashing- as their spacecraft is beyond normal human technology. This could simply be the limitation of their physical body. But, not the limitation of a typical human body - that requires a suit and protective gear. The type of limitation that is so highly intelligent that a human couldn't understand, but still limited enough that the alien can get tired, sick, etc. This wouldn't be due to G-force or other human limitations when flying a fighter jet or airplane. This limitation could be so high-level, such as layers of dimensionality traveled that caused X, Y issues while visiting Earth, another planet, or the solar system, etc. There are also hundreds of other possibilities than just "if they are so intelligent, why did they crash" nonsense.
  7. @PurpleTree Since it's a liquid, you can take a 15ML bottle (with a syringe as a bottle cap) and pour ayahuasca into it. You microdose 10-20 drops per day under the tongue and hold it for a few seconds. I usually like to swish it in my mouth; sometimes, I just drink it through - no waiting. For me, I feel sleepy and need to take a nap. If you feel sleepy, go to sleep. If you don't feel sleepy, wait for a few days and see how you feel - as your metabolism will be different than mine. Do this for 30 days with a strong intent to understand and release trauma. Track how you feel mentally every day and only ramp up doses when you feel the intuition to do so or if you don't feel the effects (i.e., not out of pure ego). You may experience strong emotional urges, mental masturbation of trauma, and/or physical sensations throughout your body. At this point, you need to become meditative and conscious of what's going on in your mind. When I became aware of all the trauma I was holding, it was stuck right into my chest. It was like a baseball hit me by a professional player. Instead of the pain being on the outside, it was on the inside. It was a VERY powerful sensation, and I'm surprised I was even able to survive such experience. But, it was what I needed for further spiritual expansion. Trauma releasing with psychedelics is very powerful and should be taken seriously.
  8. Yes, repressed, traumatic emotions can be released with psychedelics, but be careful about what you wish for. Ayahuasca/DMT, when micro-dosing / macro-dosing for 30 days, released about several years of pent-up anger, trauma, and fear - all at once - for several days; it was hell because you had to push through all negative thoughts, emotions, and trauma. You have to come face to face with you, being the Devil. This was tough. However, in the end, you can become a much stronger person. The beautiful part of this is I was able to access new layers of consciousness I wasn't to before after the several days of hell and released a wide range of trauma but that lead to a more authentic self.
  9. I wish I'd known how powerful psychedelics were and how much respect you have to give them. These substances are not a joke and shouldn't be taken lightly. An encounter with these substances should be treated as if it could kill you, meaning you should do your research and dose properly - because it can cause harm with improper use. This is one of my biggest lessons during a musical festival and overdosing on LSD. Since then, I've done nothing more than respect psychedelics and have beautiful awakenings. Consciousness is not a game to be played with and you will suffer the consequences of immature actions.
  10. @Yimpa Yes, I'm thinking some people are more sensitive to THC than others. The people who are casually smoking weed/THC just must not be as sensitive. CBD oil is definitely psychoactive. THC, specifically, can stripe you ruthlessly from your ego, especially if you think you are 'awakened.'
  11. My family has a history of mental health - including bipolar disorder, depression, and suicide. I have all of these symptoms and have been able to control myself mentally during psychedelic trips. You have to be very conscious of how psychedelics are affecting you mentally and if it appears to not be improving, take a break and move on to another psychedelic at a small dose. You just have to be very selective and mentally prepared. Take small doses, scale up safely, and ensure you are mentally comfortable and of course, not taking medication with certain psychedelics.
