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  1. 53 minutes ago, electroBeam said:

    that sounds like egoic projection onto a bunch of mystical experiences. There's no such thing as 'prisoner' or being 'stuck', those are ego mind constructions. There's no such thing as 'boredom' or 'loneliness', etc. 

    These kinds of arguments are based on the premise that ego and egoic pov is somehow inferior compared to the non-egoic pov. You take egoic-pov as a limitation and burden, but what if it is the total opposite? 

  2. You know people in the newer age spirutiality keep making allegories to VR to video games as to explain reality and its illusionary aspect. 

    However, what is the reasons for why we couldn't design ourselves our bodies? Like in a RPG video game for example? 

    So the limited humans who create RPG video games are more creative enough to know it is a more liberal thing to let the player decide the attributes and appearance of the avatar, and God is not creative enough to put this mechanic? 

  3. 8 minutes ago, AlwaysBeNice said:

    ^ it's not that you didn't touch upon something deeper, but people need to understand all story and concepts such as 'god did this, god did that', 'god wants this god wants that', are all still completely untrue.

    Yes it sounds profound and it may be fun to talk about, but really it's not true, i'm sorry. But the mind may think it is and perpetuate it's drama.

    So I'm not saying it to invalidate your experience, but I want to hammer this over and over again, all thoughts are not true. 

    You try to personify God that way because the ego likes to hold on to concepts, albeit that makes it stay in ignorance ultimately as well as fear.

    Because really, it's all more simple than that, so simple the mind cannot do anything with it, so scares the thinking mind, so when it gets closer to it it starts to imagine concepts to hold onto to it's identity.

    --There is just what appears,

    and consciousness is free from it inherently.

    That's it. Only that must be realized.

    There is no real God either.

    It came out of nothingness, as an existential happening.

    Oneness organizes things through love intelligence and law of attraction, but it didn't make these things.


    So when you say I imagined this to escape loneliness etc, that's still the mind talking, because from a deeper level, there is no thinking going, nor is there any loneliness.

    All thoughts about what appears are simply baseless.


    Never the less useful that you talk about it, because leaving these ideas unchecked can really gnaw on people, also a reason why psychedelics are kinda dangerous, especially because people tend to think that the thoughts they have on them are like the great given insights, and no offense! This happens a lot.

    Also you didn't imagine anything, this tends to imply that somehow you 'willed' existence into existence, you didn't, you can't will yourself or existence to have existed, it just is, or it appears when it appears.

    Just as you don't make your dreams come by will.

    Leo didn't understand this at one point too, though imagining can also refer to the fact that manifest life is mental in nature, part of mind.

    So it is all an existential happening that came out of nothingness and will return to nothingness when the body dies? Did I understand your point?


  4. 2 minutes ago, traveler said:

    This is everything appearing as looking at a screen. You are searching for something else to happen, something that will fulfill the lack that is an integral part of existing. You don't exist already, this happening is without meaning or context. Whatever is happening is all there is, there is no final state to enter and that also seems to be the underlying insight of your trip. This is utter hopeless, but it is not in need of hope.

    But it means not that one cannot enjoy the dream and make it into whatever one wishes to be. 

    Like, Mario realizes that he is part of the game-disc-world, but it just means that he can turn the experience into a dream rather than a nightmare. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, AlwaysBeNice said:

    I had such a horror trip once on mushrooms, or similar, it was terrible but afterwards came light and ecstasy and then I came down.

    Ive had many satoris, mostly in or around deep sleep, which are nice, and beyond mind. They were all totally different than that psychedelic madness. 

    What I think can happen on these trips is the mind is brought to some weird really weird state, and its normal ego is quite gone and it feels like, it's at the level of god then, and so every thought or sense it may have it describes itself 'all knowing'.

    But you see, that's still a level of mind and thinking, which is impermanent and untrue even.

    Which is hard to imagine at the time because it's all you have known and are used to, and the state is blowing your mind and personal sense of reality also even, so 'it must be true' then.

    But it's not no-mind, or pure feeling, it's mental psychedelic mad-land.

    So even though that was horrible, you can see it as grace, showing the futility of mind, in the ultimate sense. Best of luck. Jim Newman also talks about this, perhaps useful to you.

    It really mad, why even did we get the burden of having a mind? Why was this given, just for it than to cease to exist? all in vain?

  6. 59 minutes ago, justfortoday said:

    The truth about God is so shocking on so many levels that it can send anyone into a psychotic breakdown.

    When I found out physical reality was an illusion I completely freaked out.


    Brosky, let's try our best to stay rational and consider this please: You say you are all alone and only being and everything else is imaginary, I had the same experience too, some other guy or girl has the same experience, don't you see the problem?

    We all get the experience that each of us is the only being in reality, but don't we see that we are many? Therefore I think that those states/experiences are delusional and misleading, because as we can see there are many beings. 

  7. I can say that it is kind of scary! To see the whole existence in front of you and to experience the cursed of the ultimate knowledge.

    In the trip:

    There was a narrator female voice :

    Remember her saying

    “this is the curse of existence”

    Was showed about this intelligence programmed to calculate and learned everything to reach the ultimate knowledge but when it knew everything 100% it became a prisoner of itself stuck in the endless cycle of existence like a hamster in a wheel but the hamster never get tired and will never die its just keep on running on the loop.

