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  1. Hey. Can you give us more information on your background? Doesn't need to be publicly. I could start listing things that create erectile dysfunction (health, stress etc), but this is all classic. You need a more nuanced approach.
  2. Thanks, my first friend ??♥️
  3. @Emerald what keeps me back and unmotivated ?
  4. @Nahm an animal doesn't realise that it is something lesser, be it a person, an ego, a part of a tribe etc., let alone realise that it is the whole Cosmos (using that greek vocabulary here?). An animal is just fully emerged into the experience. It doesn't make a distinction between existence and experience (ahh that book you suggested?), and so it is bound on the Now. So by being completely in the Now, you become the Mu?
  5. @Nahm So that concludes that in birth, there is not only a self created (separation), but also a narrative, because if you simply had a self it would not identify with anything so it would be instant Mind. But, thinking of animals, aren't they just so disconnected from infinite love,creation and their godly nature? Although they do not have a narrative as we humans do, they do not get the de facto state of Godliness.
  6. @Mongu9719 @Nahm As an attempt to answer to the OP and you, I would argue that only a Mind which has forgotten falsely has the conviction that suffering will solve anything or bring joy, although there are two different aspects of suffering. Destructive suffering as a road which leads to alienation from source, and consious/constructive suffering as a way of building faith, ethic, respect, as in cold showers, diet, exercise etc. The latter offers spiritual gifts, and is of great importance. Of course, we must not forget that if you are passionate about something, you don't see it as work, as tiring, so as something which needs conscious suffering to be done, but in some cases you need to learn to dance in the rain and love it.
  7. @Nahm so the Ox-mind (different than Mind with capital M) is the collision between infinite Awareness and finite ego/mind and the identification with the former. So the distancing of 'you' from your destructive lesser 'you' is the taiming of the ox, and the trusting and listening to that finite mind is the source of unhappiness and misery (entertaining the ox). Basically you dont listen to any mind (wisdom), because you are just being held at gun point from your emotions/thoughts stories and you can't win that battle, unless you realize that there was never a threat to begin with.
  8. @Nahm the Ox literally is a bull. A bull is a wild animal, hardly tamed. The ten ox herding pictures represent the path toward Enlightenment of a zen master and then his descendance back to society and the human world. I don't understand what you mean with the phrase you often say "dont entertain the ox" . Does the ox represent enlightment, or the ego, or the spiritual ego, or the spiritual path? The zen master searches for the ox, that meaning he wants to reach it, so we talk about Enlightenment, ascendance of the ego, so why would I not want to entertain the ox? You mean not allow the fear of the other side of the river scare the ego? Since the capturing of the ox demands overcoming the fear.
  9. @Nahm isn't that approach a complete narcissistic manipulation? Aren't people smarter than this? Or do you only need a flaming passion and to preach like a maniac your lovely "word"?
  10. I think he means to make a concession.
  11. Yes I have had emotional openings quite often due to musical stimulation. Also I have achieved letting go of repressed emotions with thinking or by playing music myself. I too am from greece
  12. @Leo Gurasome days ago you said that there is no big difference regarding the difficulty of administering a business that earns 20.000 dollars per year versus one that earns millions. So why here you claim that big business is harder?
  13. Some personality types have difficulty knowing themselves,they feel lost amongst others and regain power in solitude,most distinctively the INFJ. Have you taken the MBTI personality test ?
  14. How old are you? Also please tell us, is your girlfriend constantly showing you ( as you supposedly show her) that you are the most important person in her life? Did she feel badly due to you crying over her decision ? Or does she even know that?
  15. @ThomasEastman do you have any evidence for that? Or are you projecting to me your own inability to establish meaningful friendships with the opposite sex?
  16. Branding yourself gives certain opportunities which branding a business doesn't. So for example, you can create a persona out of yourself as being a loving, extremely funny, mysterious, leading or cheering person. Obviously you want to create an image which matches with your personality, but imagine how much connection you could form with your customers and how much trust you could easily create in your clients' hearts if you would feel entitled to their attention and show them the way. In conclusion, I think that making a brand out of yourself gives you the opportunity to stick to people's heads and makes it easier to remember you for a distinct characteristic you have, whichever your eccentricities are.On the other hand, a business appears far more distant and impersonal and is more fitted to exhibit some more abstract, big-picture elements of its own, which are less likely to appeal to common people or even be easily discerned. For example, see how much mainstream authors, youtubers, film stars etc. have become, versus big companies and corporations who go by the radar.
  17. Is there a chance the nail biting is nerve-based? Essentially, it boils down to either feeling anxious about a problem you've long been avoiding to address (so you get a kind of weird sensation of relief) or being neurotic about how your nails appear.
  18. I would also like to add on the other members' advice that an important factor to waking up feeling good is mental health and overall psychic and emotional well being. So for example, if you experience a depression I suggest it will be more difficult emotionally to wake up feeling delighted. Oftentimes depressed people find inter alia an escape in sleep.
  19. Usually friends know each other well and a lot of times the transitioning from a friendship to a relationship might be smooth because the 'get to know the significant other' face has passed long ago. I have seen that people who start immediately as a couple really dont match up well personality-wise. So the fact that you are already friends makes the bonding process easier. My advice would be to take it easy and don't rush to put him in your life but dont be scared to open to him and create something strong together. You just need to verify his intentions. Practically, you could try spending more time together, finding a common hobby, going out together more often or even playing some truth or dare game where you get the chance to ask him some deeper questions about himself. I think the point is to know him better.
  20. @Shin what race are you? The doggo of course
  21. Maybe you are simply afraid of opening up, being spontaneous, intimate, emotional, loving and caring. I too had the limiting belief for a couple of years that I don't need no one else in my life and that I should not give up my individuality for nobody. But that created a lot of misery and it still does. Having friends and being in an intimate relationship is great and can offer a lot of joy, fun and help create an interesting life. You need to honestly do an introspection and trully ask what is the true reason you fear bonding so much. For me it was the weakness of constantly judging myself and wanting to create a superiority image of myself-kind of like a syndrome where I always was the best or the right one in any situation, which also led me to being a victim quite often.Now I don't know if you can resonate with that, but just realise that you will have to face this displeasure of being around others- or it might be plain fear- once and for all. Being an introvert is no bad but you need to find the right balance and manage to have fun around others.
  22. Happy birthday Leo and thanks for your unique contribution to us and the world!!!
  23. @Ampresus I too used to workout and now, because I am studying for a huge panhellenic examination on the end of the school year, I don't have neither the time nor the psychological power to workout. I've gained some weight but I know if I try to change something I am going to suffer tremendously. It isn't pleasing to be more fat again but I must accept it. Anything else that bothers you?
  24. @Ampresus We are all here for you, man, relax. You may be pushing yourself way too much. Try taking off of stressful living for a couple of weeks, even for the whole summertime. Personally, I can relate to you because I too was one of the best students in junior high school and I pressured myself intensively. And then I cracked. Now, all my plans for healthy diet, working out, making new friends, following my dream career etc. must be stalled. I just need some time off of everything and everyone and take some leisure time on an island on summertime. Maybe try to make one change at a time because I too saw that whenever I tried all at once (healthy diet, studying harder, eliminating masturbation, working out) I would get a complete regression. Can you relate? ☺