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  1. Hy!

    I got hypnotized by someone , without knowing that i was hypnotized . 

    I do not remember anything.

    i tried self-remembering hypnosis but that part of my memory is locked. I just remember just the starting.

    I olso tried with someone that hypnotized me to remember, but it did not work. ( This i tried only once )

    Do you know some method on how i can get some memories back ? Some memories that are "locked" In a way.

  2. @Nahm  so in the end still my thoughts are the starting point.

    @cetus56  @Leo Gura @Nahm why do people go to this extrems ?  I mean what pull's them. Do we blame just the ego.. 

    i , i'm the one that make's tricks to win and be deceptive in life. But is just the identity that gets to killng and "bad" stuff ?

    I agree With the meta views that you guys explain. But sometimes It sounds to simple. I do not know.

  3. 2 minutes ago, zeroISinfinity said:

    @Nahm Can You make a topic about delusions of Absolute paradigm. It's Pure Love that's actuality, all of this.

    Problem is when You teach Consciousness they all think It's mind stuff. Because most have materialistic world view. 

    Thanks I love You man, Thanks for help. 

    Materialistic world view..

    How to get over it  ? By asking questions like Nahm tells us ?  Do you @zeroISinfinity are over the materialistic world view? 

  4. 57 minutes ago, Nahm said:

    Initially, in the material to relative ‘move’,  the meta peeks through in a sense, but is like static between radio stations, confusion between harmonies. Like a low D and a middle C - something just feels out of tune here... until later, when the low D is realized to have been a low C all along, and as such is completely harmonized with the middle C. 

    this here means that is like a back and forth game until you harmonies the "move" into the relative 

    yes ? 

    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    Old paradigm is being revealed by the light of the consciousness of the new paradigm.

    Yeah, that's what i was doing.


    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    Then...old paradigm, upon being spotted, realized, feels “called out” - and the sneaky sneaky sob that it is - defenders itself, and launches the attempt the hijack:

    ”Every movement that I made was in a way, already decided. (Just got hijacked)

    oh , so this is the "me" trying to be sneaky. i see. yeahh

    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    Every reaction...” (yes - every reaction)   -    Again, yes, this is something one must become aware of - but do you see the hijack happens right here...(technically, it started with the subtle precursor set up for the hijack, claiming the “fun”)...

    “It was in a way fun, but sad to see that I’m kinda a robot.” Hijacked. 

    ok so "fun" was a starting point for the big claim that "i'm kinda a robot" to kick in.  (interesting)

    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    A linguistic paradox, but, notice, anything you can verbally state you are aware of, is only possibly to state due to the actuality “it” is within your awareness.

    I do not get what you say here. hmm ?

    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions. Paranoid individuals constantly suspect the motives of those around them, and believe that certain individuals, or people in general, are "out to get them."

    The meta error of that definition, or more accurately, the writer’s misunderstanding, is there is no such thing as an individual. It is precisely there which you find your ‘struggle’, the ‘wrestling’.

    The definition above is of the material paradigm, that consciousness is a product of matter, namely, the belief a physical body and brain ‘produce’ consciousness, and consciousness is therefore -perceived as individualized, by individuals. (The relative paradigm)

    The key word here, is “unfounded”. In the above example, paranoia is “unfounded”, because cognitively, logically, one can deduce, people are quite consumed with their own lives & suffering, and there is no foundation to believe anyone else is actually more concerned with your life, your thoughts, your ongoings - than their own. 

    The ‘wrestling match’ is ultimately fueled by the collapse of self & other. A collapse created in love, fueled by love, which ends in love itself. I believe you’ll begin noticing how unfathomably sneaky thinking is, in hijacking the sensations, in an attempt to prevent this most lovely collapse. 

    what i'm getting here is : my paranoia is real just from the relative paradigm, in the belief of other.  if there is not other is just god's love in everything , no more paranoia.

    the hijacking is very interesting. really.

    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    Look into the mirror once more, and say “you sir, you - are the sneakiest thing in the entire cosmos.”


    1 hour ago, Nahm said:

    See this, inspect this, look at this sneakiness, until it’s downright hilarious. If you’re not laughing, the sneakiness, your own sneakiness - the joke - is still, on ‘you’. Sneaky peeps create paranoia, sneakily using “others” - as the “cause”. I say this in love my man - Nobody is thinking about you, paranoia is unjustifiable, you can’t even claim in your direct experience that anyone is thinking at all. You just have to look at that sneaky sneaky son of a bitch in the mirror and have the greatest laugh ever about it. ?

    If you aren’t laughin - there are some sensations currently hijacked, and you have some purification coming. Write about the sensations. Don’t go into the thoughts, the thought stories. Write about how you feel. There are beliefs, related to identity...thoughts mixed with sensation....thoughts which hijacked sensation, a mix which has been repeated resulting in beliefs. Sensation is Truth. Sensation is Purification. What one is purified of, are beliefs.

    now i'm smiling a little , thanks ! 

    "What one is purified of, are beliefs."  waaaa. thanks for this. this is a good insight ! this will stay with me !



  5. Ok so I'm new when we talk psychedelics and last night i got some weed to see what can i get out of it.

    I used to smoke weed 3 time a week 3 years ago and i was kinda addicted.

    90% of the time i did not had good results. I used to get paranoid and fearful and i was addicted to weed.


    What happened last night. (I was alone)

    I meditated for some time i made a coffee to stay awake. And i just took 2 puffs from a joint of weed and I staid in my romm which was almost dark.

    I did not get any nondual experience. But what i got was paranoia, For the first time Conscious paranoia , i was kinda awere what i was doing.

    I right some things down. So i can analyze them.

    Here they are :

    1* " what will happen tomorrow , what if this is going bad ?"


    2* " i should not done this "


    3* " I'm going to get addicted again of weed, i'm going to  fuckup my life again"


    4* " My subconscious is full of negativity, full. I see myself as not worthy.


    5* "a lot of things that i do are for getting approved and liked"


    6* "i blame myself alot , for stupid things"


    I got all kinds of worry thought's but in a way i was conscious about them in the moment. It was like the subconscious was open and i can relate with the subconscious. I can see what i was doing behind. What is happening inside my mind.


    Then i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror for 20~ minutes.

    Somehow i Connect with all the parts that made "ME"

    I Connected with the part that was hurt and sad because of the upbringing.  This was kinda interesting because i was looking in the mirror and see the hurt self , I changed my facial expression , my posture (i was connected with that hurt part of "myself")

    In a way i disolved into that and accepted it. And i was felling some sensations in my body, some kind of of heeling. I do not know.


    Then i start seeing how my personality is made out of "patterns" , patterns after patterns. (If this happens react like this. When you hear this facial expressions are like this, my sens of fun , sad , interesting, non interesting are made of patterns. And i was conscious in a way that i was doing all this)

    Every movement that i made was in a way already decided. Every reaction. It was in a way fun, but sad to see that i'm kinda a robot :))


    This is it. With just 2 puffs of weed i got paranoia. Maybe weed is not for me but this was helpful to see what is happening behind.

    Is just the weed that gives you paranoia? Lcd , dmt etc . Are they the same if your subconscious is kinda messy ?


    Help me to understand what this means if you have any thoughts! 

    Thank you !