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  1. Most important is not whether the animal is killed or not , he will die at the end and he doesn't care because he doesn't know or percieve that he could live longer. What is most important is whether the animal suffers during his life. If he is kept in a cage where  doesn't do anything but eating and sleeping this is really brutal. Free ranging is the most important aspect of animal rasing not killing them. Killing doesn't make the suffer for more than one minute, keeping them in captivity make them suffer for months.

  2. @Leo Gura

    Leo why do you still teach us? Repeating the same things again and again, don't you get frustrated from us? It really takes a lot of love to do that. Thank you, much love ♥️♥️.

    Another question , why don't you make episodes reacting to other videos on YouTube or clips from movies explaining nonduality and spiral dynamics through them. I think this will be very effecient approach , what do you think?