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  1. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    So? Why would that matter?
    Doing science is not the function of life. It's a tangent.
    Humans could create a Harvard-like institution where everyone badly wants to go. Where everyone would clammor to pay $100k to sit around and jerk off in a circle for 4 years. At the end of those 4 years you would get a gold certificate and a well-paying job for the rest of your life in the circle jerk industry.
    And all of thar would be irrelevant to living a good life.

  2. Rant: You need friends
    Rant: You need friends
    I see a lot of people on this forum who seem to believe that the need for friends is transcended once you achieve a certain level of consciousness. Those same people complain of meaninglessness and varying degrees of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other maladies. Many here are less happy than the average person believing that they are somehow becoming more and more conscious. How does that make any sense? The idea that you will transcend the need for friends is a common misconception in spiritual circles. And I think it's time that someone shed light on the bullshit.
    Beware of the man who has no friends. Beware of the man who says you don't need any.
    Look, if you don't have friends, you have a problem. It's pretty common for people on the spiritual path to check out and give up social interactions all together thinking they are pursuing a path of personal growth. All you are doing is being reckless. For fuck's sake, take care of your lives. We have needs, and one of them happens to be relationship. Furthermore, the most growth you will encounter will be in some form of relationship. Just ask yourself, what are your biggest fears? I am willing to bet, it has something to do with another. Rejection, abandonment, criticism, vulnerability, conflict, etc. Stop avoiding the areas in which you need to grow.
    Friends are good for many reasons. They serve as playmates, friends, lovers, sources of new information and opportunity, and. In other words, the improve the quality of life, and some may even say they make life worth living. I happen to agree. If you want to be unhappy or struggle with mental health issues, not having friends is a great way to accomplish that: DANGER and DEMENTIA.
    I hear this all the time, "I have lost interest in other people because they don't care about self-actualization and non-duality". Guess what, part of self-actualizing is learning to be content with what you got. That's part of maturing. Accept and adapt bitches. It is possible to be spiritually mature and connect with less conscious people... within reason. In fact, if you were really mature, you'd be proficient interacting with the plebs.
    Now, there are three categories of friends: Non-salvageable, salvageable, and ideal.
    Non-salvageable friends are those that mistreat you, belittle you, violate your trust, and make you feel shitty about yourself most of the time. Get rid of them as quick as possible.
    Salvable friends are those you don't necessarily jive with but that aren't bad to have around. You may have known them since high school or for a long period of time but seem to be drifting apart for various reasons. Perhaps they're into religion, money, sex, validation, fame, or have other low-consciousness interests. They're not bad people, but they aren't helping us get to where we are headed. If you do not have an ideal set of friends yet then it's a good idea to keep these ones around until you do. Don't burn bridges simply because you think you are evolved.
    Ideal friends are those you deem healthy, interesting, admirable, nurturing, or some combination thereof. I want to make it clear that you will rarely find folks who's lives revolve around self-development or non-duality. You are going to have to lower the bar a little. What you are looking for is friends who take interest in: psychology, philosophy, yoga, art, traveling, exploring, meditation, social justice, health, politics, nature, reading, documentaries, podcasts. These are the friends who will nurture you, help you grow, and lead to fulfillment. If your social circle does not look like this, then you need to get out there and make some new friends. Trust me, it's worth it.

  3. Can women and men be friends?
    Can women and men be friends?
    From a male perspective ¿Would it be beneficial to be friends with a woman to train your social skills with girls? Or it get's too tricky, especially if it's a hot girl?

  4. Be Careful With Owen Cook
    Be Careful With Owen Cook
    Paying $10k for a bootcamp is absurd.
    Get decent wings and you will have a free bootcamp every week.
    Watch out, the whole pickup coaching industry is full of grifters doing lazy, half-assed, overpriced bootcamps and other add-on products. It's shameless grifting. They cheat you like they cheat on girls. These are low-integrity humans you are dealing with.

  5. Leo, why do you socialize?
    Leo, why do you socialize?
    That's the best description of socializing that I've ever heard.
    Exactly! Now go enjoy some ping-pong
    Stop being so serious. Be deep on your own time, and be goofy when out in public. Be a wise goofball.

