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  1. The inherit neediness in day game
    The inherit neediness in day game
    You forgot rule number 1. Never listen to woman what they are attracted too/ how to attract them.
    This means that the statistics is not accurate either. Figure out what's true from direct experience.

  2. Good style for looking attractive? (Pick-up)
    Good style for looking attractive? (Pick-up)
    You need to approach your fashion and look holistically. It's not about any one type of thing, it's about the whole package which must suit your body type and personality too.
    Best advice is to hire a professional image consultant and follow her recommendations to buy a whole new wardrobe. She needs to help you develop a style which you will then shop in alignment with from now on.
    It's hard to develop a style on your own unless you got a knack for that sort of thing. Invest some money in a consultant. It will pay dividends for the rest of your life.
    Style matters a lot. You can increase your attractiveness several fold just by figuring out your style. Women are very keen to notice if you got style or not. It's all part of your whole vibe that she feels upon first impression. If you are dressed in ratty stuff you will be losing girls.

  3. The trick to meeting women - Go Out!
    The trick to meeting women - Go Out!
    Yup, sometimes you just gotta follow through on your commitment to go out even if you don't feel like it or you don't have any hope for results. Results can come randomly even on bad nights and lessons are learned even on bad or slow nights.

  4. Here's why is impossible to be "bored" or craving artificial stimulation if you Awake
    Here's why is impossible to be "bored" or craving artificial stimulation if you Awake
    Have you actually tested this? Or is this just your theory?
    In my experience I can still get addictions if I'm not careful and I do get bored. And I think this will be true for most people.
    We live in an era where digitial stimulation is so pervasive that it's really hard not to get addicted to it because you can't abstain from it entirely like you could in the past.
    Today, even a Zen master will have a smartphone. And it's really easy to get addicted to your phone.

  5. I Asked Peter Ralston About Psychedelics, Here Is His Response...
    I Asked Peter Ralston About Psychedelics, Here Is His Response...
    My explanation of it is pretty simple. In order to be human you must reside within a very narrow and low state of consciousness. This is true even if you are a fully enlightenment Buddha. Your consciousnes is still less 1% of what is possible. And that is simply because that's what it means to be human. The highest levels of consciousness are so alien and non-human that a human can barely remember or think about them, nevermind access them at will, nevermind making such changes permenent. What the human can make permament is very very little. Which is why enlightenment teachers poo-poo the whole idea of "chasing states". They tell you not to do it because a human can't sustain them. That's what "human" IS. Human means being pretty much in the state you're currently in. But what a human can sustain is something like deep surrender and emptiness. Which is what they call enlightenment. And this has it's benefits for humans, but as far as consciousness goes it's still weak.
    So it's sort of a sad situation because most of consciousness remains inacceesible and unsustainable for humans. Merely by the fact of being human. I guess after death that will change. Which is the point of death. Death finally frees you to explore higher domains because you are no longer attached to the human experience scheme.

  6. "🌹🎩 Growing Hair on my Balls 🍒" Extremely Raw and Honest PUA Journey Journal
    "🌹🎩 Growing Hair on my Balls 🍒" Extremely Raw and Honest PUA Journey Journal
    I'm pretty tired but I'll make a little effort to uptade.

    I drove with my Campervan from Marbella ( my home city ) to Valencia center. Around 800km away. Population : 800K people. Third largest in Spain . I've never heard anythign about it and I was recommended not to go, but my instinct said to try it out. Barcelona is amazing but I can't live my nomadic lifestyle there as there are restrictions for old vans like mine .
    I had spend several thousands € to get the van in good shape both aesthetically but more important mechanically, so that I dont break down on the road .
    TLDR : I broke down three times, but each time I managed to fix the problem by myself, which made me feel a sense of pride. I'm no mechanic btw . I was an inch away from paying for a toetruck  with money I dont have and spending three more months in my hometown working at some job.

