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  1. I think its telling that if we understand "mental illness" so well why cant we come up with a sure fire treatment or cure? Seems to me that we don have anything better than symptom suppressants and all these labels while having a function aren't conclusive and really all it does it box you in/ disempower you, none the less the societal stigma around it. it may be obvious to spot that someone has something wrong with their stability and mental balance/function but how can you then give it a lifelong label that is just identification of symptoms without knowing the cause or really how to cure it? it may not be mental in origin, it could be the air/ habits/diet/ etc etc. this is a big area where western medicine fails. its too logical and trying to classify everything and label it beyond genetic defects and such i feel like its hard to really pin down what causes/cures or treats "mental illness" and dont feel like there is a solid understanding of it. which calls me to believe that it is much more spiritual in nature beyond just chemistry and taking a pill. bipolar, autism, and the like arent concrete at all they are labels of observable symptoms and behavior and the funny thing is not many experts would believe that there is anything metaphysical about them or placebo or self created and to me as long as they dont admit that, i cant take the system seriously.
  2. I think a country should be able to call itself whatever its people wants, as stated "India" was a colonial term forced upon the nation. Sadhguru made an analogy about the "technologies of domination" that slave traders used to do the same thing with their "property". The first thing that happened when you were sold into slavery was that they changed your birth name to something demeaning to insulting to demoralize you and make you easier to bend to their will. I agree that nationalism isnt everything, but you cant transcend nationalism until everyone is comfortable in their own authenticity and I think Bharat seems more authentic than India since India basically means nothing (river) and Bharat means "to be maintained (of fire)" to me its a no brainer, and its easy to judge from the west but people from Bharat seem to like that change and its a step in the right direction towards authenticity. From the Article : "I know a whole lot of the intellectual crowd will say, “What is in a name?” When you utter your name, you must understand there is sound. The meaning is only psychological and social. The sound is existential and has a power. “Bharat” has power. This power has to reverberate through everybody’s hearts in this country. And the idea of what it means to be an Indian must get across to every human being because if everyone’s aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don’t have a nation."
  3. Isn’t it too overly logical and anal to preach “get the job so you can get finances , get the finances so you can get your shit together, get your shit together so you can get a woman, get a woman so you can cultivate love and get your needs met, and get all of the previous shit so you can meditate and do spirtual pursuits, and maintain all of the previous shit until enlightenment.” I feel like the linear path of xyz as mentioned below is very wrong to apply to everyone and there is a vast amount of exceptions in actual reality and no other spirtual school has put such an emphasis on materialism. Ideally you can use anything as a tool to the divine why restrict yourself to such a narrow pathway? also this kind of thinking perpetuates and in a way validates a system which people are already highly critical of and not working for most people, I don’t see the fruits in preaching this gospel or method and would endorse a more free flowing way. saying you need all that shit to be an attractive man is like saying you need mala beads and an ochre robe to be spirtual, sure it’s sexy on the surface but it’s very risky too, I don’t think actual life progress is that linear, for example why can’t you work on your spirtual first and then come back to career or dating or just say fuck it all. Spirituality shouldn’t be gatekept by materialism ideally your job or career or dating sex life would be a spirtual sadhana in itself and not a bridge to it
  4. Yea I know I’m not realistic but I do truly believe like some masters say that if it’s meant to be it’ll be, existence will present you with a mirror/match of who you are if it feels you could learn from the relationship/connection. I have nothing against seeking out a relationship but sometimes someone will just walk into your life spontaneously and serendipitiously I am very allergic to lists of expectations and definitely don’t like dating and monogamy isn’t for me. I don’t really seek security I just enjoy sharing connections with women and all beings really I do think there is wisdom in allowing people into your life and letting them go when the relationship has run it’s course there is deep wisdom in that, but the intense desire for sex/security/pleasure at all costs from another being is ugly imo can safely say I wasted a lot of my life on that road
  5. Angelic—- if I thought I should pursue I wife it would be her haha
  6. After all my experience I don’t thin suppression is the answer but if you gotta jerk off I think it’s truly wise to always have the intention of transcending it, I agree with Leo, young men should masturbate but eventually it should get itself out of your system, you don’t want to be 60-70 years old jerking off, your body isn’t meant to be cumming your whole life, there is a reason why man become generally more impotent as they age, or so I think osho is the most measured but Sadhguru and Leo seem to agree, jerking off is a compulsion and you can either do it consciously or compulsively, you shouldn’t really just jerk off on its own, you should jerk off and also meditate says Osho and you should move from compulsion to consciousness slowly and not by force Osho also says that eventually if you keep jerking off AND ALSO meditating the desire and the compulsion will drop away but only if you cultivate the intention to drop it away eventually, that is a measured healthy approach imo and it doesn’t suffer from the problems of suppression or addiction because I truly do believe if you masturbate consciously the desire will drop away eventually and naturally without any effort
  7. I know we all want Dems to win and think Trump would be better to run against, but truly it would be better for the country if that man had to answer for his devilry, I dont like Desantis at all but I believe Trump shouldnt be allowed to run either, any sane person would agree, hes a danger to this country staying together and has called for civil war many times for absolutely bullshit reasons.
