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  1. @Blackhawk So you believe that your depressive state will only be exceeded by finding a soulmate? I've dreamt of having a girlfriend for years, and it still didn't fulfill me when I got it. I still think that the Promised Land is having a lot of friends in my life, having a loyal girlfriend etc, but direct experience proves me otherwise. I think that the only loyal friend you can have is yourself. You are the leader and the follower. You are the creator of your destiny. Wishes won't fulfill you. Action will. Creation will. Only through your deepest loneliest moments will you come to the realisation of your spiritual worth. If you still believe that a relationship will save you, what would you want to do to reach that? (I am talking to myself here, don't take it personally)
  2. @Hardkill wait, if you're 35 years old, then how do you do pick-up on girls in school? Do you mean university?
  3. You can learn how to protect yourself. If you feel threatened by his teachings, spend 5-10 years working on fullfiling your basic survival needs and when you're ready for a spiritual chapter of your life return to the metaphysical stuff. You can just choose to watch his self-help videos instead of the metaphysical ones. You can protect yourself.
  4. You can go to SciendeDirect (Elsevier) and log in with your academic account.
  5. Did your doctor explain to you which heavy metals cause different symptoms? Which metal causes fatigue, which one causes lack of concentration etc. Also, where is each metal located, in what food source, in what beverages etc.?
  6. When I was talking to this Chinese girl, I asked her about Hong Kong and she told me that it is rightfully a part of China and that it should be subjugated. I guess she would say the same for Taiwan. China believes it owns Taiwan and Hong-Kong, Serbia believes it owns Kosovo, Turkey and Iraq believe they own the Kurdish people. What the war between Ukraine and Russia showed is that conflict is inevitable. Even if nuclear war never happens, you will always have small, proxy wars, which will create problems for all the world (i.e. death, suffering, financial instability). If you trully want to survive a nuclear world war build a bunker in the woods and stock supplies. If you want to live a quality life when proxy wars happen you ought to have a source of increasing income, since costliness grows.
  7. Progressivism formulates when basic survival needs have been met. When survival is still at bay, the community is more conservative since it relies on those values for its existence (males going to hunt, females nurturing the kids). Older generations generally speaking have had to go through life on much harder conditions. So they are more conservative, id est more traditionally masculine. But I think we could differentiate between conservative and masculine. The masculine can take the form of the ideology, either the conservative or the progressive one. The progressive one will be softer and less violent, but it still can display characteristics and signs of courage, strength and leadership.
  8. @LordFall of course tough love is useful, but I think the OP already tries to make a change in his life (he is pressuring himself to approach girls), and he comes here for guidance, not tough love. Since he clearly showed signs of frustration with the approach, then some more compassionate approach could be applied. Constructive criticism is useful, but not everything works for everyone. You could say all the right things to 2 different persons, the one takes it and applies it (because he is more rationalistic and masculine), the other dismisses it since he feels put off by the way the advice is being expressed (because he is more intuitive and feminine). I believe that people have the ability to formulate decisions for themselves. When they ask for our opinions we can answer to their call, but when they feel frustrated this is an indicator of a vibe/energy mismatch. You can offer an opinion without enforcing it. You can give advice without coloring it with energy. How is he a sensitive snowflake? He is out there facing his fears and approaching girls. He is brave.
  9. Hey. I am wishing to you a Happy New Year (in a couple of hours). I suggest you do some blood work, you could have a vitamin D3 defficiency (which results in bad mood) or/and a thyroid disorder (which can affect mood and energy levels). Also, I suggest you visit a mental health specialist AND a psychiatrist (since you may suffer from depression). Antidepressants will lift a way from your shoulders (together with therapy and lifestyle changes). Also, you could change your diet. Eat more fruits and limit heavy carbohydrates (like potatoes and spaghetti) which can make you lethargic and more prone to lying down and masturbating/watching youtube all day long. Also, you could try some melatonin after your shift which can help you fall asleep faster (I've heard that a lot of people who work night shift have difficulty sleeping after their shift, since it's daylight outside). You can get melatonin at your local pharmacy. Avoid caffeine during your shift so you don't feel hyperenergetic afterwards at home.
  11. Ok, so you answer your own question. To move forward you will have to face your fear. Once you deal with that you can ask for the girl's number and you can be one step closer to your goal.
  12. Why didn't you try to get her phone number? Or her social media?
  13. Good. Keep me blocked if it helps you. But also you can explain to me like a mature human being what kind of shit you can't handle and/or that you don't want me to message you anymore. Simple as that. No need for blocks. We're not in high school. I'd appreciate if you explained in a private message. I think I deserve an explanation.
