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  1. Why is this guy gets triggered when asked about the third eye ?

    And why do no-dual teachers do not bring the subject of the thrid eye ?

    And why do non-dual teachers refuse to talk about other life forms ? Other dimensions?


    My answer will be : It's impossible for a human to understand it all so you will get lost.


    But do you have another answer ?


    Thank you !!

  2. On 9/9/2019 at 3:05 PM, ThinAir said:

    shamanic breathing, kriya yoga, finding truth

    What other tipe of yoga do you recommend?

    I do not have kriya yoga in my city.

    On 9/9/2019 at 3:07 PM, flowboy said:

    Primal Therapy

    This really opened me up. Since I did that I have no choice anymore but to live my TrutH

    ? hmm . That's interesting.

    On 9/9/2019 at 3:24 PM, WelcometoReality said:

    Reprogramming the subconscious with gratitude hypnosis. Listen to this while sleeping.


    I do this 2-3 night's a week for sometime. But i see no difference....

    Are they showing any improvement in your life ?

    7 hours ago, MAYA EL said:

    Failure loss confusion disappointment rejection/ tech just to name a few. 

    You have to be scrubbed clean of the person you used to be so that the new you has the soil that it needs to grow.

    This is the plan ?



    Thank you !!!!!!



    What is the song referring to ?

    High noon oh I'd sell my soul for water
    Nine years worth of breaking my back
    There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard
    See how he glides why he's lighter than air
    Oh I see his face

    Where is your star?
    Is it far, is it far, is it far?
    When do we leave?
    I believe, yes, I believe

    In the heat and the rain
    With the whips and chains
    To see him fly
    So many die
    We built a tower of stone
    With our flesh and bone
    Just to see him fly
    But don't know why
    Now where do we go?

    Hot wind moving fast across the desert
    We feel that our time has arrived
    The world spins while we put his dream together
    A tower of stone to take him straight to the sky
    Oh I see his face

    Where is your star?
    Is it far, is it far, far?
    When do we leave?
    Hey, I believe, I believe

    In the heat and the rain
    With the whips and chains
    Just to see him fly
    Too many die
    We built a tower of stone
    With our flesh and bone
    To see him fly
    But we don't know why
    Oh now where do we go?

    All eyes see the figure of the wizard
    As he climbs to the top of the world
    No sound as he falls instead of rising
    Time standing still then there's blood on the sand
    Oh I see his face

    Where was your star?
    Was it far, was it far?
    When did we leave?
    We believed, we believed, we believed

    In heat and rain
    With the whips and chains
    To see him fly
    So many died
    We built a tower of stone
    With our flesh and bone
    To see him fly

    But why
    In all the rain
    With all the chains
    Did so many die
    Just to see him fly
    Look at my flesh and bone
    Now look, look, look, look, look at his tower of stone
    I see a rainbow rising
    Look there on the horizon
    And I'm coming home, I'm coming home, I'm coming home

    Time is standing still
    He give back my will
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Going home, I'm going home
    My eyes are bleeding
    And my heart is lead ahead
    The place I've known
    But it's not home

    Take me back
    He give me back my will
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Going home, I'm going home
    My eyes are bleeding
    And my heart is lead ahead
    The place I've known
    But it's not home

    Take me back
    Take me back
    Back to my home
    Oh, oh, oh
    Time's standing still

  4. 15 minutes ago, Matt8800 said:

    @khalifa sounds like a kundalini awakening. It is trying to kill your ego and your ego is fighting for survival. 

    If you want to learn how to let the ego die and accept all the implications, there is a good book called Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram. You make it through this via radical acceptance of all there is.

    The faster you can learn to accept all, including the death of all your ego's dreams, desires, etc, the faster you will get through this. It also means you have to accept that your life does not have the meaning and purpose that you used to think it had. Accept it does not matter if "you" live or die. It will open up to just existing in the flowing present moment. When you learn to settle into this, that is where you will experience beauty and true happiness unlike anything you have ever imagined.

    Keep working on locking yourself into the present moment and staying there. Ask yourself, what is "bad" in your direct experience of the present moment? You will notice all your suffering is an illusion you are creating, made worse by your ego's fight for survival.

    When you meditate, purify yourself by letting go of all your resistance, attachments and aversions on the exhale. Keep doing this and settle into the acceptance.

    I went through this a couple years back and came out the other side permanently changed. VERY difficult but necessary for the path. You have no idea what kind of beauty is waiting for you :)

    According to sacred Buddhist texts, once you make it out the other side to equanimity, you will have reached the first level of enlightenment.


