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  1. Firstly, I'm sorry you had some difficult experiences in the past.  I think anyone who is willing to sit down and explore their experience can realize their true nature, no matter what they've experienced in this life.

    Now, in short, be the Knowing.  Knowing/Awareness is what you are, so exercise your knowingness in this moment.  Your Knowing is something you can turn up the dial on.  So turn up the dial of Knowing, by just practicing KNOWING in this moment.  BE PURE KNOWING.  Within a few minutes of doing this, you will begin to experience the peace of your true nature.  Realizing who you really are doesn't have to be complicated. :)

  2. 11 minutes ago, WelcometoReality said:

    @Beginner Mind It's so simple that it might seem boring to the spirtual seeker. :)

    Yes!  I get the impression that many people here are seeking extraordinary experiences, seeking to understand how the universe was made, or seeking to magically manifest the perfect life circumstances, etc.

    This is not what true spirituality is about (in my opinion).  It's about realizing who you really are.  Simple.

  3. Just be the Knowing, knowingly.  This is what you are, so it's quite easy to do.  You could think of it initially as "flexing" your Knowing 'muscle'.  In other words, really KNOW, just practice really KNOWING in this moment.  Not knowing something in particular, but rather, just be pure knowing itself.  It will soon become apparent that this Knowing/Awareness is what you really are.   In time, you will be able to relax the focus of your attention and not exert any effort to be what you already are.  You will be able to rest in your true nature effortlessly.  But to begin with, "flexing" the Knowing can be helpful to familiarize yourself with Knowing/Awareness.

    I have nothing against psychedelics.  I'm sure they evoke genuine spiritual experiences.  But they are not needed.  Simply be Yourself.  Rest in Yourself.  That is, be the Knowing, knowingly.

    And with this, the restless seeking comes to an end.  What remains is peace...

  4. 23 minutes ago, Parththakkar12 said:

    @Beginner Mind I would tell you to assume that a woman is the missing piece of the puzzle and go about creating your relationship. I'm going to tell you why.

    If you're starving for food and someone comes to you and tells you 'Materialism will not make you happy', will that make your hunger go away? No. If they tell you that 'You are not your body. Wake up to the illusion that you are and wake up to your true Absolute nature!! You won't feel hunger if you are enlightened, you will be able to leave your body.' you're going to be gone hunting for food before they even finish.

    Until you've achieved success, success does make you happy! The illusion, shall we say, that success will make you happy does hold until the point that you get it. Then, you get to see whether it makes you happy or not! If someone comes and tells you that materialism doesn't make you happy, all of that talk is pointless until you've achieved it. You get the picture.

    A part of you believes that a woman is the answer. The only way to find that out is to have your relationship! That's the trick with finding out whether it'll make you happy or not - you only know that once you've experienced it.

    You may be right: I might have to experience it for myself in order to understand.  Problem is, there don't seem to be many opportunities to date these days.

  5. 4 minutes ago, flowboy said:

    @Beginner Mind my harsh approach doesn't work well for everyone. Just know that I mean no offense. I'm trying to point at something here, which, if you fix it, will get you the real results with the ladies.

    Do you see it?

    Admittedly I didn't like your approach.  But I see what you're saying.

    In real life, I would easily admit my weaknesses to a woman, no problem.  But I wasn't sure if online dating is a different ballgame.  Will the humor/authenticity shine through as intended, or will she just assume I lack self-esteem?  I just don't know.  

  6. 2 minutes ago, flowboy said:

    @Beginner Mind

    So, while these teachers will say things like, "A partner will never fulfill you", the next moment you will see them holding the hand of their beloved partner...  Seems somewhat hypocritical to me.

    You mistakenly assume that the only reason to do something is out of need. Need for fulfillment in this case.

    If that were true, enlightened people would stop engaging with the world and calmly await death as a hermit.

    But that's not what they do, is it?

    The more enlightened you are, the better a vessel you are for God. And God wants not to do nothing! It fractioned itself into you and other people because it wants to experience! There are lots of forces that flow freely in an enlightened being, like the desire for creative expression, sharing, interacting, playing, loving!

    When you are done needing, life becomes the ultimate joyful playground.

    Why NOT have a partner?

    I'd be genuinely curious to know who in this world is entering into a relationship as "an expression of love" or whatever, and not as a means of attaining fulfillment.

  7. 11 minutes ago, flowboy said:

    You should also add: "I lack the balls to try out my own ideas without having them validated by a bunch of strangers.

    I don't trust my own brain, so you can't trust me either.

    I am not okay with myself in the following areas, so instead of learning to love myself I need you to do it for me: social skills, exercise"


    Weird thing for you to post tbh.  I don't see the harm in seeking out some opinions.