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  1. If you want know to how toxic is china, yous should follow this channel. It is specialized in exposing all the evil things china is doing to its own people and anyone related to china. China is way less developed than the US and even Russia and its increasing power is actually something to be afraid of. China has already manipulated a lot of third world countries into many devilish schemes.


  2. Your series should be called the deconstruction of materialism, not science. You don't have a problem with science, your problem is with materialism. 
    why do you keep criticizing science and the scientific method instead of focusing on materialism. Science is innocent, it never claimed it has  answers to any existential questions. science never claimed that it can answer why are we here and from where everything emerged. science just observes the natural phenomenon, understands those phenomena, and then applies this understanding in making things. It is the materialistic paradigm that needs to be deconstructed, not science. Materialism is what plagues the minds of scientists. 

    science is pragmatic, not philosophical and thus it fails when it comes to understanding existence.

  3. A real man is someone who:

    1. very strong emotionally and psychologically. 
    2. doesn't get afraid easily 
    3. very patient and can tolerate a lot 
    4. a leader and an example for others 
    5. has good integration for the feminine as well
    6. very calm and in peace 
    7. expressive and can convey love 
    8. doesn't break under pressure 
    9. is not afraid of others' opinions 

  4. @machiavelli

    Ground your understanding in these questions:

    1. From where did come everything in the first place? You say the brain is what constrcts everything, then from where came the substance that made the brain
    2. The brain is the source of the experience? Then what renders the brain itself.
    3. How a brain made out of matter capable of generating consciousness, obviously it cannot.
    4. From what the brain is made? Is it made from atoms? And then the atoms, what are they made from? Sub atomic molecules? And those from what are the made? See, you will never reach a point where it is really the base for everything, because there is not such thing.
    5. The things you see in a psychedelic experience are explanations for existence. Things that are undeniable when you experience them. They are not just a thought or a model. They are direct experience that explains everything


  5. An alien planet is probably ahead of us by thousands if not more years of evolution. Aliens couldn't have started exploring space until they have settled down their own conflicts on their planet. So aliens are way ahead of being here to invade earth or such silly things. Aliens are here to take care of us because they have been through so much development.

    A funny idea is that maybe some aliens are living between us as Humans. Maybe they are trying to push the development of man kind from within also.

    Leo, are you an alien wearing a Human suit?? ??

  6. Mine was 5 years ago, before Leo even started talking about spirituality. I Used to listen to emotional and deep music and get a certain spiritual plasure that I recognize now as Love. I used to listen to this stage yellow religious man, called Adnan Ibrahim and it happened to be that he is deeply spiritual as well. He was always talking about God or Allah as the most important and most amazing thing. He really was who started me on the path. And here I Am after 5 years still seeking. I always remind myself that I am long-term project and I will flourish someday because I am not doing that right now as my ego is very hurt deep down and is keeping me in place. In the last 5 years, 90% of my life was in deep pain and suffering and depression,but still I am going and will be always going.