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    1 minute ago, DrewNows said:

    because ending one's life isn't what most people want. It's what people might deem the "easy way out" when their perceived life becomes unbearable. We can easily say life is suffering, but suffering will always be 'self' defined, influenced by our focus. When suffering becomes someone's problem it is because they do not understand themselves well enough 

    So You agree that most people would want to live forever (as long as possible)

    So is the problem due to the fact that we humans are mortal or due to the fact that being human is a un-advanced form of life-form? Compared to what life could be, forms of life that can be way more advanced compared to human existence.

    I think it is clear that through out the human history humans always tried to form religions, angels, Gods, because their minds were intelligent enough to realize that being human is not the peak of existence and that there can be more advanced ways of existing with more perfection and power/ability, such as the angels, gods they imagined.

  2. Rilles I see your point, and I need to make clear "IM NOT AGAINST LIFE".  I Love existing :D and any sane Being would choose to exist for eternity. 

    The problem is that it "sucks" to exist/be limited to in existence in one of these human bodies we carry individually, if we will be objective here people.

  3. Humans all around the world say that life is mostly suffering. That being human is suffering. Then, why is suicide not considered as the option to get rid of this human condition, and thus the suffering that comes with being human inside one of these bodies?


    Even after one gets enlightened as people call this phenomenon, The Person is still slave to the laws of this reality. Humans need to put things into their mouths and then defecate these things after they eaten it, through a hole; and it stinks it looks disgusting yet it is coming out of your own body. In addition, a human being needs to lay unconscious almost half of its time. Most of a human being`s time is used upon the mundane and repetitive tasks, over and over again, and yet the human being has no choice in the matter, because living in chaos is not an option either; cleaning the place of living, throwing the trash, cooking the food, showering, cutting of the nails and hair, and many other mundane tasks. 

    As time progresses the human condition does not look brighter but only darker. Humans don't get healthier/younger with age. Human beings can lose integrity/health of their body in an instant which after one lives'/suffers the consequence of being ill/handicapped for the rest of their lives.

    There are SO many ways for a humans life to go wrong and thus give handicap/suffering that it is not even a question that human-condition is more of a curse than a blessing. There was never a human with a happy ending and never will be, and again it is due to the nature of the human itself. Its fragility and mortality. 


    (Billion Dollar) Question is:  Why Suicide is not considered as a way to break free from this unfortunate-condition?

    Isn't it silly how the "spiritual" people are so much after their another hit of breathing,  hmm... sounds like a survival mechanism? 

    (SARCASM) If You thinking that You are God Please try(dont) to stop breathing, show the middle finger to this universe and show that You won't play along by its rules and see how it will punish You.

  4. An animal cannot be evil since it does nothing consciously to harm another for the sake of harming except to follow its "programming". We can call it evil otherwise when a predator animal kills their prey.

    The body of the humans is in essence an animal, what it does cannot be labeled as evil, it does what it is slavishly programed to do. What makes the human remarkably destructive is the combination of animal and mind, and when the mind is slavishly following the animal's instinctive drive.

    Everything is always depending on the perspective and what really is what. What Elohem made is inherently about the consumption of another organism, which is quite cruel and crude in fact. 

    The human included is forced to consume another living organism, vegetable or meat, both are living organisms. 

    Same with diseases, they are also made to unnecessarily consume another organism for no apparent purpose other than to seem horrible. The world does in fact not need diseases for evolution yet they exist in it. You have both bacteria and viruses. I know some argue if they did not exist we had no evolution of the immune system, but why in the first place?

    From an immediate point of view, yes Elahem is evil and it is evident if you just merely look at the face of the world. It is in fact undeniable the world works by the mode of consumption to function and there is usually a lot of pain involved; pain by disease, pain by damage, pain by malfunctioning organs and pain induced by stress etc. The world is not kind, it is ignorant to say otherwise, being blind to objective evidence. The world is a very cruel place, other animals including your own species is out to get you, to hurt you and steal your items and territory.

    It should be easy to be pessimistic about the world unless one lives in a kind of bubble and refuses to accept what is before them. When one understands even more by mental evolution then it is even easier to be pessimistic, just look at me. I see a lot of retarded humanoids every day which is quite depressing and tiring.

    But the term evil is perhaps subjective always and not an objective term?

    For example, logically you cannot consider a person who is mentally unconscious evil if the person is not really conscious of what they are exactly doing and why but merely follow the instinct.

