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  1. 13 hours ago, machinegun said:

    Obviously, I felt embarrassed and sad, but like what was I gonna do, talk back? 

    This is a sign of low integration of masculinity and poor integration of red. Actually, this is exactly what you needed to do. Talkback and be all strong and funny instead of shying out. I  am not saying you should be making friends with red people. What I am saying is if you find yourself all weird and unable to deal with such people, maybe there is a lesson to learn here. A spiral wizard will literally be able to hang out and have fun with any stage because he/she learned all the lessons from that stage.

  2. So scopolamine is an anticholinergic substance that is well known in medical circles but with very limited use, mostly used as patches for motion sickness. I was searching about this material after realizing that it has psychoactive properties. Scopolamine is the main psychoactive material in nightshades like datura. At high doses, it can cause hallucinations and amnesia. Anyways, many scientific studies have found that this substance has immediate antidepressant and anxiolytic action. So it can be used by mentally ill people to have an instant effect which is something rather rare among antidepressants, most of them require weeks before noticeable effect. Also, some studies have found another amazing effect of this substance. IT has been found that it helps massively with nicotine withdrawal and craving after smoking cessation. No withdrawal symptoms and fewer cravings were the effects among users who get treated in special clinics for smoking cessation. 

    I have found a way online to easily access this material if you are interested. Do you know buscopan tablets? yes, those use for abdominal crampings. you can crush them and then smoke the powder. The active substance in these tablets is converted to scopolamine when smoking them and it was documented in many prisons that inmates used this method to get high. 

    I crushed some tablets, subjected them to heat, and inhaled the smoke. Within 30 seconds I felt much much calmer, less anxious, and more lucid ( I have multiple mental illnesses) So yeah it works! I would not call it a high, It feels more meditation-like. I noticed also it is very good at eliminating OCD thoughts which huant me 24/7. Also, I am feeling a warm beautiful body fuzz. I felt no side effects. But I still don't know how much scopolamine I inhaled But  I think it is a very minimal dose. Does it have a psychedelic effect? I don't know,  maybe at higher doses but from reading datura trips they are quite mentally and physically taxing trips so don't recommend doing it for sure. 

    Anyways, I  am wondering if I can use the active material in those scopolamine patches safely. Each one contains about 1 mg of scopolamine, but I am worried about any other substances within the patch if say I put it in my mouth to access the substance via the buccal route. Accessing IV socopolamine is not possible so   I am looking for ways to get the substance to experiment with.

    WARNING: scopolamine can causes extreme physical and mental symptoms and even death if used in high doses and inappropriately.

  3. @fopylo The problem is you are weak on the inside and they can sense that so they use it against you. This is bullying 101.  It is like when a wolf sees a limbing or injured animal. Humans are the same. They are designed to sense weakness in others, and then use this weakness to manipulate them. Also, there is absolutely no problem with being overly feminine, weird, or even stupid. You must learn to accept and love your distinctive features and attributes.  it is a matter of self-love. You most likely have low below-average levels of self-love. If you have poor levels of self-love, then you become very sensitive, easily insulted, and very conscious about how you look or act aka care about what others think of you.
    Now  understanding that here are some practical steps towards more self-love and embracing your masculinity:

    1. On daily basis, start standing in front of the mirror and start expressing your love towards yourself verbally for at least 10 minutes. practice Giving yourself all the love it deserves on a daily basis.
    2. Start appreciating masculinity as a good and essential attribute in life and how important it is in many situations in life. You cannot achieve much in life without a good integration of masculinity. Being a strong person is not the same as being an asshole. Assholes are selfish and uncaring, you are not that.
    3. Start practicing masculinity in your daily life! This means setting boundaries with others, ending your relations with toxic people, start being chill and uncaring when people express hate and criticism for you. Also, it includes stopping being fake and nice in front of people. It will be hard at the beginning and you may even end up being overly aggressive or insulting to others but this is okay, it will balance out with time and practice. 
    4. Start seeing videos and interviews with very charismatic celebrities. Notice how they are very relaxed and joyful. They are very expressive, funny, and sometimes even weird. Let this be your vision for yourself. 
    5. Start appreciating TV and cinema characters who have high and healthy levels of masculinity.  Start noticing who sexy and charismatic they are. Start appreciating how good it feels to have a  healthy and stable level of masculinity.
    6. Differentiate between  Healthy and toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is selfish and aggressive. Healthy masculinity is quite the opposite actually.
    7. Start cracking jokes and telling stories. Start expressing your emotions more in your conversations with others. You are most likely the quiet or the nice guy in the group. Stop being that! Start active participation in conversations that really interests you. 
    8. Eliminate the idea that you are weird or awkward from your head. Instead, start viewing yourself as this confident alpha male. Your mind will keep telling you that this is not me. Ignore it and keep a positive self image. How you view yourself is very important. If you keep a negative self-image in your head, you will never change anything. Start telling yourself, "I am strong, I am confident, I am relaxed, I am funny, I am charismatic". 
    9. All of this needs time, practice, and patience. You will not change overnight. You will not become a chad in a day. Instead, start enjoying your slow daily progression. Day by day you will notice that you are becoming stronger and more self-loving.
    10. Surround yourself with new people. Being with the same group of people that have the idea that you are weak can give you a lot of negativity and can put you down. Start meeting new people who will not have such negative ideas about you.
    11. keep the momentum alive. Your ego will resist any kind of change, even a positive one. you will fail many times. and you will get ego backlashes frequently. But what is important is to stay loyal and devoted to changing yourself. Embracing masculinity can be a very difficult thing but it is worth it


  4. 48 minutes ago, PurpleTree said:

    that's true, i've heard quite many women say they prefer to hang out with men because there are less problems, less jealousy etc. less fighting, it's easier.

    and when i worked with nurses for a while they often said that they are happy when a man or more men come into the team, it makes the team better and causes less fighting and bickering etc.


    My mother always believed the same. She always told me that men are less problem and more fluid and friendly than women. And by understanding the psychology of the female I can understand why. Females are designed by evolution to be jealous and gossipy  :D

  5. awakening is restoring the ability to see through the illusion of existence. "outside" world doesn't change. But the way you see it does. First, you recognize you true essence. You are not the body. You are this thing inside, this energy, this consciousness. Next you look around you and you start seeing the true substance of " external existence". Things, no matter how different they are, all of them are made exactly from the same material. This material can be seen in different ways. You can see it as nothingness, as consciousness ,as love and as infinity. It feels like the picture below. You succeeded in seeing the code of existence. The coding is universal and it gives rise to infinite possibilities. however the coding is not made out of these green symbols. It is made out of nothing. 


  6. 4 minutes ago, SQAAD said:

    @Eren Eeager

    Lol. I see a huge potential for taking antipsychotic medications for the rest of your life with this substance.

    Yeah it is a dangerous substance but I don't know, I liked the insane aspect in it. You can literally hallucinate non existant people and things in your trip. so Maybe you can hallucinate the Buddha or Jesus and have some time with them or maybe you will hallucinate the devil and he will rape you in the ass :D