    I decided I really want this trip so I pushed and after literal blood sweat and tears I made it .
    I had researched a bit the city beforehand. Parking spots. Libraries . Clubs, bars, crowded areas, gyms. Even got a job interview lined up for Monday.
    I DM'd 45 guys in Valencia  Game Global Telegram group fishing for wingmen. TLDR I actually have 2'5 wingmen from the group now + I joined a  local spanish Game group of 25 wingmen by sheer luck. Jackpot!  I'm meeting some of them tonight at Mya Club. Google it, it's beautiful,
    The dude I'm hoping to be my main wing was sick yesterday when I arrived  so I went out solo to explore the city. 
    Ofc I'm tense and in my head. I haven't gamed  since 2018 and I wasn't even good to begin with .
    Therefore the title of the thread . I bootstrapped some quick plan just to get a bare minimum momentum snowballing over the next days months and weeks . I speak fluent spanish and the locals are pretty friendly. I walked through this huge beach road and started asking groups of 2, 3, 5+ about their opinion of safety in Valencia and general stuff about the city, + a little chit chat . It felt good to get a bit more loose doing smalltalk. Super friendly environment. It is allowed to bring out foldable chairs and tables to the beach and entire families have dinner close to the beach. Very cozy ambience.
    I went to the beach showers to clean up after 50 hours of sweaty travelling  ( the drive was suposed to be 7 hours but complications extended it five fold...
    I chat up this dude at the beach showers,  who clearly works out ( there is literally like 400 people around)   - I compliment him on his physique and ask him if he knows about any calisthenics park nearby ( I'm skinny but I love pull ups ) . We chit chat and he invites me over to his towel at the beach to practice some kickboxing and muay thai ( I have pretty much no idea about it but he's very chill and goes easy ). His spanish GF came and we had good laughs and a good time . I got his number for more training later and got a first friend here basically . 
    Pretty good step up from being lonely and in my head walking alone .
    I told them I had to leave but that we will see us again in the future . I went to check out Mya club and the logistics are absolutely amzing for me . Pretty much cant be better . It's also packed , free if you enter before a certain time and full of language exchange students . !!! 
    I went out alone again ( wing is sick, doesn't want to go out tonight ) . It took me 2 hours to clean up my van after the drive and clean myself up and make myself presentable. It took me so long that I got late at the free entry ( until 1 AM ) and I'd have to pay entry fee ( 20 € ). I'm pretty much broke AF so I did not pay it .
    I observed the area and the beautiful buildings . I chatted up plenty of people doing small talk just to do smth rather than being in my head . I talked to a group of 4 girls for a moment asking about an opinion and then ejected myself. I could have stayed longer if I thought faster. I didn't want to overstay my welcome but after I left I came up with good verbals to keep it going . It's okay, im getting the ball rolling. I need to keep the big picture in sight or otherwise I'd overwhelm myself and crash. I'm staying neutral / positive / upbeat but not negative. Perhaps it's even bad that I don't allow myself to "fall into very negative states ". Perhaps I could use it to fuel more action taking .  I don't know how good of an idea that is .
    They were pretty cute. I saw the initial fear in their eyes once I started the conversation . It may have been from them or it may have been reflected from my eyes / expresion, but as I shared some stuff about myself and I started smiling I instantly saw one or two of them smile as well. 
    Whatever you feel they feel , they say .  That was my clue to keep plowing, but I ejected and didn't want to overstay my welcome . I should have done it for the sake of experimenting .  It's okay .
    I came up with a new banter. Basically ask some opinion and when I see the chance mention playfully something along the lines of that " I don't really respect the opinion of women"  of course said in a cheeky way, and saying that I'm kididng . When I disagreed on her firm opinion they all started giggling. They love a little emotional drama. Note taken .
    Not gonna lie, I went out with the total determination of approaching girls , but I didn't happen. I was in too much of a logical antisocial state. That's okay for now . I've seen that street game is also good at around 3 AM when people are more loose hanging outside of the club instead of when they havent drank yet and are all self conscious ( to some degree ) entering the club .
    On the way " home "  some hooker cat-called me saying me that I look like Dicaprio a bit . I've been told that a dozen times already but I don't see the similarity. Perhaps when he was young or smth. Whatever. 
    Some girls were really cute and I honestly wanted to approach but it's extremely difficult to do it solo and out of state . I wont say impossible but I need way more experience. Still, it's okay.
    To master game you need to stay delusionally optimistic because of the extremely steep learning curve. I will not allow myself to crash and burn out .
    the next morning I woke up early , 7 AM. I had to move my van because you can only park overnight at that specific spot . I got finished my self care morning routine quickly and drove around exploing . I park my car, get out my kick-scooter  ( not even an electric one lol ) and explore the city a bit .
    It's 9 AM and I go to a big Carrefur. for like 3-4 hours I do some social freedom exercises . There's mosly older people, 40+ . It's okay, im building state over the next months , thats my mind frame .
    I do little comments about the products people are looking at. " situational ""openers "" are very effective. Too effective almost . I talk about the heat, the AC, the high prices , recommendations... etc, taking the chance to pause , my speech, do eye contact and smile , all basic skills that transfer over to game . 
    A new one I came up with in the moment was speaking out loud to myself, instad of thinking . It unstiffles me a lot if people are around hearing me . Great one . And actually, about 5-6 people that heard me talking to myself commented on the things that I was saying and THEY initiated a conversation with me ! Cool insight . I may have had around 40 interactions in that shoppping mall . between 5 seconds and 3-5 minutes . I see that as a win, contrasted with being lonely, quiet, alone and in my head .
    This talking out loud to myself idea was taken from the Freaks of Nature thread where there is a girl that literally doesn't have an internal monologue and the way she reads or thinks is by saying the words out loud. I imagined I have this condition and it INMEDIATELY made it okay and socially acceptable to be speaking gibberish, random thoughs and stuff alike out loud .
    Pretty kind people overall and it snowballed my momentum a bit more. I still havent directly approached a girl today and I hope to do so. Aim should be 5 per day and in this city there are no valid excuses pretty much. Perhaps I'd have to lower my ridiculously high semi-virgin bar lol . I absolutely love super asthetic girls but who doesnt . I have unrealistic standards .
    I'll take a napperoni today as im still sleepy. When I wake up I'll explore some more and if its not unearthly HOT outside I plan to do a liittle solo daygame or at least more social challenges / drills  to keep the ball rolling .