  8. San Fran, Seattle, New York, > Birmingham, Oklahoma City, Louisville
  9. I really like the ability to connect with different beings and realize the oneness behind it all in a distinct form. And the diversity and creativity behind it all. I really hate the design that things have use to an energy source to sustain themselves, and like you I disagree with the notion that you always need the bad to appreciate the good. duality is fine, but its obvious to me you can exist in a state of bliss without suffering and torture/worry on your mind and pain and anguish and to deny this is silly. and I dont like obligation in any form its one of the most illusory things of all.
  10. ideally havjng kids are an act of love and creativity, not some human obligation for survival, don’t worry about survival unless you know why you’re surviving. give yourself a reason to, don’t just say you must. this is exactly what happens with kids and probably the same reason fertility rates are declining, people feel like they need to survive and their kids need to survive and if they can’t afford to have a kid they won’t. in the words of meta sage, life is tremendously short, work on yourself, you aren’t so developed, (including myself in this statement). Having kids is like passing the buck onto them, you want them to be better than you were, well why can’t you just improve yourself? im not against it but at the best it’s a medium to show compassion and love for reality and at worst they are a distraction from working on yourself. there is a reason why the most spirituality advanced humans are often single and without children, contemplate this. the way humans live right now, by the vast majority we don’t live harmoniously with nature and so in my opinion it’s unwise to bring a child into the world. but I am totally against anti Natalism and forcing people to be single although I am for limits to the amount of children people can have until we fix our problem with cohesion with nature. imo having kids has become too much of a normie act and is too often not thought out and respected as the completely life changing event, people just try to wing being parents without dedicating their lives to being a good parent and honestly this disgusts me and is the very reason for a lot of societal dysfunction.
  11. I wonder what the percentages are for or against the ban for women in the US are, I’m guessing it’s over 80% against, political suicide
  12. Not saying I’m perfect, but if you can’t respect your home what good is it to survive? the only reason to survive is for the love of life imo and how can you love life if it’s mad max and knowing that you are helping cause suffering and destruction in the world by your own ignorance. no we can’t force anyone to wise up but if we don’t force ourselves the universe will do it for us
  13. Hey man, it’s no shade on you, but you are kind of all over the place, one day you’re a zen master, one day you’ve had an awakening to no self solipsism, then one day you want to be a bachelor and fuck 100 women, and now you want to be a strict follower of Islam, I honestly wish you the best of luck but truly man it seems as though you have no resolve, you speak of things like they are absolutes when the truth is you are going to change your mind tomorrow, and it’s not wrong to do this, consistency is good yes but only if you’re on the right path, I am just pointing this out to you out of compassion, I have kind of been on the same path, I had a lot of neo advaita energy and I still respect the message but I’ve done a great deal to integrate that into my life path and I exhausted that path it’s changed my life forever. Spiritual traditions, the leo teachings and many of the other sages/gurus/divine guidance I follow. it just doesn’t seem like you are integrating things properly and it seems like you are running around in circles jumping from one promised land to another. if you ask me, any religion that doesn’t value : contemplation/meditation/introspection and exploration of consciousness for yourself devoid of dogma is a piss poor one, as others have said, why don’t you create your own religion? Why be a follower? Yes take influence but where is the guru in Islam? At least in other traditions there is a guru that teaches from LIVED experience not some scripture. jesus is dead and can only help you metaphysically from my experience (Christian mystics are out their to learn from but they are rare) buddha is dead and can only help you from beyond the physical (although the has created many masters) same with Muhammad and Moses (good luck finding a Kabbalist or Sufi mystic these days) but be careful dedicating your life to everything without proper contemplation. If that’s all true to you in your experience than fine go down the rabbit hole, the Sufi mystics we’re quite awake at least in my opinion and Islam has done some wonderful things, but if you’re on this forum I think you know just how evil religion can also be on a practical human level.