  5. We are evolving .... We are all one yes , all made of love and all perfect as it should be but we are evolving one by one as soul or i do not know vasels of co councesness , like little kids , even tho is beeing just alright but this thing is evolving not just here . everywhere in existence , that's it i think . 

    Why is evil ?i do not can say that people are disconnectd from god but that is not a good answer, or that  is for contrast so we can know good , icmean why is realtive evil ?why are there people that kill,rape ? Maybe they do this to evolve ? To learn ? This i do not really understand

    What is this body ? I mean is kinda strange this body , i fell like this body is a tool for god to create ... I look at this body and is interesting how i can move it , yeahh

    Why is there an ego? I mean is like a mask a cover, but is it here ? I mean if i'm selfish and i'm , why ego ? Because is infinite ? It may be  .I do not know , maybe is for interpreting reality? If no ego no interpretation ? 

    Why survive? I this this is it . To evolve , one by one , as god , as me , with my ego still here to interpret and my body here to act . But in loveee , i mean in love one by one , i mean we need to care for each other and i say this and i will still act tomorrow or in the next days like a selfish man. But right now that's how i fell.


    I love this forum and is not a distraction because i do not have any friends to talk about stuff like this. And you here , anyware you are , i like seeing your comments and how you argue about things , is funny , and i really thank leo and nahm cetus , the moderators and all the people that hold this community together for creating and continue to create.


    Maybe tomorrow i will not be so nice when i will add comments and talk with you here , but you know , i'm me.

  6. 5 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    Sounds like a natural.

    But awakening is something is more amazing.

    Yo bro, My mom is the most amazing !

    5 hours ago, tsuki said:

    @ActualizedDavid Appreciate your mother while she's still with you.

    Yes i do !!?

    2 hours ago, Harikrishnan said:

    Its great to have a mother like that. ?

    It's great , really . She is the only one that supports me unconditionally !! 

    1 hour ago, SFRL said:

    That's a great song. 

    I bet she likes this one too:


    I will , thank you !!! ❤️




    Love your parents, love yourself !!

  7. Lol so in the last year when i talked with my mother she tell me all the time the the thoughts ruin your life . She tells me that you do not need to think to much , just act . Fuck the cars , houses , all the money . You will have them.

    Today she told me that "life is relative Not matematical how you make it in your head" you do not know whatt is going to come so just life in the moment.

    She told me also that "you son need to look at the flower in the street and enjoy the flower" that's life.  Yeah you will need to make money but who doesn't ?

    She told me that she used to be depressed and hate life , until she got nuts and now she doesn't care about anything.

    We make jokes together and Lough . She is very energetic and wants to explore life. To travel, meet people.

    She never read any books on anything , she is a nurse in a hospital and she tell me that she is the one that brings joy in the work place , she makes jokes . She goes to party's with friends and has fun. "Why not?" She tells me.


    I do not live with my mom, she works in other country but i think my mom is kind awake without knowing it.

    I love you mother !!! ❤️❤️

  8. 1.When you say that we are born for a specific reason, you mean for evolve spirituality in a way or career wise?


    2. What is life ? ( Your take on it )


    3. Why do people get possed by dark spirit's?


    4. Why non-dual teacher do not bring up occult stuff ? Just because is a distraction ?


    5. What is selling your soul means?


    6. As you see here who really was Jesus ? Just another enlighten guy ?


    7. sometimes at night i lisen to this reiki. And sometimess i start feeling my body with joy and love , all the lights around me are brighter , i fell some kind of extazy , some helling .time stops in a way, I look at my hands and or in the mirror and i fell my body vibrating with joy and love.   Is that an Angle that is doing that ?

    8. What's wrong with cults ? I mean in the last year i was kinda asked to join 4 cults . Adventist Christianity, Freemasons, one grup that study witchcraft , and one grup that study some kind of satanism. But to be honest i do not know what's so wrong about them . I'm alone and i feel like talking with people about this stuff , and every time that someone asked me to join i got afraid and i said no. What no join a cult ? 

    Thank you Matt !!



  9. 1. What are your views on reincarnation , afterlife ?

    2. Is there a devil ? I do not mean selfishness , i mean a devil ?


    3. What are are the things that enlighten teachers do not share ?

    4. How did you get into spirituality?

    5. What was your background , religious wise.

    6. Is there a Jesus, Shiva,isis, horus , satan ?

    Minute 3:10