    Elahem are they evil due to what they are doing?

    Why are they doing this?

    Elahem do not have the moral issues which could be obvious for anyone contemplating. When I suffer on Earth, it does indeed feel real and I am in pain, I might not even do something which seems to cause me to deserve the pain. Yet I am inflicted with pain in many ways throughout the life, diseases cause me to be forced to remain in bed some days. I might get cancer and get a lot of pain, or I suffer from cardiac arrest.

    What is up with all this?

    First of all, the human causes quite a bit of this themselves by following the instinct. Need for socialization spreads diseases. Bad food invites diseases, sugar, salt etc. Everything which feels good is in one way of another bad for the health. Humans have polluted the Earth for centuries spreading substances which cause cellular breakdown, mutations and diseases, nothing which you perhaps cannot affect that much, but it is what the human does.

    Well, they say sex is good for the health, if speaking about what feels good. Physical exercise is good for the body's health. But the hormonal rush associated with the orgasm reinforces the attachment to the physical. For a man (I can only speak for my own gender) the orgasm has diminishing returns and it is easy to get stuck in habits which if looking at it do not feel even worth it but it becomes a compulsion. Then again, is it worth the habit, is the orgasm really worth it, and for a man it only lasts for a very brief moment. It does feel tempting, but when it is over it feel meaningless and meaningless to have been done.

    So does this have anything to do with your question? Perhaps, it can feel malevolent to force a craving for a behavior you do not really wish to have and when you fight it, it is hard to resist over time. And if you anyways fall for it then it is totally not worth it you feel after the deed was done, and it is only harder to resist the next time. Can become an evil circle.

    So, is Elahem evil or is it perhaps not evil to do something which in the end did something good?

    The purpose of what Elahem do is noble, they harden, refine and shape a Being by giving it heavy stimulus. From their perspective they might find it fair that you have your mind seed and all you need, but people make themselves dumber than they are. Most humans actually make themselves stupid while they do not necessarily have to be. Perhaps Elahem do not care about "collateral damage", it seems they do not have any issue with emotionality. You perhaps find them to be evil, but did they treat you unfairly?

    You have a supernatural mind, it is in fact a copy seed of Elahem themselves, it gives you something which causes you to be able to function just as good as Elahem, you can solve problems like them, invent ways beyond the instinct. Is it unfair that a superior mind seed is faced up against a super-difficult challenge i.e. what the human faces on Earth? No, I do not think of it as unfair. The challenge here is probably befit a supernatural mind.

    Yet the majority of all humans fail. Their seeds never began to grow and it has been like this for millennia. Perhaps they never existed in the first place because they never were born? Yet of course we can remember ourselves from when the mind was more in delusion and still remember we had some level of consciousness. Compared to now however we look at our past selves as ignorant fools who lived in unconsciousness and who were not as conscious as we did experience ourselves to be then.

    We need to always compare ourselves to who we were. The goal is to improve. I would go so far as to say I lacked perception even if I was conscious on some level only like 15 years ago. Naive and ignorant I was. Wish I knew what I know today back then.

    We cannot surrender who we are, that is why we fail.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Mikael89 said:

    Okay, but why all this hassle? Why didn't God just make it easy and nice instead of struggle, misery, and complicated?

    Hello Mikael,

    This is a valid question and undeniably the world is innately evil by human standards and it is based on the literal consumption of another organism to live, which can feel quite grotesque.

    And then the question is: "Are the Elahem emotionally insensitive?"

    Well, the Elahem have an agenda and it appears they go to great lengths to carry out their mission, including tests meant to be psychologically burdening to humans and which act to break down the subject unless they strengthen their willpower and gather mental strength. Everything we encounter are mere illusions but we experience pain which very well feels real and so it acts to delude man from thinking there is anything beyond the immediate reality.

    Do we accept the world for what it is? No, we do not, if we are wise and think longer than our eyes can see. Everything you see in nature behaves the way it does because it only acts to preserve its own kind at the expense of other specimens. Is there any beauty in it? No, there is not, absolutely none at all.

    Social animals including the human bodily race act the same but on species level, that is the only real difference. If another group of humans acts and behaves a different way, the human separates them into sub-races, which is entirely instinctive.