  14. Promote wise speech and discourage ignorant speech, like @Recursoinominado said, we should all come to a approximate consensus as to what speech is motivated by wisdom and love (normal/ polite/ appropriate ) and what speech is motivated by hate and ignorance, most dictionaries already do this informally it doesn’t necessarily have to be a law but there should be social consequences to mouthing off like Kanye west about the Jews or hating on someone’s mere identity. I think a wise person wouldn’t value their ability to say an obviously hateful thing to someone over their ability to restrain themselves from it. And really in an ideal world you should fear being a hateful individual instead of not being able to spew your hatred with no consequences because it’s protected under the law. and yes it’s tricky, but if you can just say whatever you want in any cicrcumstances with no repercussions or consequences, then you are very reckless and society wouldn’t function harmoniously, curtailing hate speech isn’t about having power over people, although it may seem that, it’s an act of human compassion to protect vulnerable people from the worst faith actors of our kind. Some social taboos are good. ideally you wouldn’t need a law and people would by default not resort to ad hominem and threating and hateful speech. but time and time again there is too much ignorance in the world and people might need an incentive to treat people with basic compassion in the world how sad it is. it’s always a balancing act between what’s good for the individual and what’s good for society.
  15. This one is also a classic pertaining to your thought :
  16. First one is from one of the most flawless albums I’ve ever listened to; and some of the best beat production I’ve heard combined with the lyricism of a rap god and a deep message And then a brilliant creative genius level song with lyrics as deep as they come in pop Then these last three are just musical masterpieces that require no description
  17. I believe the best take I’ve heard on this type of discussion is from Osho on his talks communism and zen fire which you can listen to on Osho world for free. He basically agrees and says that biggest sin of Soviet style communism was the dissolution of spirituality, he agrees that getting rid of organized religion was a great thing, but not having any inner awareness and regard of the soul/god/universal energy was a big mistake and he criticizes gorbachev for cozying back up to the west. given that the talks were happening in the 80s when the Soviet Union was still in full swing, it’s a good piece of recorded history. Osho himself wasn’t a communist but believed in the concept and even said as much as it’s the natural progression of humanity to this type of system. it’s also pretty ironic from the talks that Marx often thought that the USA would be the first communist country in the world and one could argue that the U.S. has been its greatest enemy
  18. The two Aaron Abke videos on UFOs and ETs are quite illuminating. He tries to make sense of why they aren’t landing on the White House lawn and what their technology and ships actually are and do. a lot of is obviously law of one stuff but I think it makes a whole lot of since and I must say I did see a ufo in the sky and behaved exactly like most videos of them, blinking in and out of human naked eye perception and also making law of physics defying movements. Also being illuminated by white light. Sorry if this is off topic but I think it’s relevant to the news even though the video is two years old.
  19. the need to create massive value is very materialistic, as if you could measure it objectively and quantify for each individual, a critique of Marxism is that they assume every human creates the same value, which is untrue, but what is true is what is valuable to society may not be valuable to each individual, another word for value is love, and what i love and the love i create should be unique to me, and i just dont jive with this attitude of create it or else, life is spontaneous and like others in this thread have said, society isnt built to facilitate massive value creation and the world doesnt need more jeff bezos or bill gates, the world needs authentic individuals who honor their authentic likes talents and abilities, who gives a shit if someone is a barista or playing video games all day, they aint hurting anyone, they dont need to be on some great mission, and really how could you tell, that barista could be more awake than you. I truly think the more wise you get the less "massive value" you feel compelled to make and it either comes naturally or you "go with the flow" who will the followers be if we all become leaders? who will help you with your dreams if each person has their own? I mean just think about it, It sounds sexy if we were all just highly creative individuals, answered to no one, were completely self sufficient and mastered survival, but that ideal sounds more utopian than anything marx ever wrote. society is a balance and a give and take, work isnt effective if you are forced, coerced, desperate, or have no other options but to do it, there needs to be some higher purpose than survival in an ideal society. im not against creating massive value, but just very skeptical that it can be quantified in an objective way and then to judge and value people on their ability to meet that goal seems very childish to me, sure you can say im just trying to justify my incompetence, but clearly Im not in love with society and the way it "works" and honestly there needs to be Vanaprastha, any healthy society allows people to go their own way, i could just as easily say society is using politics to justify its selfishness and greediness and wage slavery society doesnt owe me anything, but in turn neither do I owe it anything.
