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  1. 2 minutes ago, James123 said:

    @WHO IS God doesnt  have a problem, because even devil is god or you is god. But when you (devil) face with the god, every second when you say me, your bonds will break into million pieces because of pain till surrender yourself (ego). You are the god now, but from your ego to source, you will suffer good, and pay the price of holding the ego :) 

    So God creates someone then kills it? Doesnt that mean that persons/egos existence was in vain, and the only reason it existed was to entertain God?

  2. 15 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Floyd is now Infinite Love.

    It's YOU who doesn't want to call that love because you fear it.

    You think something bad happened to Floyd. Nope. Floyd fell into Infinite Love forever.

    Leo, what about reincarnation? Isn't it so that only a fully awakened person goes to infinite love at the point of the ohsycial body's death? And other people keep reincarnation? 

    Did you get insight that makes this information no longer to be true and that everybody go to infinite love forever? 

  3. 21 minutes ago, WelcometoReality said:

    @WHO IS would you rather die happily at 27 having done everything you wanted in life or die at 100 in regret not doing anything you wanted to do? :)

    I like what Jim Rohn says at 1:30:


    You know there is a alternative, wanting to not die at all, not in a billion years. 

    Why would we want to die guys? You are all beautiful and too special for you to just die. I love you all, and I don't want you to die. 

  4. Just now, James123 said:

    Looking at the mars is goal. Purpose projecting the mars directly is to project mars directly. If you born in prison, and you never heard or see mars, how can you project the mars or even aware of it? Goal is knowing in this worlds. Even believing in language is satisfaction of knowing. 

    Allah is everything and nothing. Prophet Muhammed “Allah is more closer to you than your vein, is everywhere and unthinkable”. Allah wills is creating the world (duality) for you to find it. Not to travel to mars.

    Do you say you are Allah? If you are Allah/God the ultimate creator/projector of reality/projection, you should be able to project whatever reality/projection, because you have infinite imagination, but yet every day you wake up, you wake up to the same reality/projection, why do you think it so?

  5. 2 minutes ago, James123 said:

    Body might not be able to go to mars. But you are not the body. You are everything including the body. Body (or ego) must go to mars not you. Thats why from ultimate perspective why you created your ego. Goal, purpose, questioning, language. There is no goal, purpose or language here. Just me.

    We can project mars directly we dont need any reason/goal/purpose to do it. We just say project it. We saw "be" and it will be. 

    Doesnt Quran say Allah wills for something to be and it becomes? We don't need a reason/goals to do it, we just do it. 

  6. Just now, James123 said:

    Projection is me, and projector is me. How can i decide of myself or run away from myself Everything is already me. All is me, the word deciding is me. Listen this very closely, you will get it now :) when everything is already you, thats why you created your ego as you. You believed in that you have dont have a power to decide as a human. Thats why you created yourself at unconscious level :) 

    So lets change this projection in another one!! Lets go to Mars right now!


  7. 14 minutes ago, Chakra Lion said:

    @WHO IS You don't see the Illusion of Reality? Nothing here is real. The body is not you. You don't think that? 

    What do you think happens when the body dies? Does the soul die? The Mind? 

    We can call things "real" or "fake" it becomes semantics, in the end. Let's make it simpler and to the core, let's call it like this: whatever one experiencing in the moment is what is real to the one experiencing. 

    The thing is one is experiencing a reality, understanding that it is a projection/video-game/reality/life it doesn't matter how we call it, the fact is we are experiencing a domain/world-something. Now for a sane person, he/she would want this reality/projection/life/Etc. to be a beautiful and positive experience yes or no? Therefore the biggest goal should be to make this projection/life/reality/Etc. to be the way it would be like heaven for you.

    Who would choose hell over heaven?


  8. 3 minutes ago, James123 said:

    @WHO IS thats why i get in the game for survival needs (which is ego), rest of the time i am witnessing the game as awareness or god whatever it is called. Game is nothing and life is not happening. Just imagine the movie matrix, my body is codes to write these messages to you. I am watching it as awareness now. Whatever i watch is me too as nothing. So where is the life?