    The Elahem did create a world which is driving its subjects to be destructive, dominating and in every way primitive and that is like another entity in every human pushes the person to do bad things and this misguided or misunderstanding people have referred to as "Satan as a person, who originally was an angel". This imposition is not in any way helpful and proceeding down the path leads to destruction. So that means the Elahem have acted in a most deceptive way towards the subjects in this world and let people spread disinformation for millennia.

    So do Elahem have a malevolent intention?

    No, the purpose is meant to lead to something good, but as it appears moral standards which man has made for themselves do not exactly apply. They do bad to get good in the end. People who defend this, saying "God is not doing evil", are not sufficiently objective in their approach to logic and they do not reflect upon the fact that the Elahem made it all to act the way it does, it cannot be defended saying it is not unfriendly. People are too emotional, and gullible and idolizing to accept the fact that the Elahem did not create a wonderful lovely world like a paradise but the world is more like Hell, and in fact the Semitic term "Gehennom" is meant to refer to the valley or burrow of Earth but people made it into some punishment, a punishment the advanced Elahem have no need of.

    The Elahem do not get anything from your suffering and pain, they are not emotionally satisfied but they are not emotionally affected like with a bleed heart either.

    What I do think in the matter is if humans would be 100% logical they could take measures in order to remove a lot of the pain. For example people do not live i healthy way, they hug other people and stay close to them, expose themselves to contamination hazards and they are not clean and let the world pollute them. They pollute the world causing new health hazards to affect everyone.

    However, no matter what precautions you take, the world is out to get you and diseases are lurking everywhere and if you seek to fight them with something like antibiotics they only evolve to get around your remedy and then harm you again.

    No, you are not meant to love the world in which you live, but many people are slaves to it and in their barred consciousness they claim to love it. There is little to love about this world when you are in it.

    People who do not believe in a supernatural phenomenon often say "if there is a god in the world the why is there so much misery?" as an argument why they believe so.

    They reason based on their own perception of right and wrong, without reflecting on whether they "God" have any intention of doing good. Wars roam on Earth on and off for millennia with no apparent end, if what people perceive as "God" wished, the wars could easily end, so why do they continue? The easy answer is, "It is not meant to end" or the model in which the world was created is supposed to do as it was "programmed" 

    Yet logic tells it cannot be that there is no supernatural background to existence.

    Humans do not need to behave according to how the world drives them to behave, this resistance is looked upon by the Elahem and that is what is truly commendable. The integrity of an independently controlled individuality is exactly the result the Elahem are expecting out of the chaos. Each human is in an animal body, but in each human there is at the same time a kind of seed and the hardship of the world is supposed to lead to a hardened seedling which evolves into a tree alike the mustard tree, a very grandiose thing. The extremely aggressive and unfriendly world is supposed to lead to a hardened offspring, and this is what the man who was named Jesus meant by referring to "Children of God" (at least in translation).

    So do the Elahem aim for a wide quantity of ascended souls? No, they do not, as it appears failures will be purged eventually.

    The Elahem aim for quality and they do not consider undeveloped souls to be commendable and this can look very cold and unkind. Do they want people to fail on purpose? No, they do not, all they look at is the result and the notch is set high.

    The Elahem do not guide or assist anyone, people are meant to take on the true image in which they were created and by that they are helped. Every human has what they need in themselves, if they discover their true identity mixed in "a pile of misleading flesh".

    I was not guided to what I have learned until now, I had to actively search for it and look very hard. It took a good many years until I got even a faint paranormal sign from the Elahem of their existence after digging hard for the truth about existence and I refused to believe in primitive half-truths, about worship and such as according to established religions, and this discovery is what I am teaching to others here on this forum. I am not beguiling anyone when I say I have had a paranormal communication with the supernatural intelligence above.




  6. The Truth of reality is that you have a mind and this mind is its own entity, it is as true as that you can sense you have a personal identity.

    In addition, you have a body, and this is the most obvious thing, it is something which critics rant about every time they say there is no supernatural origin. The body is like controlling a robot, your mind is in close attachment to it and as an illusion you might think it is you. Well, the mind and body are in a sort of merging even if they are two different things.

    If you would not have this mind of yours you would be a plain animal, you would never resist instinctive impulses and always just do the predictable, just like any animal. This is not life.

    But humans (can) have sentience for some reason, they can fight their own automatic drive and this conflicting force nullifies them as animals through logic. So if they are not animals what are they?

    A human can resist every instinct if they really would go obsessed about doing this, although this resistance can be very painful since the animal side is going against its own nature.

