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  1. 23 hours ago, thisintegrated said:

    Type compatibility could be one thing, but imo the MBTI compatibility chart is more accurate.

    I think Socionics Compatibility makes more sense since its based off shared cognitive functions unlike MBTI. How can you expect to get along with someone who doesn't share your values?



  2. On 8/15/2022 at 4:35 AM, bambi said:

    hes careless and reckless as fuck, and hes straight up negligent and abusive, what isn't your brain cognizing here?

    Look at the second video I sent. You can hear the poor guy crying, but instead of attending to his client’s needs, Octavio bullied him into submission. Kicking him, shoving him, yelling at him. I wouldn't be suprised if that'd left him with long-lasting trauma.  @bambi

  3. 6 hours ago, thisintegrated said:

    Duality is supposed to work because "opposites attract", so the fact they share no functions is a good thing.

    That's like saying an athiest and a fundamentalist Christain would get along because they have opposite values. That's ridiculous! Compatibility comes from sharing the same values, not opposite.

    Duals don't value opposite congnitive functions but the same functions in opposite order:

    INTJ (Ni, Te, Fi, Se) - ESFP (Se, Fi, Te, Ni)

    ISFP (Fi, Se, Ni, Te) - ENTJ (Te, Ni, Se, Fi)

    INTP (Ti, Ne, Si, Fe) - ESFJ (Fe, Si, Ne, Ti)

    ENTP (Ne, Ti, Fe, Si) - ISFJ (Si, Fe, Ti, Ne)

    INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se) - ESTP (Se, Ti, Fe, Ni)

    ENFJ (Fe, Ni, Se, Ti) - ISTP (Ti, Se, Ni, Fe)

    INFP (Fi, Ne, Si, Te) - ESTJ (Te, Si, Ne, Fi) 

    ENFP (Ne, Fi, Te, Si) - ISTJ (Si, Te, Fi, Ne)











  4. @Loba This isn't based off personal experience but what you think to be true. Go meet an ESTJ and see how you get a long. I think it'll work fine since you'll share the same cognitive functions, which is all that matters.

    6 minutes ago, Loba said:

    Yeah, I can't imagine a little marshmallow like an INFP being good for an EXTJ, they're so busy and often quite militant - they don't have good listening skil

    With ENFJ, you share no cognitive functions -- probably one of the worst matches contrary to popular opinion. It'd be like pairing an athiest with a fundamentalist christain. How can you expect to get along with NO shared values?

    Watch this gal. She knows what's she's talking about:





  5. A nice analogy by faciliator Chad Charles comparing natural to synthetic:


    Imagine we’re in an elevator in a skyscraper. We can press the synthetic button or the natural button and both buttons will lead us to the top of the building. With the synthetic button, the elevator shaft is completely straight, whereas with the natural button the elevator shaft has a slight wobble. We'll arrive to the same destination, but with a different feel getting there.




  6. @Loba  I'm sorry you had to deal with that but you have to ask yourself why you would let anyone, man or woman, disrespect you. If you had high self-esteem, that wouldn't be possible and you would've distanced yourself.

    I agree that men can be assholes, but that's not a gender issue -- that's a human issue. I hope you find healing.