  6. Difficulty Socializing & Making Friends
    Difficulty Socializing & Making Friends
    Sounds to me like you just need much more experience socializing.
    Socialization is just like tennis. To get good at it you must have many opportunities to practice.
    So very practically you need to change your life around so that you have more socialization opportunities on a regular basis. The rest will mostly auto-correct.
    You can't get good at socializing if you're alone most of the time.
    There is no specific way that you must be when you socialize. You can basically be totally natural unless you're some kind of psycho, in which case you'll have to reign that in. Be chill, friendly, pleasant, playful, honest, expressive, and relaxed. That usually works best.
    You'll be amazed at how often people just accept you exactly for how you are. Perhaps the biggest mistake of learning to socialize is to try to act a certain way to please people or meet their expectations. Just be you. Not everyone will jive with you, but that doesn't matter.
    Be comfortable in your own skin. Act with strangers the same way you'd act with close family. Assume everyone already knows each other. Don't try to act cool or impressive.
    As simple as all these things are, it can take years to learn. Especially if you've developed bad habits.

  7. Beware of Dropping All "Low Conscious" Friends
    Beware of Dropping All "Low Conscious" Friends
    You should definitely be willing to just kick back and watch a football game and drink a few beers.
    When an enlightened bud comes to town, we go to the strip club. Enlightenment isn't about being ultra spiritual. Ultra spiritual is how you should be on your hardcore meditation retreats. But in everyday life you want to kick back.
    There's really no reason to talk about spirituality with your friends.
    As long as the person is positive and gives off a good vibe, you should be friends with them. Definitely don't judge people based on how high they score on your consciousness scale. LOL.
    "Sorry bro, your consciousness is at level 495, and I only hang out with 500+"

  8. Did I misunderstood Wittgenstein or he is actually super-overrated, useless to study?
    Did I misunderstood Wittgenstein or he is actually super-overrated, useless to study?
    Not only are they not superior to you but if you learned even 30% of what I taught you, you understand reality way deeper than them. So don't sell yourself short.
    What I taught you guys will make you better philosophers than anyone alive today at MIT. Just learn and apply what I taught you. I gave you the best philosophy education on this planet. Don't squander it. It's all there. Mine it deep.

  9. Did I misunderstood Wittgenstein or he is actually super-overrated, useless to study?
    Did I misunderstood Wittgenstein or he is actually super-overrated, useless to study?
    None of these Western academics is within a 1000 miles of understanding reality. None of them! NONE! NOT A SINGLE ONE!
    All their profound questions are horseshit! Their priorities are utterly deluded and corrupt.

  10. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Most of those "geniuses" are overrated. And any genius they had did not come from those universities but despite them.
    Many intellectuals have no choice but to work through the university system because they have no financial independence.

  11. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    It's a status pyramid game full of insane group-think. It is not concerned about truth-seeking or consciousness.

  12. Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Of course it's not good for your lungs. All vaping is terrible for the lungs.
    Yes, DMT vapor is very harsh when it is very concentrated. Although I find weed way worse.
    Also keep in mind that if you burn the DMT by overheating it, it produces a very nasty harsh burnt vapor. You need to avoid that. It is not easy to always vaporize the DMT properly. This takes skill. Proper inhalation also require skill.

  13. Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Lol. Yeah, of course! That's the real shit right there. To get high you gotta inhale that thick white vapor deep in your lungs and hold it for 60 seconds until your eyes bulge out of your head. And you do that multiple times in a row until you're dying.
    Or you can be wise and just take it orally with harmala.

  14. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    And I thank GOD I did. What a racket. Dodged a bullet there.
    Compare me to Lex Fridman and you see the clear difference. I would kill myself before trading places with him.
    That's the whole problem. The definition of corruption.

  15. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    One of the best things that could ever happen to you is getting rejected by one of these Ivy League idiot schools.
    The whole Ivy League system is run by corrupt human fools.
    Going to Harvard or MIT is a curse I would not wish upon my children.
    Seek a decent education but do not chase after status. Status has nothing to do with proper education. People have utterly lost sense of their priorities in chasing these Ivy Leagues. It's embrassing. You should feel better about telling Harvard to go fuck themselves than actually going there. If you don't, you got things backwards. Have some respect for yourself, for fuck's sake.