  14. @Yimpa where did you find a therapist who is using psychedelics as a psychotherapeutic method? Does ketamine produce hallucinations?
  15. I've shaved now, but I really want to bring the sigma male, old wizard, lone wolf type of beard back.
  16. hahaha... what if you don't have the money? I think at that point you use a lot of foreplay, sex toys and penis extension toys. Why so pessimistic? There are 3 types of orgasm, vaginal, clitoral and anal.
  17. @Hojo so you became God? Have you ever had another mystical experience since then?
  18. the intent was good, the way of expression had the opposite result. You tell a guy that struggles with women that he is boring and not charismatic. This can go very badly for him. Not ill intent, in effective. Pardon me.
  19. I want to warn people that if you have anxiety and depression tendencies, psychedelics will worsen your situation. I talked to my psychiatrist about wanting to try psychedelics and she told me that with the anxiety and panic attacks I used to have, I will experience a bad trip. So, if you're a panicky person, talk to a psychiatrist first. Also, if you specifically have paranoid personality disorder don't ever try marijuana or cocaine. It can worsen the paranoia irreversibly.
  20. Ok. What did you take out of this experience? In what way did it help you in your spiritual journey? Did you trigger it or did it happen spontaneously?
  21. I dont 'want' the NoSelfSelf personality to be restricted, but as a moderator you have adopted a social role. This role comes with power in the social hierarchy, and so people might expect a more careful placement on topics from you. When I was younger and on this forum I regarded moderators, let alone Leo, as demi-gods. People see the green color and value your words a lot more than a usual member. I know this is a mistake on my part but I was younger and more gullible. I think this whole forum is about ideals. An ideal behaviour is one which doesn't hurt others. Of course be yourself. You can be yourself without "attacking" others. Clearly what I witnessed with @Hardkill was an attack, not an attempt to help. People understand when help is genuine and when it has ill intents.
  22. @Hojo this sounds like alcohol-induced psychosis. @Someone here I don't think that when you die in your sleep and you wake up, that this is spiritual. I get the whole 'life is a dream' metaphor, but you can't enforce it on biological circles, like sleep. How is waking up from a dream where you die evidence that our whole life is a dream?
  23. Ok, he said some things that sound silly. But dude, you're a moderator, you should have some behavioral standards for yourself. I think that this is appropriate. The world is indeed ruthless, but I haven't learned nothing from people that were harsh on me. They only made me resent them and be bitter. People who guided me with compassion and understanding were the true mentors, who helped me grow.
  24. @Hardkill I don't think that @integral and @NoSelfSelf treated you right. They both seem that they want to undermine your attempts at being a high value man. And for moderators, they surely don't show the appropriate behaviour. I am really dissapointed at the quality of their answers. Stop making assumptions about people when you don't know them! 1st point: don't confuse friendly behaviour from girls as flirt, you said they were really friendly with you when you first met, but as thirsty men we tend to misinterpret every indication of friendly female behaviour as attraction towards as, as flirt, as erotical intentions. Do that distinction right at the moment when you feel like you've struck iron. 2nd point: school presents a lot of opportunities but also in my experience girls from my area prefered to have relationships with guys outside school, either because they were older, more mature, they had a motorcycle etc, or simply because school is a tight-knit community and everyone gossips about everyone. My first girlfriend was from another school and I felt better than way, since my classmates didn't know much about my personal life. And I didn't want that. Personal life is personal. So that might be a reason why girls keep their classmates at bay. 3rd point: don't confuse your effort with what the other person sees. Your efforts should be for your own good, not to win others, because this creates a bitterness inside you and you need people to respect "all the things you have gone through". 4th point: If you keep chasing validation from sex or a potential relationship with a girl you will feel emotional instability and lack of fulfillment. Everyone wants sex and relationships, but if you can't acquire them easily, together with trying to acquire them, you could also try to improve other aspects of your life, like fitness, studies, work etc. This progress will give you the support to get through the loneliness and the hard feelings of not getting what you want in other aspects of your life, otherwise you'll suffer. @Leo Gura I strongly believe that moderators should have more compassion, maybe choose more women for this role, since men from the ages of 20 to 35 are very rationalistic and logic-based, and apparently most women and men don't need that kind of unsolicited advice. They need compassion and understanding. People grow up in their own pace. One can offer purposeful advice while still being polite and soft.
  25. The phrase still has the implication of a small bodypart. It's like saying a woman is a bitch because she acts too moody and cranky. Both these phrases are sexist and not simply slang language. You could say arrogant, cocky, boastful, too proud etc.