  12. @OBEler Before, I used to become very imaginative on weed. I naturally could not handle large amounts. About two puffs in the lungs and I'm ready to pass out and fall asleep. With a bong, it leads to a psychedelic state but with anxiety and fears. The last time I did weed with a bong, I was having a strong anxiety attack and thought I was about to go to the emergency room. This was aligned with very strong visuals and spirituality. But, back then, I didn't think much of it but still noted it down. This was two years ago. Since then, I've become much stronger due to my previous strong trips with LSD and now Ayahuasca/DMT. I decided to experiment with THC as a psychedelic after casually using delta-8. Not all delta-8 products or weed strains are quality/potent. You usually want to aim for pure THC or at least quality THC products. You get what you pay for in this regard. Also, It appears that taking DMT / 5-meos can have some changes in your brain, which can be permanent and can allow other substances to cause a trip / spiritual experience, that you may have not been able to before. This has allowed me to handle very strong psychedelic experiences with THC. The visuals are not like LSD tabs, but THC is still very strong in its own unique way. It was like being sent into the organics of consciousness; it was intelligent CHAOS. It was like being pulled into multiple dimensions of visuals. As this was happening, I was going in and out of sleep, waking up with VERY STRONG visuals, and also semi-jittering / panicking last night. Even now, I'm not fully recovered. THC can be mentally draining from all the intense and chaotic visuals of God. These visuals are very beautiful but can also be very terrifying. This aligns with most people's experience of overdosing on THC gummies. They cannot handle the chaotic/strong visuals, you can also feel these visuals deeply penetrating into your soul. Once it starts, there is no stopping it. You take what God gives you and you give it the utmost respect. I called it chaotic consciousness for a reason. There is no telling what THC can give you. The first experience was fun, almost like a chaotic wonderland of infinite imagination. However, last night was a humbling experience. It was a mind-fucking visual chain of organic consciousness that was also aligned 100% with my spirituality. Every visual is being felt, even while sleeping. This has surpassed even some of my DMT experiences, which were straight-up paranormal; demons, ghosts, outwardly entities- you name it! THC mind-fucked me into oblivion that I was not prepared for and I caution anyone to take it seriously like a psychedelic if used in high doses. Be safe.
  13. @Davino THC is a humbling experience. You'll get kicked like a soccer ball right into the organics of consciousness without any remorse by God and then told that all your prior awakenings were nothing more than a strip tease. At least for me. This stuff being used casually is nonsense.
  14. The problem is - most people cannot handle LSD. Imagine an AI psychedelic compound that is 10x that of LSD. Or possibly, these new substances can bring totally different and radical awakenings. The issue is here, we can barely get our hands on 5-MEO-DMT or any MEOs or psychedelics for that matter. We would need to heavily legalize psych before we go making new substances.
  15. @LSD-Rumi The point is - try it for yourself. Who knows, you might get raped by an alien.
  16. Mind and genetics. And most of all, it's hard to explain your trips in words because words are so fucking limited.
  17. After taking so much DMT, I decided to start smoking weed again. I'm telling you, Leo is right - weed is NO FUCKING JOKE. My first was a few days ago, witnessing infinite chaotic wonderland and today, it humbled the fuck out of me. Still attached to all my human desires, needs and wants. It was a semi-scary and semi-humbling experience. It goes straight to the organics of consciousness. My fucking GOD- can't get off the bed. As much as I've awakened to, I don't know shit about God.
  18. Microdose ayahuasca in a 15mL bottle- take about 10 - 20 drops out of a syringe per day.
  19. The best and most humbling awakenings is to realize you are not awake because you are trapped in a vast network of deep sleep human consciousness.
