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  1. 5 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Whatever object exists within "the world" -- God must imagine an infinite chain of causation that explains its existence.

    The story of every object stretches infinite far in all directions and all dimensions, thus allowing it to exist here and now.


  2. I was watching this movie, apocalypto and it did great work in capturing the soul of what it means to be in stage purple and in stage red, and man! life was no joke in old days. Your tribe at any day might get attacked by another tribe/empire and your wife becomes a sex slave and your children get killed. diseases, famine, poverty, and wars. I asked a couple of months ago, why didn't God just started the imagination in civil society and Leo answered God wants to be and experience everything, and now I get it. God is not afraid of any of this, God is not love if it was afraid and that won't happen.


  3. 2 hours ago, Valwyndir said:

    Awakening is about the change in the context of reality, not the change in the content.  

    You can compare it to becoming lucid in a dream. 

    When you become aware that you're dreaming, the context of your experience changes without the content changing.

    Awakening is similar to this recontexualization but on an even more fundamental level with many more facets to it. 



  4. We keep talking about spiral dynamics and keep discussing these things on the forum and  I also personally engage in a lot of thinking about these things. But sometimes I say wait a minute, why am I even doing this? I got what I need, I do understand the idea of the spiral dynamics and do understand the Humans, so why do I keep thinking about these things?. I did a lot of mental effort in this field and maybe 10% of that mental effort was enough. I should have directed the rest of my effort on understanding the existential dilemma rather than getting engaged in this never-ending cycle of thoughts. So I think it is getting useless and creating a lot of distraction actually to keep thinking about spiral dynamics. 

    I think this is some sort of a trap for us, especially the intellectually minded people.



  5. 1 hour ago, Valwyndir said:

    Frank will realize he's been grasping onto his new non dual state which takes away from the beauty of dualism.  

    True non duality is fluidity between duality and non duality. 

    I thought once you go nondual you automatically embrace the dual. like seeing your hand, you see it as a hand and as consciousness also. So what do you mean by him not embracing duality. Is he  actually experiencing nothingness and nothingness only, like pure nothingness?   

  6. Leo in his video, total awakening live, mentioned non-doership. What is it exactly?

    At the end of one deep trip, I was writing a post here on the forum and my hands were working automatically and writing was effortless. I was not writing, my hand was doing its work and my brain was not even thinking in anything. It was all automatic and was wonderful. Which leaves me with the question, What is it exactly. Is it a sort of dissociation or some other deep metaphysical pillar?