    The main lesson of this is to try to increasingly resist/rebel against the body and see what it does to the consciousness of the mind. I am all the time encouraging people to try the remedy and the result itself is the validation of my words  If you cared to follow my teachings to the letter you would start to believe in me by default, it would validate itself by the result you experience in the long run. But if you are afraid of losing things, excitements of this world it might get in the way.

    You need to reflect on what exactly it is that you have in this world which is so wonderful and lovely and is the driving thing to why you love it. Hopefully in time you will realize the prognosis is utterly worthless, you work to die in a few decades for no more than some hormone rushes which have diminishing returns. A lost human cannot comprehend their own condition and why it is wrong and this is the main problem and why people cannot choose this path. 

    This is perhaps why 'Children of Israel' are first most addressed, they easily fall into contemplation due to an already accumulated mental depth. You can contemplate my words objectively and your logic can at least make you uncertain of whether I am right or wrong, and then you might test my prescription for some time and experience the enhancements it gives.

    I do in fact give you a prescription and not a doctrine. I am like a doctor with vast knowledge within my profession who tells you what would heal your body. Unlike the doctor I am not a physician of the body but the mind. Perhaps you can call me a psychologist, although that is a human term for almost exactly what I am.

    Remember now that the body is not the mind and the mind is not the body.

    The mind of yours is something similar to a seed, it was like a seed in your body to begin with, like a mustard seed like Jesus said because it is so minuscule that you can barely see it but yet when it is full grown it is pretty impressive in size. It hope you some time in the future understand his parable because it is exactly what he gave, a parable. What he meant was that the seed of your mind is so mini it can be barely noticed but yet can such miniscule seed if growing become very prominent. Why he used the mustard tree is also considered how the tree looks with widespread branches which offers shade below its trunk. It does indeed protect itself by what it does when it grows, and shade on the ground is not good for other plants which like to grow strong there, such as weeds.

    The world itself is like weeds and that you need protection from and then you need to make sure the seed will grow into the magnificent tree. He also meant that this seed is the whole answer to what to focus on.

    His parable of that "God" threw seeds which landed here and there, weeds choked them, landed on rock and they burned by the sun, etc, this parable gives the reality which you observe when you behold the Earth. He gives actually a little answer to important life questions. That is, Elahem did just scatter the human souls to fend for themselves in a variety of conditions. It may sound like the human does not have themselves to blame, but it is also not true. The human was equipped with the mind seed, the image of Elahem in fact, just a blank being which has no attributes, particularly no attribute of a totally complete Being. It lacks growth of what makes a Being. This is what you work towards with yourselves, finalizing your own existence as beings.

    Surrendering to an automatic drive does absolutely not make you a Being, an independent life form. It does whatsoever not show of any power of existence on your own. Do you see? It has to do with the energy, willpower or will to exist you know. It goes down to a mysterious energy you do not know much of and this same phenomenon projects the universe in which you find yourself.

    So what do you seek? 


    You wish to become what truly is conscious on its own and in command! When you can control and command your body that is when you exercise this mysterious abstract energy "organism" which might make who you are or become. Your energy level can increase with "time" and this is exactly what I try to make you see here by following the prescription which not only I came with but also predecessors like Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Abraham taught that people should seek soundness, soundness of mind, and it is exactly what the term "eslam" stands for!

    So it is YOU who are in the center, forget about me, I am just a teacher and the man Jesus did argue just the same. Unfortunately bad translations make it seem like he spoke of himself when he spoke about the "I" or self in a reflexive way. Bad grammatical knowledge caused misconception and even worship unfortunately. For example, when he said "I am in the father and the father is in me" he meant "the I is in the father/origin and the origin is in the I". "if you do like me you will all become related to the origin" (children of the father in tradition). Also in Genesis it was written "God made man in his own image". Moses was told "I am (being) who I am" regarding "God's" nature. These expressions are all related to each other.

    So what have you learned? You find "God" inside yourselves and nowhere else! What have you been thinking in your lives?

    Do you know what "God" is called in Persian/Farsi? It is called Khoda, and did you know "Khod" refers to the "self", the ironical thing is someone once upon a time among the Persians knew the truth and the nature of the human kind! What to blame why it became like this, that Khoda became an object of worship? This is among the reasons why humans make me tired and sigh. Merely thinking of it will only make me start in condescending ways to smear what you dislike me doing, so we leave it at that.

    Jesus knew "God" is in the self. Jesus also taught it, no matter what falsehood people say about him.