    Keep ya updated - Jack 😋

  7. I Asked Peter Ralston About Psychedelics, Here Is His Response...
    I Asked Peter Ralston About Psychedelics, Here Is His Response...
    That's the trick. It's very hard to put into words. I am developing a course to guide people to it.
    What I am talking about is so advanced and profound that I cannot put it into words and it is not enlightenment or centerlessness.
    Sorry, I know that's not useful to hear.
    You become conscious of God as an Infinite Mind dreaming up reality.
    The biggest difference between the consciousness I talk about and Buddhism or enlightenment is that enlightenment is reductionistic. It boils consciousness down to emptiness. Whereas what I am talking about is a top-down, non-reductionistic process of God comprehending itself. When you boil God down to emptiness is as Buddhist methoda do, that's a very different thing and inferior in my book.
    I explained this in my video: An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization where I made a distinction between Buddhism's reductionism vs top-down comprehension. Stop trying to boil consciousness down to some kind of empty substance. That is the wrong direction to go if you want to understand consciousness.
    Really, the best way to explain it is: do 300 trips of 5-MeO-DMT and notice that that's not Buddhism. It's a totally different level of consciousness. The things I am pointing to can only be understood with massive psychedelic experience. A Buddhist will never understand it. It cannot be explained to him. And that's where this conversation ends. Words are not up to this task. You must actually do the technique, which is psychedelics. People keep expecting me to explain it to them without them doing the technique.

  8. 5-MeO-MALT Trip 0002 & 0003 - Still Trying To Get High
    5-MeO-MALT Trip 0002 & 0003 - Still Trying To Get High
    It's not the batch it's the person.
    You guys keep underestimating how variable the brain is. Your brain metabolism plays a huge role here.

  9. Realistic expectations about plugging DMT for the average joe
    Realistic expectations about plugging DMT for the average joe
    @Soul Flight You are thinking too far ahead. Even 1 trip every 2 weeks is a decent starting point for the first year or two. Do that before you start worrying about how to do more. You may not even want any more.
    Of course you need to design your personal development protocols around your career and lifestyle. Trust that you will find ways to do that. And in the end you can also adjust your career path amd relationships if you find there is a serious enough need for that.
    Of course it is easier to do any kind of personal development if you have a lighter career and family workload. If you have a 9-5 job and a family to support your progress will be slower.

  10. How to cope with extreme social anxiety?
    How to cope with extreme social anxiety?
    You can start by just going to the mall on the weekend and striking up conversations with the old lady clerks at the department stores. The objective should be to do small talk and keep the conversation going as long as possible while keeping your body relaxed and having fun.

  11. What if Infinite Love is another trick of God to avoid facing the Truth?
    What if Infinite Love is another trick of God to avoid facing the Truth?
    Love and Oneness are not tricks.
    You don't connect to others by imagining they exist, you connect with them by realizing otherness is a trick.

  12. Leo - are you done with Salvia for good?
    Leo - are you done with Salvia for good?
    DMT > salvia

  13. What is a relationship?
    What is a relationship?
    A relationship is where you're committed to helping and improving each others lives. If you just stay in the early dating phase and don't go further you are basically just spending time together and fucking, but have no real investment in the other persons live besides maybe hearing about it.
    The pros are you can actually build something together and have someone (hopefully) reliable in your life. The cons are you lose a lot of your freedom.

