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  1. 7 hours ago, eaaaeaeae said:

    How did you become awakened.

    what's exactly what happened in these moments, and what's the whole story of your awakening

    Did it make your life better or worse?

    are you sure that  now all your existential questions are answered after your awakening?

    Could it be that there is more that is not known, probably not even by most known awakened people themselves?

    any good movies or video game? (that's tottaly unrelated to this question but it's a real question if you have any suggestion)

    Do you have anything interesting to add about awakening that you feel most people don't know? probably even in 'spiritual' social circles?

    thank you for your time

    Awakening is not what you think it is.

    The very you that is trying to acquire awakening is recognized to be unreal.

    The very you that feels like if it could just stumble on the right information it could become enlightened, is recognized to be an unreal individual.

    And I'm not talking about the physical body, I'm talking about the sense of ME that believes itself to be the physical body and mind.

    It's a disentangling from the socially conditioned mind matrix known as ME.


  2. 3 hours ago, Mason Riggle said:

    "The biggest ego trip is getting rid of your ego, and of course the joke of it all is that your ego does not exist." - Alan Watts


    The freedom it entails cannot be mistaken.


    It doesn't usually happen all at once, it's an unfolding that can last months or years.... in very very rare cases it's a quick unhappening ❤


  3. 39 minutes ago, Javfly33 said:

    I've done a shit ton of 5-MeO by this point and wasted a lot of time and hope surfing high states of energy / consciousness on LSD (because this world we live in, that energy is useless u need to behave like a a real devil to properly survive)

    I still doubt Love. Or at least I find it hard to believe it.

    Nothing is wasted because there isn't a real goal which needs to be attained.

    It was fun wasn't it?

    Back in my younger days we would go to barter fairs and trade things for LSD mushrooms and weed. We were partying and escaping the so-called confines of reality.

    Later it was recognized those confines were never real to begin with.

    It was always freedom.



  4. 1 hour ago, Kamo said:

    @VeganAwake I agree, it feels like any resistance that was there relaxed up or dissolved. As if this character needs upheld and in doing so creates an inner tension. There was no more thinking. Which it seems I have preconceived notions of needing thought to interact or have simply been so "reliant" on thought to interact, specifically the verbal stream of language in order to communicate. That when that ceased there was only a soft confusion, yet a peaceful feeling. 

    Yes monkey mind and self referential thinking become a runaway train in life. 

    When I is clearly seen to be an illusion the energy that was put into upholding that illusory identity drastically dies down.

    Here it wasn't a forgetting who I thought I was or how to function in life, but recognizing I was never a real in the first place.



  5. 55 minutes ago, Kamo said:

    So today during Martial Arts training my sparring partner and I were doing hand and arm manipulations in which we both counter each other's manipulation or reverse it. Doing this exercise confusion arose as we both were unsure of a correct technique, my sense of self fell away I actually became confused on which person I was. This non-dual state felt effortless yet confusing. I've experienced this state in the past where I had no understanding of what it was and was struggling to comprehend my reality. I felt lost but this time after doing consciousness work it was comprehendible. I became conscious of the ego as it was gone for those short moments and then after it reintegrated I became able to understand what happened. I asked my partner if he noticed that too and to no surprise he experienced the same thing as I described. The oneness of experience it's quite amazing. It was rather tricky to be able to function from this state , life happens but there is no "You" I wonder how a "node of consciousness" is able to function from this state even using language became unmanageable until the ego reintegrated? If you guys have any stories to share or insights about this id love to hear them. 

    Cool experience 👍,

    What happened here was after a couple years of desperate seeking and lots of meditation, one random day it just become obvious that this ME character that I was identified as, wasn't real. That this I was more of an assumption or concept that just kept playing over and over again in thought. It felt like this weight that wasn't even noticed before was lifted away. Weird thing was it felt completely ordinary and shocking simultaneously. Needless to say life has been a lot less serious since this occurred back in 2018. Liberation from the self that took the dream way too seriously ❤


  6. 37 minutes ago, Demeter said:

    So, the 2nd session seemed to say that underlying the experience of oneness is great emptiness - the void. Our experiences of perfection and beauty may just be a layer of illusion.  Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

    Yeah that's right. Oneness points to the recognition that the individual experiencer within the body is an illusion. (Adviata)

    While sunyata declares even that apparent experience of no separation as ultimately illusory. (Ajata)

    If you're interested check out Robert Wolfe's Ajata Sunyata Project:

    "The seeming person continues to live out her life (from supposed “birth” to “death”) in a seeming world, in a seeming universe.

    Yet, in what could be said to be the true or ultimate reality of emptiness, not anything ever has, or could, happen. From the ultimate standpoint, there is not anything that ever needs to be explained.

    Any questions which arise and any answers are within the Dream–and the Dream is not real.

    Those who understand this, the sages would say, have awakened from the big Dream. Whether one does or does not, in the end, makes absolutely no difference.

    But for those who do awaken, all their questions–within the Dream–are seen to be utterly empty"

    - Robert Wolfe

  7. 49 minutes ago, Thought Art said:

    @Terell Kirby I do not hold all the cards. If you haven't notice, you have very little freedom.

    Part of living a good life is the relationships you form with others. But, people are lying assholes. Not everyone.. anyway. These are thoughts for my journal. Take care. 

    Yes people are caught up in the rat race trying to survive... It's not right or wrong it's just what's apparently happening. They simply can't help but put their self agenda as priority for survival because they believe they're a real separate individual within the body.

    When this is seen clearly there can be a loosening up of the seriousness of life.... kind of like getting into a really good movie but knowing they are just actors playing out a drama.

    But start with seeing this within yourself first. ❤

  8. 20 minutes ago, assx95 said:

    Or it's as simple as this: I, infinite intelligence, the source of all things, talked to me. I was the one who had rebelled, and who was cut off from the source. I, the infinite intelligence perfectly described everything about me. Then I asked- If I am you, then why did i cut myself off from the source, why did you cut me off from the source? I, the infinite intelligence, replied- In my infinite intelligence, I wanted to experience this life you lived, and in my infinite intelligence, I am calling you back home. I asked- Why then did you create me, cut me off, if you are now calling me back home? I, the Infinite intelligence replied- I never meant for it to last, I cut you off (Created you) with the intent that you'd live this life and one day you'd be back home delighted. And it's not you are low and I am high. I am you. And you are me. Take over everything. You are everything. And I am you. 

    There was never a you to be cut off, and an infinite source of intelligence is just a concept.

    Notice the sense of me does not like free always tries to identify as something(infinite intelligence)

    Do you feel infinitely intelligent?

  9. 8 hours ago, RickyFitts said:

    Speaking of Adyashanti, I like how he suggests to approach enlightenment: 'The question should be, not, "How do I become enlightened?" but rather, "How am I unenlightening myself?"'

    What's preventing you from feeling at peace right now, in this moment? It's our unresolved baggage, in the form of suppressed emotion and trauma, that's at the root of the trance-state that most humans are trapped in, it's this which causes us to feel agitated, distracted, lost, hopeless, etc. So learning how to be with yourself and to allow the arising of that which had previously been suppressed is a big part of becoming free, it seems to me.


    The identification AS the individual with all the suppressed emotional trauma is the issue.

    But simultaneously it's not denial or detachment, it's the revelation that this traumatized individual with all of its so-called negative baggage isn't real. It's an illusion!

    When this revelation is deeply embodied/seen clearly, all the trauma and baggage starts naturally falling away because there's nothing for it to attach and cling to any longer.