  20. Survival is literally the easiest thing in the world, you can eat two bites of an apple every day and survive an awful long time. It’s just that I think at the heart of socialism is the innate human need to THRIVE. Under most capitalistic societies we are only just surviving and we are scared and worried of being homeless because we know no one is going to give a shit about us if we are on the street. If survival needs are met for everyone, of course there will be lazy people who coast by on society but there will be far more people who are now empowered to be the best human they want to be. At least this is my understanding of it. people act like money is the only reason to work. I work on plenty of crap in my life and literally none of it is because of money, I think that is a flaw in people’s thinking. You don’t do what you love because it pays well you do what you love because it’s what you love. Socialism at its best would empower that. of course there are plenty of jobs no one will want to do if there isn’t a survival need to do them, but I think of that as a minor problem, I think the bigger problem is meeting everyone’s survival needs first. And you’d be simply lying if you said the resources don’t exist to do exactly that in most countries around the world. It’s more of a human development problem than anything, we don’t need socialism or communism we just need people who give a shit and want to do more with their day than just go to work and come home on autopilot
  21. Alan watts has a good quote, why is it so important the human species keep on surviving? We certainly don’t have to. gay people are only a threat to people who aren’t open minded. There’s also the loophole of bisexual, of course you can have plenty of homosexual sex and still propagate the species, so lgbt isn’t a legitimate threat I mean it ain’t some strangers job to make you feel secure about the survival of the human race, you can’t mandate someone’s survival. Or the survival of the human race, if you must go on then life becomes hell, it’s no longer fun anymore, a problem with traditional and conservative world views. even back in the early 2000s when homophobia was a lot more prevalent I never gave a care about the fear. there are some people I really love and care deeply about that are very backwards on this issue.
  22. There’s no need to actualize, honestly it’s just a preference and it seems there’s really nothing special about a preference, someone who likes vanilla is not better than someone who likes chocolate. So much self righteousness from people on this forum. If you enjoy having money, societies version of success, women, fun, more understanding then go for it. But it’s not like it ultimately matters in anyway. And if it matters to you, the reality of the situation is one day it might not. So basically it all boils down to a current preference, I say all preferences are natural anyway so don’t worry and you’re right who cares
  23. Yea, it’s a pretty profound realization, that all purpose is meaningless and reality ultimately has no requirements or direction in which you must traverse. It’s all absolutely and unequivocally an ego game of : action> justification of that action> rationalization> fitting the rationalization into a story> letting the stories form the character, and it is very beautiful but you’ll excuse me if I have no interest in playing it, I suppose it’s going to keep on keeping on whether I want it to or not. If I had my wish I’d will it to be as I want but to my experience that’s not how this game works. So here “I” am and I’m along for the ride, I’m going to tough it out because I can’t literally imagine the alternative bahaha
  24. @axiom it’s moot to argue which extreme is worse imo, they obviously aren’t the same, you need to wings to fly and all that but to say that all older people should be right wing is insane, what if I don’t care about the family unit, fiscal money saving, having a strong economy, national pride, stage blue values and I value in my life more compassion, cohesiveness, selflessness, joy and doing things on purpose rather than just doing things for the sake of it, most conservative traditional positions don’t appeal to me, not to say I can’t change, but what is so dumb about favoring left wing agendas? It’s such a big mistake to think that the younger generation wants to put people in a gulag it’s not even worth addressing. They want the socialism of Scandinavia not soviet Russia and communist China