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  1. I don't know, I actually think aoe is massively overrated game. I played 2 and 3 and both actually feel like a pain in the ass actually to play. I much prefer stronghold crusader and command and conquer generals. Also the upcoming aoe 4 game looks shity actually.

  2. It is  just a something you develope overtime with proper awareness and practice. Awareness of how you are acting like and how you feel and how you should be actually acting and feeling like. It is like a bad habit you want to get rid of. Embracing masculinity takes time but it is very doable. You will eventually look back at yourself and laugh at how silly you were acting like.

    It also helps to clear the mind regularly of any limiting beliefs about people pleasing or being "nice" or whatever. Clear the mind of any beta shit and gradually embrace the alpha.

  3. I think you can go both ways. The solo meditative way and the life purpose world-changing ways and both are valid. But I think it will be much of a joyful and easier experience for everyone to be following the latter. And you can do both. Spend your youth helping the world and then go all monks style solo medetation when you are older.

  4. Don't overcomplicate things. It is just you God trying to be infinity again. Stop resisting. Resistance is what keeping you from yourself. Love yourself immensely. Stop theorizing. You theorized a lot. Start being yourself. Start being safe, strong, secure and calm. Stop calling the thoughts. Stop contradicting yourself.

  5. Leo always says that God can dream all sorts of things. an infinite number of possibilities. But I think God is also limited. I mean God is still infinite but its other features limit its infinity. Like Love and intelligence limit the possibilities that God can imagine. Here is a quote from Leo's episode " why God forgives devilry"\

    "infinite consciousness can

    can construct its own physical material

    hell if it wants to because it's infinite creative potential

    infinite creative potential means that you can imagine atoms

    molecules cells creatures aliens angels

    devils it can dream all sorts of nightmares

    it can dream bliss realms of beautiful sex and food and whatever

    other material pleasures you desire money

    vacations anything the universe can literally imagine anything

    because it is pure infinite imagination"

    @Leo Gura what do you mean by if it wants to? Does God dream all these things? or it is not possible as God is limited by its own self?

  6. 6. What if things were different? What if you were born into a poor family? What if you were born in war-torn country? What if? Nothing is guaranteed. But still I will always try to enjoy life and develop myself as much as I can.

    7. How to experience a good life?

    • Live a balanced life
    • Develop your emotional intelligence
    • Work seriously on a life purpose
    • Develop a serious level of detachment
    • Guided by love and passion not fear and need
    • Trusting God/love instead of the ego and society
    • Work on understanding reality
    • Spiritual development

    8. What is the experience of average human being like?

    • No sense of wonder or excitment towards life
    • No passion or love towards life
    • Thinks life cannot offer more
    • Living with the same attitude towards life since tens of years
    • No life purpose. Just a job to get money to survive
    • Creative potential is massively limited
    • Denies he/she a selfish creature
    • Chasing money, fame, sex
    • Very underdeveloped psychologically, philosophically and spiritually

  7. @Vagos I use these techniques to relieve all the judgment and remove any sense of superiority.

    1. Seeing my own ignorance. Seeing how much ignorant I was and how much silly still I am. It is all relative. You are a fool compares to a spiritual master And others are fools compared to you. So it is the same thing.
    2. Seeing the whole picture. People are just at different stages of development. Wisdom is a very slow and painful process. This is how the ego works and develops, slowly and gradually. You are not more developed because you are better. No!, you are more developed because you have less karma. And because you have made so much mistakes and stupid things in your past life to the point where it pushed you towards development.
    3. Putting myself in their position and seeing things from their ignorant prespective. Oooh, this is a very powerful one. When you start seeing things from the prespective of other people, you will relaize why they think and act in these ways. Take the prespective of racists, criminals, religious people, atheists... Etc. If you do that enough you will lose all your anger and judgment towards these people. You will become more loveing and compassionate because you understand from where they are coming from.
    4. Finally, this is a hard one. Realizing that these people are you! And you are all the ignorant people in the world. Can you see it? Can you see that there is only one experiencer that experience everything and all the stupid people are actually you!

  8. Media Molecule, the company that made little big planets, released this incredible platform called dreams a year ago. It was supposed to revolutionize game development process. Giving people an opportunity to channel their creative potential without worrying about learning and doing all the programming hassle. Imagine being able to directly be involved in designing your game without writing any code! You can use a whole library of objects and items, bunch of different trees, bunch of different textures for soil, grass, and other things. You can just focus on your creativity in Dreams. But what happened? Dreams failed and virtually nobody talks about it in youtube. Why is that? Because we as a society didn't develop a sense of collectice purpose and still work in a very competitive manner. Dreams should have been a project shared by tens of game developers but looks like nobody is advanced enough to think in these ways. Dreams would never succeed in an orange society. And that's an example why advanced technology is not the solution for many of mankind's problems. The ego is still there.

    All of the games below are designed in dreams!! Thousands of different games with totally different styles and graphics could be designed using dreams. But it is just a wast for our society.


  9. I am doing good so far. The thoughts are getting weaker and are losing their efficacy on me. they distracted me for too long. Now I should be able to focus on my personal success. I need to clear my mind from all the silly things the thoughts put in my mind. 
    I am awake at 5 am now studying for the exam. I am learning a lot. This should be the foundation for my practice in the future. 

  10. Today I ended my ego backlash episode. I grew atronger this time for sure. I know it. Something important I noticed was that I isolated myself in my thoughts bubble that I forgot how the world works. I must be in the worls, engaged in it, not isolating myslef and running away. The thoughts must not be hear. The thoughts must be dismissed. The thoughts must go away. I must work on my life. I am desperate for growth.

  11. @Javfly33

    you need grounding. Ground yourself. Work on the basics.Enlightenment work requires serious levels of discipline and emotional development. If you're lacking those then you will never attain enlightenment. Work your self up. I have been getting a lot fuckng around vibes from your posts. I think your fucking around. Spirtuality and enlightenment can become the perfect excuse for not taking life seriously enough and not working on your development and life purpose. If you're doing this you are will not attain enlightenment and you will fuck up your life.

    So what's the solution? The solution is to swallow the hard pill and take the long road. Forget about spirtuality for now and work on the basics. In a few years you will be much happier, stronger and more mature psychologically and you will be able to handle spiritual truths.