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  1. I agree that the vibes off of Andrew Tate are weird and offensive...but why bodyshame a bodypart which men don't control, and also which isn't indicative of masculine values at all? Having a big dick isn't an indicator of healthy masculinity. In ancient Greece people thought small penises were a sign of intelligence, that's why all the sculptures were carved having a small penis.
  2. - find a job - lose weight - read at least 3 books - create meaningful relationships - study for my degree
  3. Anyone who says they would fight to death hasn't actually been threatened on the street. If someone knows some kind of effective martial art (judo, bjj, mma, kickboxing, muay thai) will not overestimate themselves. Usually guys who say that when they fight 'I see red bro, I become an animal' haven't got a clue about fighting @KH2 In a outopian scenario you can say that you'll fight to death, you won't have fear etc, but in reality you must take into account a lot of factors. What is your mental state, are you injured prior to the occurrence, what is your physical state, how many are the perpetrators, do they have weapons of any kind, are there any ways you can escape etc. Anyone who trully has a knowledge of martial arts will advise you to always run and try to escape dangerous situations, don't overestimate your abilities, and don't involve yourself in situations where you don't win anything. Even if you defend and kill the perpetrator you still lose, you'll pay for that your whole life by going to jail. So, serious advice, don't get involved in ego battles. I'm not saying don't defend, but defend and instantly try to escape.
  4. please delete that.
  5. @SuicidalBug focus on yourself, regroup, heal, concentrate on the positive things in your life and when you're feeling ready you can start thinking about forgiveness. But first try to forgive yourself.
  6. If you want it then you should buy it. But why do such an arbitrary prediction of the future? If she comes home with you, and if she is feminine, and if she gets turned off by it... I think by the point she decides to actually sleep with you she will not really care about your pet snake (unless it's not enclosed).
  7. What you do or think is your karma, what they do or think is their karma. They made their choises. If they can be happy without you, then you should strive for the same. Don't let yourself down. You deserve the best. You are worthy of everything, just like everyone else. Why not enjoy that benefit as they do? If you had problems or disagreements with them during the friendship/relationship just think that you yourself would have rejected them earlier if you had the abundance and the courage to do so. If a relationship was dysfunctional and you had realised it and wanted to change but the other person let go of you first, go back to your first thought: that person was wrong for me from the beginning.
  8. You can keep a journal if it gives you peace. Take a hot bath, eat something sweet, listen to melodic music, talk to someone who understands you, sleep with binaural beats/asmr. Don't pressure yourself to do anything reactory. You don't have to go on the offensive. You don't even have to forgive him. But if you want to move on, you have to forget. This will come with time. Give yourself time. Give yourself the love you deserve. Don't try to explain the abuse with reason. Focus on your feelings. Exhaust each feeling and feel it to its core. Cry, multiple times if you need. This is normal. If you need someone to talk to I can do that for you. I trust you. I believe you know the way for your recovery. If you have the financial capability, go and speak to a mental health specialist. Avoid any contact with the perpetrator. You are beauty. You will heal. Πάτερ, άφες αυτοίς, ου γαρ οίδασι τι ποιούσι.
  9. Do you feel that you love yourself more after this realisation? What are its practical implications? Only liberation? Could it be relief?
  10. @Javfly33 Do you have a past of abuse with your family? Do you have repressed feelings? Have you thought that maybe you are reactionary in your behaviour and you could detect a better course of action in the future?
  11. I don't think your approach helps the OP. You could be a little bit more compassionate. Who are you to judge him? He will do whatever he feels like doing. People need their time and advice should be calibrated to their pace and needs.
  12. If someone threatens you please be careful. We are all here for you, we will help you step by step. Don't worry. We got your back. A while back I was talking to a girl to whom I was interested erotically. When I made my move she told me she had a boyfriend and I proposed to stay friends, since we go to the same college. After a while I had a difficult night emotionally, I got drunk and I texted her "I feel grateful that you are in my life". This creeped her out since we were talking for about a month and we only had gone out together once. Advice: keep your expressions of feelings towards people light: I am happy we talked/are talking, you're a fun person, we have such a good time together etc. Don't say I like you, I love you easily or quickly. Be socially calibrated. Don't over-invest in situations where you can't ask a lot from the other person.
  13. This is how you felt before things went downhill?
  14. He will fantasize about protecting her from dangerous situations. He will view her as a child (I don't mean as unequal). He will enhance her feminine energy and make her feel as innocent as possible. In his eyes he sees a beautiful little child which he loves, he has to protect, and whose smile gives him the courage to keep investing emotionally in it. The true masculine isn't conventionally masculine. It values self-expression.
  15. If you only want sex you have a reason to be honest. You can approach girls in nightclubs and try to get what you want. If they ask you you can explicitly state that you only want sex. If you feel that you have to burn through that karma, then you organism is expressing you its needs. Listen to it. When you blow off steam you can focus on other needs. @Lila9 I don't think the OP trully underestimates women, he just has to go through an evolutionary stage that all men go through. I passed through it in my early puberty. A stage where I only saw the body of a woman. But don't forget that this is a developmental need that keeps the human race going. If men didn't need sex there wouldn't be any babies. Also, since he is honest, he is not doing any harm that would occur if he were dishonest about his true intentions and lured a woman into sex with the promise of a relationship.
  16. I think the notion of a high quality woman for Andrew Tate is some girl extremely beautiful, with a low body count, who is faithful to him while he is cheating on her with countless other girls. The high value of the girl is placed on her looks and on her commitment.
  17. How would you feel if the man was overly suspicious of you too? Why does he have to win you? Why don't you both win each other?
  18. I don't think tyler shows disgust towards you as a person. She condemns a behaviour, you are not the behaviour. You are you, you have self-worth regardless. I don't think she wants to make you feel disgust. She feels disgust so she expresses her feelings. But her feelings are disapproving a behaviour, not you as a person. You can differentiate from the behaviour and adopt one that is more socially plausible.
  19. Have you played age of empires? Or total war? What stage do you think those games represent?
  20. If someone or something being said gets under your skin, it is a good indicator you need to calibrate your feelings more efficiently. What angers you tells more about you than the other person. I get feeling frustrated, but anger is a much bigger feeling. Why do you need to block someone? We are all a community here who try to help each other. Eventually all here want to help and be helped, not to ruin someone's experience.
  21. I understand your frustration. In my university you can be approached by members of different political parties, which is annoying. They have the right to come up and talk to you, you have the right to ignore them. Unless they insist, in which case you can call the police, you can't deny them the freedom of coming up and talking to you.
  22. I made a friend through this forum and we communicate regularly, not in discord though.
  23. The brain displays a feature called neuroplasticity. Though new stimuli it can build different neural pathways. This can happen not only in children but in adults too. If you believe that you have a deep intelligence problem that affects significant aspects of your daily life, you can go see a neuropsychologist. He will provide you with the necessary tests to actually see if you have an IQ deficiency.
  24. @Nahm how can I have love and compassion for someone that isn't even a someone? That doesn't exist?
  25. @NahmIf he doesn't exist then you too are as imaginary as him. So how can I trust your words then ? Who is to trust? Correctly you said that I want friends, relationships etc, but if they alla are fake, then isn't it all meaningless?