    Jesus did sarcastically utter that they called him a glutton and a drunkard because he did not act like their image of a pious person. I have not said that you have to fast or even stop eating!

    You will not stop living, it is a misconception, rather you will eventually feel more alive than ever!

    Do you remember the 10 Commandments given to Moses by The Elohim?

    Do You understand what is about now? Do You see that the 10 commandments give you a direct message to go against the instinctual programming of the homo-sapien body which You Mind is attached to? And that all these homo-sapien instincts are like weeds which choke/hinder the growth of your Unique Mind seed? Because Your level of Aliveness diminishes by You doing mindless activities just to please the animal body Your mind is attached to?

    1. Be concerned about the Being
    2. Do not take an image/stereotype and cling unto it
    3. Do not heed the call to vanity
    4. Keep contemplating (or be in reflection)
    5. Care for/consider your neighbor (to be) like yourself (be against the instinct of family, nationality etc)
    6. Do not dominate
    7. Do not engage in vain sexual action/activation
    8. Do not steal
    9. Do not carry false testimony
    10. Do not covet to have what your neighbor has (modern interpretation: his brand/model of smartphone, automobile, job, social position, wife etc).

    Do you understand what it is about?! 

    Become Alive! Do not be under control, Be in Control! Do not be controlled by the mammal humans call homo-sapien that Your mind is attached to, But be its Master and Master of Your Mind.

    This Test is very difficult indeed, but Elohim are not after quantity but rather Quality of the Unique Minds they can get from this garden/Earth of ours. 


  7. We, humans, are of a very sophisticated origin and was it not for our much weaker body with all its instinctive emotions we would be much better than what we make of ourselves.

    Basically, you are of two main components, body and soul, and they are not one but two. The mirror outwards towards the world (the Earth) is your mind and you find yourself behind those eyes and other sensory organs. The input given by the senses are directly fed to your mind and you are experiencing it. However, this is where it is not as simple but besides input from the senses you are also affected by something we can call "instinctive emotions", these are involuntary responses to various stimuli, something which many if not most people consider "natural" and this naturality is in fact an illusion of being natural. You, with your mind, have its own "soul strength" due to its development and can fend off these instinctive emotions and prevent yourself from responding instinctively, like an animal. This mind of yours is the true you and the self can stand above the bodily, because it is not something limited to it, even if this is an illusion of the world, that the body is a natural component of yours.

    You need to bring forth your self and make you realize that your origin is far more superior than you may have realized so far. Furthermore, despite perhaps coming across as dogmatic, this thread does present a concealed truth behind our existence, like a revelation of sorts, but the thing is that this revelation is unimportant compared to the ascended mind that you as a person can acquire by at least starting to test some of the points mentioned on this thread and in the meantime through experiencing mental improvement for real validate what is being said. I encourage people to gather confidence to fight their prejudices and at least listen to what is being revealed because this is indeed rewarding and it does not focus on pleasing any god but it is entirely about lifting your soul. That way you can be a theist, agnostic or atheist etc., and still benefit from this and hence who you are is irrelevant.

    So, much like human science has already declared, the human is a relatively sophisticated primate and there is no denying to that claim, call it a "genetically engineered primate",  it as purposely designed for the purpose of hosting man's soul. Anyway, this body of ours is still an animal albeit somewhat advanced and it is because the body is an animal that our mind receives "instinctive emotions" as mentioned above, because our soul is attached to the body and has to live with it as a kind of companion, crudely said like a master and his dog except that both the master and the dog is in the same compartment. An animal will respond to instinctive stimuli and in a human this instinctive signaling will instead find its way to the "middle-hand", the mind and this "middle-hand" is like the master of this animal. In an animal, the instinct will immediately lead to a predictable response to the stimulus, but a human can depending on the strength of their mind and soul determine there to be a different response or no response at all. This also differentiates between a person of a strong or weak mind, because a mentally weak person is as many of you already understand quite predictable. However, a human does not necessarily have to be a predictable being, because they possess something which an animal has no, the soul, and its mental capability can grow to such a level that the instinctive emotions have difficulties in affecting the behavior of that person.


    The "Ten Commandments" are just general guidelines and actually, contain three do's and seven do not's. They mostly describe the human bodily instinct (the satan) and anything which drives towards the behavior is negative.

