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  1. That's an awesome insight.

    5 hours ago, dvdas said:

    Do you live the advice that you'll give me ?

    Speaking for myself, after psychedelics and going deeper on my psyche my advice seems to be way more congruent with what I live. I used to think I knew how to solve peoples problems and break it down to simple things but that's not really how it works.

  2. On 08/08/2020 at 2:27 AM, JayT79 said:

    I want to be at a stage when I can be calm majority of my life and enjoy life like everyone else is doing (or seems to be doing).

    Wow man!! The majority of people are not calm and on a quasi-MDMA high daily. From my experience what I see is varying levels of struggling. It's a wide spectrum. It can be reduced though through therapy and psychedelics and even MDMA.

    I suggest you go through therapy first. I went to psychedelics and MDMA simply because it's cheaper and I think I'm responsible enough to do it. They proved to be very effective for self-acceptance and trauma release.

    On 08/08/2020 at 2:27 AM, JayT79 said:

    When I say release trauma, I mean a physically sensation that I could feel and release and no longer have the trauma there.

    I can't speak on such intensity of trauma but on MDMA it was way easier to release traumas I had regarding bullying. Maybe you can study the psychology of traumas and take it again to help you release. On MDMA it seemed a one time experience for me. I released almost everything I needed to be free from my major blocks regarding socialization (bullying does that to you...). Leo has one video on trauma releasing. You could watch it and gaing some insight or even do the exercise on MDMA. IDK.

  3. Study systems thinking and do some exercises.

    Systematics: the systems Bible has lots of exercises if you want to practice.

    Your main focus should be systemic conceptual understanding of reality. Gather as much models as you can and mix them, create alternatives and apply them to your reality to see how you could use them to improve the world.

    Psychedelics and questioning of your stage green dogmas would be really nice too.

  4. If you explain it fast it'll look like this

    Red will just not care

    Blue will think you're deluded and should drop these concepts and just follow the word of God

    Orange will think it's Yellow because it wants to be at the top and that this model has little "practical" use

    Green will tell you they don't believe in hierarchies and you're trying to opress them by saying there's a better stage to be in

    Yellow or higher just send them Leo's videos

    Source: personal experience

  5. Well, if you drink coffee frequently and then stop one day and do the same routine you'll certainly be demotivated. It doesn't even matter if you like what you're doing. It takes some time to get over caffeine addiction. And sometimes it takes a lot of time.

    I do find it helps me do boring shit. I've been caffeine free for 15 days and I find it hard to find motivation to do cleaning and more boring tasks. One time I quit for 6 months straight and at the end I was as good as I felt when on caffeine, without the downsides.