    Brother, I am saying that I see that You have 100% conviction in what you say, but there is a big "BUT" here. You say you are the projector of reality around You. However, it seems that even if You are the projector projecting reality/projection, You don't decide what the projection is. Do we see the issue? It seems that there is someone/something else/other then You that has its own will and it decides for you, even if you want it or not, what the projection is being projected. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, James123 said:

    Brother i am nothing or only awareness %20 of the day ( i witness of the body).  if you say body is alive or life , which is an illusion ((because you learned from the words that you are alive human vs,) just tell me how can you trust the language? you are not in the body, this place is an projection of projector. Additionally, nothingness is the projector of the projection. Therefore, if the projector is nothing, projection is coming from nothing, because of that projection is dream of nothingness. You are in the game, which has no disc, and created by nothingness.

    Why don't you as the nothing, change the projection to another projection? What stops from changing the projection to another one?

  10. 1 minute ago, Chakra Lion said:

    @WHO IS The Soul is separate from the Body. Where does the Mind go when the body sleeps? It creates another reality. The Body will turn to dust, but you will not. Experience your awareness floating out of your self. The body is just a vessel. What you are, is not physical or limited. 

    If well be conscious of our ideas, on what are these convictions you believe in based on? Don't you think there is a "positivity" bias involved here?

  11. 10 minutes ago, James123 said:

    @WHO IS lol :) who told you that you are in the body? You are in the body as nothing, therefore you are mot in the body and here. Body is writing by itself. You are a witness as nothing :) thats it. You are not here. Nothing is here

    Man, if well be honest :), taking any psychedelic and people actually dying are two different experiences. You base your judgment on the experiences you had on psychedelics, but you didn't die because you are still here to type here. Why can't you be truthful and just admit that You don't know, lel. Nobody here knows what happens when the body dies, but people don't want to admit that for some reason. Hmm, maybe because we are afraid?

  12. 2 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    Death is Infinite Love, you silly goose.

    You can't know for sure what happens after the physical body dies until it happens to you, Leo. Right now anything we say about death is all a speculation based on any-other direct-experience which to point out were NOT the death of the body. 

    So until we get the actual experience when the body dies, we all are pretending to know. 

  13. 7 minutes ago, ivankiss said:

    @WHO IS It's a knowing thing. Not an assumption.

    You know... when you just don't need any proof or evidence... It's just obvious.

    Not sure if this has anything to do with gaining new abilities tho. It's just a natural progression. The next step in my evolution.

    Wording it is one thing. Feeling it is undeniable.

    Man if you even get mega super crystalline DNA upgrade etc, but it changes nothing in terms of anything, then what difference does it make?

    You dont even know if DNA itself exist or not, you make this assumption by putting your trust in human science.  


  14. What if there is more to life/existence then just living like an ordinary homo-sapien which is an animal species. 

    The things you listed, are animal cravings, meat, sugar, sex etc., these things are craved by the animal body in our cases the animal bodies we have are homo-sapien.

    However, we have to make a distinction, are we our bodies or are we something else entirely that is connected to the body at this point? Try to ask yourself, who you are? Are you the brain? Where in the brain is YOU? The thing is the brain is made of many-many cells, which of those cells is You? But the cell is made of atoms, so which of those atoms contains You? An atom is made of etc...

    You see, we cant even locate where "We" actually are in the body, BUT the alternative is that what makes You - you, and what makes Me - me is not the homo-sapien body, even though we have control over our individual bodies. 

    Now please consider this, would You call yourself a Conscious individual? If yes, then do you think it is a conscious existence to live one's life by doing the things which the homo-sapien body craves. The body wants sex and You just follow its orders, it wants sugar You follow its order etc.

    Don't You see that, it seems then that it is the body that dictates your life and You just obey its command and don't actually take conscious control over your life/existence. 

    Why not start living consciously and see that the fact that you don't enjoy "animalistic-desires" of the body might be a blessing and NOT  a curse. 


  15. 3 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    It's about actualizing your potential. A human being isn't born complete. A human being must work on herself to become great and God-like. This has nothing to do with not accepting yourself. Greatness requires effort. Even accepting yourself requires effort.

    You only have two options in life: to be mediocre and shitty, or great. If you don't make the effort to be great, you will be shitty by default. Devilry is the default position for humans. Unbecoming a devil takes a lifetime of work.

    What's the point in putting this effort into turning a human great, if the human dies in the end?