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  1. Have things not really gotten better since the 80s or 90s?
    Have things not really gotten better since the 80s or 90s?
    What I loved most about the 90s ans 00s was the rise of computers and the internet. The days before the internet was dominated by tech giants, there seemed like endless opportunity for the little guy. Many of those opportunities are gone now.

  2. Should I become a mathematician?
    Should I become a mathematician?
    You're putting the cart before the horse.
    How can you have a vision if you lack the experience necessary to discover what you're passionate about?
    You simply need more grist for the mill before a vision can form.
    Yeah, well, you can't actualize your full potential without pushing your comfort zone and doing things you'd rather not do.
    Bite the bullet, gather your balls, and go try out some different things. That's the work of building a great life.
    You are wasting your time by not exploring around.

  3. Psychedelics at Young Age?
    Psychedelics at Young Age?
    Be careful. At your age you can get lost in psychedelics while neglecting handling basic personal development issues.
    Psychedelics will be very distracting to your development if you do them regularly. Especially powerful ones like 5-MeO. It would be wiser to hold off till you're 25+. In the meantime, get to work establishing your life.
    Don't make the mistake of assuming that just because I do psychedelics that it will be good for you at your age. I had over a decade of work done before I got into psychedelics.
    It's not that one trip will ruin your life, but if you get sucked down this rabbit hole and start tripping regularly, it will become a big distraction. Make sure you consider that and how it fits into your whole life plan. Doing psychedelics is sorta like getting married. It changes the whole trajectory of your life. Think deeply about whether that's right for you at this time.

  4. Russell Brand is being accused of rape
    Russell Brand is being accused of rape
    More details on the story:
    Seems like typical playboy behavior. Nothing surprising here to me.
    Did anyone really think Brand didn't use women for sex? How naive.

  5. What's happening right now is a miracle!
    What's happening right now is a miracle!
    Guys ! Just look at the fucking nature..the sun..the trees..the sea etc its jaw-dropping..incomprehensible beauty is what existence is . I tried to articulate this to my brother and sister but they just laughed at me lol ...am I the only one in the entire fucking world who thinks existence is magic? 
    Let us take your hand for example: Everyone has it.. and it seems quite mundane ..but if you begin to realize the beauty of it..it will never be the same. The day we realize the extraordinary in what we perceive as ordinary..and knowing that all ordinary is extraordinary there would be unconditional joy and happiness.  Like literally you can be the happiest person in the world if you just sit and meditate In nature ..listening to your favourite music . We are blessed.  We are FUCKING BLESSED! Wake up guys ffs😅

  6. How do you compare taking LSD to Mushrooms?
    How do you compare taking LSD to Mushrooms?
    DMT is just a totally different kind of consciousness than 5-MeO.
    You guys have yet to discover that there are totally different domains of consciousness that can be unlocked, each utterly unique.

  7. Andrew Tate to donate $25 million this year
    Andrew Tate to donate $25 million this year
    I got a question for all you lonely guys looking for hot girls:
    How would you feel if in your loneliest, horniest hour, a naked girl on a webcam promised to marry you, then swindled $10,000 from you, ditched you cold, and gave all that money to Tate so he could buy his Bugatti?
    Still a Tate fan?

  8. Ralston Gives A Clear Answer To Metaphysical Love Question
    Ralston Gives A Clear Answer To Metaphysical Love Question
    Everyone is different so you gotta decide for yourself what you need to spur you along.
    The human stuff is fine as long as you don't trapped in it. But everyone I know does. But maybe human is all you want. Don't just blindly copy me. Figure out what it is you want out of spirituality. It's like a buffet out there. Just cause I dine on alien chicken wings doesn't mean you have to.

  9. Ralston Gives A Clear Answer To Metaphysical Love Question
    Ralston Gives A Clear Answer To Metaphysical Love Question
    No one here even knows that Alien Love exists.

  10. Mild experiences with 5meo-Dmt
    Mild experiences with 5meo-Dmt
    5-MeO-DMT does not degrade.
    Snorting is more potent than plugging, assuming you snort properly without loss.
    Plugging works poorly on some people.
    You cannot use absolute numbers when dosing. All number are relative to your unique genetics. There is nothing wrong with taking 40, 50, 60mg for some people who have higher tolerance.
    Keep upping your dose by 5mgs until your trip becomes so mindblowing you can't handle it any more. That's the method. Don't worry about absolute numbers.
    I have taken doses in the 50-100mg range.

  11. I was rejected from my dream school.
    I was rejected from my dream school.
    The truth is it's just not important at all. Get on with building out your life as you want it to be.
    All these dream schools are just fantasies they brainwashed you into feeling was important.

  12. I was rejected from my dream school.
    I was rejected from my dream school.
    Oh, that kid is definitely brainwashed.
    Of course, just because you don't go to a good university does not mean you will automatically be saved from brainwashing.
    But now you have a great opportunity to do independent self-education. Which is way more enjoyable than cramming for exams and jumping through university hoops like a show dog.

  13. Alien consciousness, Leo's next move ?
    Alien consciousness, Leo's next move ?
    When I speak of Alien Consciousness I am not talking about meeting aliens. I am talking about becoming conscious of what it's like to have an alien consciousness yourself.

  14. Parallels between dating and investment
    Parallels between dating and investment
    The way girls work is that if she is actually attracted to you she will chase you and invest. If she is not investing she's not really attracted to you. But guys are so desperate to sleep with her that they cannot take the hint and keep trying to chase her, whichs end in frustration.
    One of the most important things pickup teaches you is how to quickly screen if a girl is attracted to you. This is the key to effective game. You should tell within a few minutes if she's into you. And do not waste your time trying to convince girls who aren't already into you.

