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  1. 17 hours ago, Razard86 said:

    normal consciousness of controlling your thoughts....you don't need to take any psychedelics.

    That's silly to think given psychedelics proven ability to heal mental health issues. But I do agree that all psychedelics amplify the self. The question is to what degree and whether it's dose-dependent. Low-dose trips tend to be easier to handle, but that's not always the case as you suggest.  @Razard86

  2. 14 hours ago, How to be wise said:

    Trump is an ENTJ, while Leo is an INTP. They have the highest social compatibility of all the types. In another life, Trump and Leo would be BFFs. 


    Trump is not an ENTJ, he’s an ESTP, maybe an ESFP. And even if he were an ENTJ, ENTJs are one of the least compatible types with INTP. Stop watching CS Joseph, and start watching Typevolution. Otherwise you'll continue to spread misinfomation disguised as wisdom.

    FYI: Socionics Intertype Relations theory


    @How to be wise