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  1. On 26.3.2021. at 0:14 AM, Sempiternity said:

    It's no coincidence that Hugh Jackman stared in one of the most high consciousness movies of all time, 'The Fountain'. 


    The ending when he, in a Buddhist pose, shoots into a bright light, as everything collapses into a singularity, as he dissolves, is the best visual representation of an Awakening I have ever seen.

    Hugh picked that project because he knows what's up. 

    Big deal. 

  2. On 26.3.2021. at 8:04 PM, Emerald said:

    Hijabs and Niqabs are pretty clothing garments. I always thought so, even as a kid. It's not surprising to me that someone would prefer to wear one. 

    I always found it weird that, when Muslim women choose to wear them, everyone is quick to jump to oppression over her being able to make her own decision about what she wears... even if she says so.

    Yet again, I've worn dresses, corsets, heals, and make-up before and had people swear up and down that I'm choosing that because women are oppressed and that I've been programmed to think I have to. But this viewpoint is so disempowering.

    So, if a Muslim woman tells me that she's wearing a Hijab or Niqab because she likes to, I remember how I don't like people to insinuate that I'm making my clothing choices because of oppression, and I take her word for it. It's not the most outlandish thing to consider that someone might want to wear one. 

    Why disempowering, I would have nothing against to see it. 

    14 hours ago, Arcangelo said:

    In my country they call them Bin Laden wives.

    If they see them on the streets they will say: -''Look there goes a Bin Laden wife''

    Making sure that the woman wearing the oppressive garment hears it.




    Man you seriously lack wisdom and open mindedness. 

    You know people on average are not that great and you shouldn't follow that, take that as standard or aspire to be like that. Be greater. 

    Kud svi vuci tu i mali Mujo.