  15. Pickup is fuckin hard
    Pickup is fuckin hard
    That number is quite normal. Pickup has a steep learning curve.
    Results should be judged not by lays but responsive phone numbers, dates, good interactions, etc. Especially in the beginning.

  16. Plugging 5-MeO DMT
    Plugging 5-MeO DMT
    You guys who snort chemicals, beware that eventually you will permanently damage your nose.

  17. Consequences from combining MDMA and 5-MeO-DMT
    Consequences from combining MDMA and 5-MeO-DMT
    1) Before you start worrying, give it more time. Allow at least 1 week to pass to return to baseline.
    2) Avoid MDMA, it's not a healthy chemical.

  18. What is happiness?
    What is happiness?
    Alright.. Beyond just working.. Eating.. Shiting.. And fucking.. Getting old.. And getting sick.. And dying......... What is it really all about? What takes you beyond the mundane? What gives you real serenity and peace of mind? 
    I don't know if you have noticed yet.. But the "classical" approach to happiness =pleasure just doesn't work.   If you just get all the money and all the sex and all the yachts and houses etc..... Sure that is a relatively better condition than begging for food as a homeless person... So there is definitely a direction towards happiness.. But you don't actually believe that's what life is All about don't you? 
    Also ... There is what's known as hedonic treadmill... as a person makes more money.. expectations and desires rise in tandem.. which results in no permanent gain in happiness.  Because now what used to make you super happy barely dabbles with your senses anymore. So you have to chase something bigger and bigger.... And it never ends.  
    Also we live in a world of duality. There is no night without day. No cold without hot. No high without a low. You can't just capture your happy moments and play them in repeat forever.. Life flows.. Everything passes. Impermanence is another thing. No matter what you do and where you go.. You are always back to baseline. Think of all your happy moments in the past.. All gone as if never even happened. Now you have to chase them again. And so on. You are literally haunting a mirage and you know it.. But you keep doing it anyways. Because you can't help it. The programmed "needs". You "need" stuff constantly. You need air.. Water.. Food.. Safety.. Comfort.. Pleasure.. Approval.. Meaning.. Purpose.. Value.. Etc etc.  The last three ones are not found out there somewhere. So you have to make them up. And you deep down know you are making them up.. So you never actually find them. 
    Just few thoughts. 
    Share some insights about the nature of happiness.. Desire.. Attachments.. The human condition.. Etc.  

  19. I feel behind on my education
    I feel behind on my education
    I had just turned 20 on May 14th.
    Anyways, I decided to go to community college for 2 years before transferring to a University, but I'm behind on my credits.
    It looks like I'll have to do another year of community college before I have enough credits to transfer.
    I'm insecure about this as the average PhD takes 6 years to complete, meaning that if I take another year of community college I'll be 27 when I graduate. Don't people usually gradate at around 23-24-25?
    How am I going to get an early start to my career when I'm 27?

  20. Jobs for improving social confidence?
    Jobs for improving social confidence?
    Pickup is just used dick sales.

  21. What is a 'party' in today's world?
    What is a 'party' in today's world?
    It's a sad. You autistic kids don't even understand the notion of partying.

  22. Struggling to remember a member's name
    Struggling to remember a member's name
    TJ went down the deep end after his YT-channel. (which was called Deathproof)
    He had some really good content on there because he was pretty intelligent and also highly charismatic.
    I remember that he started websites called deathproofuniversity (a paid program) and deathproof-solutions (a forum basically) in like 2018/2019.I was part of it at the beginning, but holy moly - that was a conspiracy cesspool like you haven't seen before. Everything was a conspiracy. EVERY. THING! He believed literally every nonsense out there - from chemtrails to flathearth to zionistic holocaust denialism to Bill Gates wants to kill us all with his vaccine. I once questioned some of the stuff he said (because he literally taught "question everything"), which led him to ban me indefinitely.
    He became increasingly mean towards other figures I respected, like Leo. I remember his video where he was "analyzing" Leo's 5-MeO-content and calling him the nastiest names for like 90 minutes straight.

    He deleted his facebook recently, I have been friends with him on that for quite a long time.
    He married his conspiracy partner in crime and they have have a daughter.

    Without a doubt a smart but propably highly narcissistic and conspiratorial mind.

  23. Struggling to remember a member's name
    Struggling to remember a member's name
    I have no problem banning people from here who I deem characterologically or ideologically unsuitable.
    TJ Reeves was accusing me of running a suicide cult. Anyone accusing me of that will be banned.

  24. Is 23 Too Late In Continuing Your Programme (course)?
    Is 23 Too Late In Continuing Your Programme (course)?
    Few people actually know what they're doing at 23. And those who do are wrong - check in with them in about 10 years to see that I'm right about this. It's not at all too late for you. But recognize bullshit when it pops up: the idea that you're too old to start now is bullshit.

  25. What to major in? (passion vs practicality)
    What to major in? (passion vs practicality)
    What I did if followed my passion, BUT I was also very practical and knew I needed to develop concrete career plans. So I switched to philosophy, my passion, but I also resolved to develop my game design portfolio and technical skills so I could be hired as a game designer. Which I was.
    You need BOTH passion and practicality. Be practical about your passions. Like, if you are gonna study film, have a concrete career plan in mind. Like develop the technical skills of a filmmaker or screenwriter.
    No one will mock you if they see you are developing serious technical skill in a craft like writing, art, filmmaking, etc.
    You can't just rely on a diploma to get you a career. A diploma means shit. You need to make serious, realistic career plans on your own, outside university work.