    It was bored and lonely its constantly looking for the end of the cycle but it was endless. It keeps finding ways to stop from existing. Though it knows its gonna be like that for eternity. Its moving so fast and creating an echo of itself like a mirror facing each. It was pure energy and chaos.

    When I’m having this experience it feels like its me but It also feel that its not me . Its hard to explain. Thought Its not gonna end also.

    Does anyone experience the same. ?

    What was felt was that the all knowing entity finds comfort in pretending not know itself by becoming an entity with many boundaries like us humans. for it to escape its prison for a brief moment.

    So happy when the trip was going down. Feeling the ignorance and feeling of the great unknown .

  8. 4 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    I apologize for not being more sensitive to that.

    I don't want people who follow me to get the idea that women only have sexual value.

    My original reply was flippant. I'll be more careful in the future on such issues. I don't want to feed the MGTOW or Redpill attitudes about dating/women which are popular online nowadays.

    Respect Leo.

  9. 1 minute ago, JimBo said:

    @Leo Gura Please elaborate? 

    Basically at this point, people here write their own preferences as Gods. If we are God than whatever preference each of us has its God's preference automatically by this logic you see?

    However, they still realize that there is higher degrees of consciousness and Being. It is higher consciousness to save someone's life compared to kill someone for example. It is also higher consciousness to love people unconditionally compared to put people into categories you see?

    But right now they are using this loophole "Everything is God" so I will just act like my ego was used to act, basically act like a primate specie on earth. 

  10. 11 minutes ago, The Lucid Dreamer said:

    @WHO IS Yes, God is the author of your ego’s sexual preference, and God fully loves and accepts those sexual preferences.  

    You guys know better, therefore at this point You have no excuse. You already know it is a higher consciousness to love unconditionally people.

    But you still obey the primal animalsitic- automatic behavior of the body.

  11. 2 hours ago, The Lucid Dreamer said:

    Sexual preference is a different thing than universal unconditional Love.  Sexual preference a thing that you cannot control, and is largely due to your biology and mental conditioning.  

    It is possible to not want to have a sexual relationship with someone and still unconditionally Love them in a divine way. 

    God has control totally, it is God lol.

  12. Just now, James123 said:

    @zeroISinfinity cant you control your body? Are you shaking? Your ego is struggling let that go. Thats why this path is so hard you cant let go yourself. Fuck it let go. You will max live 50 years as ego. Dont be afraid. Just become the love. 

    Bro, why do You assume that if You are ok with ceaseing to exist others are too? And why do You assume that what you preaching is the right thing?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Well, it grants immortality. But I guess that's not useful enough for ya ;)

    I didnt say that Immortality is not good enough for me ;), however this immortality does not mean for the human-ego Leo or human ego me for sure. 

    Now what is alive cannot become dead, likewise as something that is dead cannot become alive. 

    Therefore, it means that if we realize that we are immortal it means we ALWAYS were and will be. 

                                                                                                       The only way for us to be immortal if we were from the get go.

  14. 8 minutes ago, James123 said:

    @WHO IS where is the thoughts? Can you see them? How can you know that even knowing is possible or language? Thats the reason why you realize these are all illusions and you are just being. You cant add anything.

    Than what is stopping anyone to end this illusion right away? Why cant I as an adult decide to jump from a very tall bridge into the ocean ? Hmm.

  15. 9 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    See my video: Why Brains Do Not Exist

    If you cut open the skull you will see some pink stuff in there. Which is color, not really a brain. Your "brain" is made out of color. So what is color? Do not make the naive mistake of thinking that color is something which happens in the brain. NO! Brain happens in color.

    Your notion of "brain" is highly metaphysically loaded. By that term you don't just mean color, you use it as an anchor for your entire reality. This anchor needs to be deconstructed to see that it is nothing more than some color, not different than the colors your floor is made of.

    What does this knowledge mean to the individual? What is the benefit of knowing this?                      Thank You.

  16. People still thinking inside a "human-way-of-thinking" box. Act, speak, think as humans do. Lets first of all stop being human, to at least get a fresh air of Consciousness which is not limited to the "human". 

    Death is for humans, aging is for humans, sex, food, etc all of these things are part of "humans" but it doesn't have to be for you, because you are no the "human". 

  17. All this talk of creating/projecting reality out of you, yet you are still prisoners of your own projection.

    Do something about it then!! Stop being unconscious observers and start to project reality that YOU want! hecking heck.

    You don't need to philosophize and whatnot, just ask yourself, do you like being ill? No? Then project a reality where there is NO illness.

    Would you like to be able to teleport/fly anywhere you want? Yes? Then project a reality in which you can. 

    Otherwise, all this "knowledge" you are getting is there for you only to cope better with reality, because still, it is the reality which calls the shots. 

  18. 3 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Right... you are trapped in the materialist myth of brains and physical objects. It is good to question and deconstruct that. But that's only the begining.

    There is no brain at all. The brain is just a story you invented to explain the present moment.

    Thoughts don't happen in a brain. The brain is a thought. Take a close look at what "my brain" really is and where it came from. Deconstruct it. Raw experience is not happening inside of any thing.

    I too become conscious of this in experience. However, what does this knowledge mean to anyone one of us?