  14. Adeptus Psychonautica about Connor Murphy and Actualized
    Adeptus Psychonautica about Connor Murphy and Actualized
    Salvia produces a degree of no-self that is so radical it is terrifying. You will not be able to remember your own name or how you were born.
    If you want to truly understand madness, salvia is your gal

  15. Adeptus Psychonautica about Connor Murphy and Actualized
    Adeptus Psychonautica about Connor Murphy and Actualized
    Stan Grof wrote entire books about "spiritual emergencies" and "spiritual crises".
    This is very, very common in the spiritual world. If you're going to practice hardcore spirituality you will almost certainly face a spiritual emergency at some point if you go deep enough. Many people don't go deep enough so they don't understand. And this is not exclusive to psychedelics. Hardcore meditation can be just as challenging.
    Smoke enough salvia and you'll have a spiritual emergency, I promise. Salvia will scare the living daylight out of you. It will wipe away your whole reality within seconds and you will cry for mommy like a little girl. And there will be no mercy with salvia. It will not treat you with kid gloves like some other psychedelics. Just as you're begging for mercy it will rip your face off.

  16. Destiny's dating Advice...
    Destiny's dating Advice...
    Online dating will leave at least 50% of men with nothing.
    Social circle requires building one, which can be harder than pickup.

  17. I'm fed up
    I'm fed up
    25 is pretty late. The longer you push it off the harder it will get. 25 is the perfect age to start solving this problem.
    You need to start socializing every weekend consistently.

  18. I'm fed up
    I'm fed up
    @The Redeemer Most normies will not do game. You need to find likeminded guys and wings through online forums and such.
    Solo is very challenging when starting out.
    A good way to find wings is at pickup seminars. I don't know if RSD still does freetours but those were a great place to meet local wings.

  19. I think I have been bulshitting myself
    I think I have been bulshitting myself
    It will only get harder with age.
    Socializing it quite fun once you get into it.

  20. Modern women are selfish?
    Modern women are selfish?
    I am talking about professional photos, not some potato phone selfie pics.
    You cannot manipulate the fundamentals of your looks.
    If you have shit pics just because you took lazy pics, that's on you of course. But I am talking about 100% optimal pics.
    You have to understand that all these pickup coaches are biased. They don't care about truth, they tell you whatever sells their services. They themselves don't understand that they are self-deceived. Because it would invalidate their business.
    It's pointless to theorize about this. Just go test it.
    Look at Owen from RSD. He does zero online game. Why? Because it's obvious to him that he will never get a hot girl through online given his looks. But in-person he can do well with his charisma.
    If your goal is to find yourself the one dream girlfriend, online game is gonna be your worst option because that's the lowest quality girl you can get. If your goal is just to sleep with a bunch of random girls, online is perfect for that.

  21. Modern women are selfish?
    Modern women are selfish?
    No, it's simply because you don't socialize.
    Stop inventing excuses when the answer is always you.

  22. Importance of Nightgaming
    Importance of Nightgaming
    Hence the gainz in skillz.
    Nothing makes a soldier like hand to hand combat in the trenches on the front lines.

  23. Andrew Tate: there are no good / bad guys in wars
    Andrew Tate: there are no good / bad guys in wars
    From day one. But after about 2500 I got tired and stopped counting.
    You got a lot of negative, limiting beliefs about women which will make it impossible for you to have a health relationship with them.
    Sadly you are only shooting yourself in the foot here.
    Setting boundaries with women is a given thing you will do. There is no need to posture or flex about it, or turn it into anything political. You are politicizing women. The vast majority of women are simply apolitical and don't care about politics at all. I can count on one hand the number of times of those 5000 women where we talked or disagreed about politics.
    One of your biggest mistakes in all this is that you fundamentally don't respect women.

  24. Andrew Tate: there are no good / bad guys in wars
    Andrew Tate: there are no good / bad guys in wars
    That's just not true. You're living in a fantasy.
    I doubt you've even been deeply intimate with one woman. So you're just speculating.
    I promise you that your view of women is false, badly distorted by your biases and social media consumption.
    I've talked to over 5000 women, so I am not speculating. I have very wide experience with women and I know how they operate very well.

  25. I can't stand not being supported
    I can't stand not being supported
    I have talked to somewhere close to 5000 girls. I have never been in a fight.