  16. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    I have heard a chemist say that only white DMT is pure. All yellow DMT comes from extracted sources and contains impurities. At least if he is to be believed.
    I wouldn't say that yellow DMT is bad, but if you can get white, I would go with white.
    Most pure sythesized tryptamine chemicals are white. Most DMT is not synthesized, it is extracted from Mimosa bark.

  17. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    Found an interesting community on reddit. They have a cool collection of DMT related communities in the sidebar. If it's good enough for Reddit, I hope it's good enough for this site and doesn't fall under sourcing or something.
    And here is also a photo of my vape, Ain't it pretty? 


  18. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    OMG! This is THE method. Flawless, one-click launch. It was all true, no exaggeration, the best thing.
    My setup is iStick Pico + knock-off Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA + VandVape mesh 150 316L + I have had to buy 510 to Ego/510 adapter to make space for the RDA, because the Digiflavor is too big for the Pico. It's better to buy Aegis like in the photo posted by @TheAlchemist, but if you have another brand of vape it's good to know that maybe you can fit the RDA on it with an adapter. Found some glass tube and mounted it with a rubber on top.
    The smoke has no taste, nothing, just goes into your lungs, puff, it's gone. Like breathing normal air. You can see through the glass pipe exactly when to stop inhaling. No recrystallization. Digiflavor is easy to load, can't vouch for other RDAs.
    My settings on Pico are standard TC-SS mode, I don't know what TCR value is set in that mode, but not the right one for that 316L steel mesh, for sure, haha. But it works when set to 160C degrees
    I am kind of sad when I think about how much spice I have wasted by trying to make the ceramic cup method work. But there's no reason to be sad anymore because I have found Love. 
    eMesh gang unite! Make yourself visible and comment on your experiences.
    I have bought my stuff from AliExpress. Works in Europe, might be not available in the USA.

  19. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    Oil pipe and torch lighter is so simple and easy. The only challenge is holding that shit in your lungs as it stings.
    Work on your inhale technique. That's key if you want to take big doses. You need to fully exhale and then inhale very slow but deep. The DMT is useless in your mouth, you must suck it deep down into the lungs until it stings so bad you can barely stand it.
    I think the inhale technique is more important than the pipe you use. A tiny oil pipe can generate more vapor than your lungs can stand.
    Work on your inhale technique. That's the key. Practice taking inhales through a straw for 30-45 seconds straight, and deep into your lungs.
    And then hold that shit in until you are dying. Do not let it out of you until you are gasping for air.
    Watch out! Deep inhales are a whole new ballgame. You will blast out of your skull.

  20. I vaped 70 mg of 5-MeO-DMT
    I vaped 70 mg of 5-MeO-DMT
    Sounds about right.
    Welcome to spirituality.
    The trick is getting over your fears and exploring ever deeper. All the coolest stuff is blocked off from you by walls of fear that must be broken down, if you dare.
    Be careful though. Going that deep gets dangerous.

  21. How often should I do 5 Meo DMT ?
    How often should I do 5 Meo DMT ?
    I've done it daily.

  22. Leo: Why not DMT?
    Leo: Why not DMT?
    I don't like brewing some nasty vomit-inducing sludge.
    You can eat pure N,N-DMT + harmala, but that requires observing the MAOI diet.
    DPT gives a solid 3 hour trip and it's super visionary. I imagine it's similar to Aya. And you can plug DPT and it has no tolerance.

  23. Leo: Why not DMT?
    Leo: Why not DMT?
    I haven't done DMT yet in large doses, only small doses.
    I have been busy exploring and integrating other molecules.
    No doubt DMT is awesome. But 5-MeO-DMT is awesomest
    One of my biggest gripes about DMT is that I don't like vaping things. The trip is too short and it's bad for your lungs. So I was looking for good methods of taking it rectally or orally, but that presents complications. I have yet to perfect my DMT method.
    Also, once you discover the power and perfection of 5-MeO-DMT, you will be so happy you will want nothing else. It is literally perfection. I have to force myself to explore lesser molecules.

  24. Is 10k rule bullshit ?
    Is 10k rule bullshit ?
    10,000 hrs rule means 10,000 hrs of deliberate practice, not 10,000 hrs of punching in a clock.
    You also have to take into account that people have widely different strengths and talents. Which is like a 5x multiplier on your hrs.

  25. What are the main reasons people don't succeed?
    What are the main reasons people don't succeed?
    #1 reason: Lack of ambition