  20. Disclaimer: I had trouble putting all of this into words, so I’ve written an original version and re-written / restructured it with AI, and heavily editorialized it to ensure the full story experience of the original. I decided to create my first thread as a journal through this infinite chaotic wonderland. I woke up to a kind of consciousness that completely blindsided me. I've skimmed a few Reddit threads about people's experiences with delta-8, but none of them had me picking my jaw up off the floor. Delta-8 and Delta-9 do the same thing for me; they chill me out, sharpen my focus, and spark my creativity. It also has a spiritual side effect at high doses, just like weed, so I'm cautious when I'm just using it to unwind. After a couple of drags of delta-8, I decided to go for gold and take some real hits. I wasn't scared; the most intense awakenings I've had have been on ayahuasca. But man, I did not see this coming! After a few more pulls, I started feeling drowsy and sensed something big was about to happen. I figured I'd lie down on the bed and let consciousness do its thing. As I'm lying there, my brain was running wild with ideas, like a never-ending generator of imagination. It was like some spiritual fastball had hit me square in the head, cranking out these hyper-creative elements, shapes, and entities that were out of this world. During this, I was flexing my infinite creative muscles and messing around with consciousness in a way that was seriously intense. My creativity was expanding so quickly that I couldn't keep up with everything that was happening because it was all so rapid-fire. My consciousness was changing in ways that were unimaginable without psychedelics. There was a point where I thought my brain might just throw in the towel, unable to keep functioning at such a high level. But my ability to IMAGINE and be INFINITELY CREATIVE was smooth and easygoing. It was a lot like that trip I had with morning glory when I woke up to Infinite Imagination, but this was on another level. And then, things started to get CHAOTIC. At this point, the CHAOS shifted into something PLAYFUL. Next thing I knew, I was imagining a CHAOTIC realm full of playful, cartoonish figures, abstract beings, shapes, vibrant colors, and TOTAL CHAOS. The CHAOS was breaking all the rules and laws of physics, jumping from one bizarre element to another in the blink of an eye. It was all about having endless fun, laughs, and playfulness. It was an aspect of consciousness that was nothing less than pure, playful CHAOS! It felt like I'd stepped into a CHAOTIC cartoon wonderland, a town of ABSOLUTE CHAOS. For example, picture a string stretching across the entire universe. Now, imagine every inch of that string bursting into CHAOTIC beauty - revealing new whimsical realms, entities, abstract forms, animated beings, vibrant colors, and pure, unadulterated CHAOS. The CHAOS was its own unique brand of gorgeous; there was no sense of order, and yet, in its own wild way, it was incredibly organized. Imagine bodies morphing into shapes beyond normal comprehension, forming perfectly spherical consciousness and looping in and out of infinity while having a blast. Big, pointy teeth could transform into awe-inspiring structures and gorgeous creations, all while having the freedom to become whatever they desired. I was mind-boggled to a beautiful, chaotic extent. The chaos was relentless. Things weren't sticking to any familiar, solid forms like in physical reality; it was all pure, undiluted CHAOS. During all this madness, there were a bunch of entities in the mix. One was this vibrant bear creature giving out advice, a wild jester trying to wrap its head around how on earth I'd managed to get this kind of access, and then there were other chaotic entities that are just too out there to even put into words. Consciousness was morphing into all these forms that go way beyond what a human could do. My consciousness could also dream up infinite loops and portals that went beyond anything I'd ever thought of. This was utter CHAOS. There was this active give-and-take, a playful volley of "I am god too," like, "I am god, no, I am god" - a never-ending cycle of chaotic love with each one proclaiming, "I am god, no, I am god." It wasn't just a proclamation, but they were expressing it with infinite bliss - by morphing into different imaginative forms, all in a beautifully chaotic way. Will share more tomorrow.
  21. Sounds interesting; it could lead to some interesting God realizations. The last time I took LSD - it put me in a paranormal/supernatural demonic state. This demonic state continues on Ayahuasca unless I intentionally plop out of that state.
  22. There is a TEKK where you can mix your morning glory seeds in Sherry wine and no side effects at all. Morning glory seeds are also very loving. I'll be the first one to get my hands on pure LSA if avail.
  23. Ayahuasca is just much better than vaping.
  24. Here are a few more contemplative efforts: 1. Infinite Imagination is just that, INFINITE. There are no limits, bounds, or restrictions. You are free to imagine as you wish. After this awakening, I've realized the power of infinite imagination, aspects of how consciousness function, and the power of one mind. 2. There appear to be new types of love that consciousness has invented, even beyond humans. This love functions beyond the order of ordinary human imagination. I'm pretty sure of this now. 3. THC is a profound psychedelic and should be taken seriously.
  25. Here's an insane trip report using THC / Delta-8 in high doses. Feels like the frequent use of ayahuasca/DMT did something to my brain that allows sensitivity to others substances. But, this is not the only crazy trip I've had, but this one was the most chaotic. I also completely realized the deep dream state of human consciousness. EDIT: THC IS THE REAL DEAL