    Three which nurture the mental growth while seven are distractions which lead a person to lose their mind. Briefly, these are the instincts of man laid forth for you:

    1. Search for hierarchy;

    2. Materialism;

    3. Vanity

    4. Getting involved with Work/Occupation

    5. The self-preservation of self and kin

    6. Domination
    desires (the desire to win/defeat at something)
    7. Search for sexual stimulus

    8. The greed phenomenon, leading to exploitation

    9. The exaggeration phenomenon, changing the truth to have an advantage

    10. Jealousy, wishing what your neighbors possess

    The way to grow spiritually is to acknowledge that harboring any of the above instinctive emotions is detrimental to the mental growth. There must be a separation between mind and body, thinking otherwise is being misled.

    The grand majority of people might think they are unique, but in fact they are very predictable, they are nothing but enslaved minor minds who depend upon their animal-body and its automatic drives(Instincts). This is about outgrowing the flesh, by finding the minuscule mind seed and nurturing it, and that is done by not stimulating the fleshly automation but stimulating what promotes mental growth. The mind is a flexible and powerful "organ"* and it does grow by giving it the stimulus it requires, however surrendering its will to automatic drives will severely prevent its growth potential and so why most people behave in a primitive way. Besides following the command of the Ten Commandments I would tell you to think as much as you can, be not afraid of sinking into deep logic and such analysis. It is the abstract, "unnatural" from an animal perspective, thinking which is the key and this is essential to be one of Elahem. But think freed of bodily bias, do not let primitive thoughts affect it and be wise.

    Earth is a mere development (breeding) ground of Unique-Consciousnesses (Truly Alive Beings).


  8. What is the fundamental nature of a Lie? Yes, One needs to add more and more lies to the original lie in order to sustain its illusion of truth. 

    The fact that in this reality we reside, everything seems to be working through some laws, called by us such as chemical, biological, physical - laws, and that there is a need to explain how things work. This alone fact is proof that this reality is just a lie/illusion, therefore it has all these laws/history elements in order to fool You(IPoA)/Individual Points of Awareness that this is a reality, aka. The Truth. If this reality Was True, then everything would just "Be" without the need for endless physical laws and explanations as to how this reality works and sustains itself. Because, If God is all-capable due to his infinite nature/imagination, this means that the True Origin-Consciousness/God does not need any explanations aka. laws-physical, chemical, etc. in order to create/imagine and make it exist. God just wills/imagines and it exists, there is no need for chain reactions of laws. 

    In other words it was necessary to create the "idea/lie" about the existence of organs, and one of the organs being in your skull which we call Brain, to make You believe in the lie that an idea of an organ called Brain "idea/lie" contains your Mind/Consciousness, However! THIS CANNOT BE, Because the brain itself was created by The Mind/Consciousness!

    Do You Understand now? The Mind/Consciousness is what is Real, It is the origin of every thought/idea/imagination including the humans, with their organs and brains. The Brain was imagined/created by God just so you would fool yourself/believe that You are the body and that it makes sense that Your mind is the product of the Brain which consists of dead matter. 
    Do You hear how stupid/humorous this sounds? 

    When people ask how did reality started existing the answer is simple: The Mind created/imagined a made up story/ - a lie, and one lie turned into an infinity of lies in order to make the lie original lie seem believable. And the original lie fooling the fools into buying the idea that this reality is real in the sense that it is all that there is to exist, aka. the true home. 

    Realize that the only real thing in this reality we experience is You/The Mind/The I. When religions say that God knows what is in your hearts and what do you think, who else knows about these things? Yes, You know.

    In other words, stop fooling yourself and the lies you`ve been telling yourself. Get sober in Your Mind. When You get sober than You will be able to see the Truth and wonder how could You ever been fooled to believe the lies you regarded as 100% truth. 


    A Big Hint for You:

    When You imagine a red car in your mind. Does it just "pop up" in your mind or You have to make-up different chemical/physical laws in a sequence in order to build this red car in Your Mind? The answer is NO! You just imagine it and it starts manifesting/existing in your Mind. Now, If Your mind can do this, now imagine how easily/effortlessly God`s mind can do it.

    All these physical/chemical/biological laws, molecules, atoms as we humans call them, were imagined as story elements for this reality in order to fool the fools into thinking that this reality has No Imaginator/Mind behind it!
    All these laws are illusions and totally unnecessary in order to create something for God. Because God just needs to imagine something to create something, just like You can do this to some extent by the ability to imagine/create things in Your mind.